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I love this book It just motivates you to face anything that disturbs your peace and take action to reclaim it I highly recommend this book. Until now, I thought all books were created equally Sadly, that is not true The picture quality of the cover and the descriptive back cover are fuzzy at best Like the images were blown up bigger than they should ve been There were a couple of full chapters but it s mostly two or three lines quotes and sayings spread across the page There swhite space than words If you can find it second hand at a deep discount, or even free, then it might be worth the read. First and foremost, thank you to Mr McNutt For sharing your vulnerability in this book Reading this book fed my soul what it has been starving Although it only took me a half and a half to finish reading the book, still a week later I am reciting the words that resonated well with me As someone who has struggled with anxiety, codependency problems, terrible communication skills family imbalance I can assure you this book has allowed me to stop looking at all of my flaws as negative It has promoted me to look at them in a positive light and manifest all of the quality things Mr McNutt intended to promote within us readers I speak for myself when I say he has accomplished farthan that for me In only a day was I already implementing these new outlooks on my life and I already feel like I m in charge of my life again after so many years of pain and resentment that I have held in that has held ME back from loving myself A Path to Deep Healing Indeed If you are anything like me, strong, but weak in silence or in the dark I highly recommend that you purchase this book. I have read all of Sylvester s work and it never disappoints With the help of his words I have truly been able to transform my life and my mindset I held onto to my pain and was living a life that I was just content in I was in an unhappy relationship, had unhealthy friendships, and was not making my happiness a priority I was settling in all aspects of my life and I wasn t doing anything about it This past year was one of the hardest for me my job wasn t working out and I finally made the decision to break up with the person I was with for 5 years and I felt so lost I turned to his work and it helped methan I could have ever expected I learned that I deserve love and happiness and that needed to come from myself and not other people I changed my mindset and really learned that happiness is created in our mind I was speaking to myself negatively I was looking at everything negatively and that s the world I was living in negativity I now speak to myself the way I speak to my friends with kindness and compassion I speak of positivity and that is now the world I live in Self love and self care is so important and I think a lot of us forget that We are so busy taking care of others that it leaves us drained and no one taking care of us I believe in his work and speak of it so passionately because it is so important to wantfor ourselves Breaking through pain is one of the hardest things a person can do, it is also one of the most rewarding things to do Understanding our pain and how it impacts our life changes everything When I am reading his work I feel inspired and hopeful If you haven t read this please do, share it with your friends and help them love themselves the way we all deserve. I ve been following Sylvester on Instagram for over a year He puts words to feelings and thoughts that so many of us have It s because of him that I believe there are good men who can speak their minds He makes you believe in love, pain, growth, self awareness, success, and healing This is the first book I ve read of Sylvester s and it couldn t be better I ve spent a lot of time building myself and look at life in a very positive light This book has made me reflect on my own healing, my own pain that I ve only just started to uncover It s easier to ignore and try to forget things from our past that hurt us But the way Sylvester shares his words and story convinces you to forgive face it head on It teaches you to put your ego aside, not blame, and to come to terms with your story No matter what you ve gone through in life, this book will make your heart feel some type of way I got it on a Thursday and finished it on Saturday because I just couldn t put it down This book deserves all the praise it will get Well worth your time and purchase Ever been so thirsty and when you found something to quench your thirst it was hard to put down Sylvester McNutt s latest book is just like quenching that thirst Mr McNutt uses vunerability and humbleness to write about life lessons that perhaps some of us couldn t put into words He uses examples from his own life to teach the most valuable lessons that we all need to hear about taking care of ourselves He brings a new perspective and new thoughts to things like co dependancy, survivor s guilt, setting boundaries and ultimately taking care of yourselves His messages are easy to understand and his explanations simple Reading his book has given me a new confidence on the hard choices i have had to make in life and has been a source of comfort and confirmation of my choice to caring for myselfso that i can indeed change the world It is definitely a hard book to put down, but each time i pick it up and read over things i have already read or a new sectiondeeper thoughts emerge Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with the rest of us. *Read ⇱ Care Package: A Path To Deep Healing ⇡ With His Bestselling Collection Lust For Life, Sylvester McNutt III Inspired Thousands Of Readers To Walk In Their Purpose, To Manifest Abundance, And To Keep Loving In Care Package, Sylvester Digs Deep To Uncover Pain, Moments Of Fear And Relates To The Reader S Struggles Through Powerful Stories In Care Package, Sylvester Has Tackled Life S Biggest Hurdles Shame, Guilt, Letting Go, Codependency, Lack Or Purpose, People Pleasing, Setting Boundaries, And Negative Self Talk Sylvester Guides The Reader Down The Path Of Healing, The Scary Journey That Is Tough To Do Alone, But With Care Package, The Reader Is Never Alone Sylvester S Mission With Care Package Is To Inspire The Reader To Heal, To Release, To Vibrate Higher, And To Practice Self Care Every Single Day