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To describe this THUG novel, we have to consider some essential characteristics The first thing is that the main character and narrator is a sixteen or seventeen year old black girl or young woman, Starr Carter, from a black family essentially recomposed She is living with her father, Maverick, and mother, Lisa, who are still married and living in the family home, probably still in love But she has a real brother, Sekani, still in primary school, and a half brother, Seven, whose father is her father but whose mother is Iesha is the wife of the main drug lord of their neighborhood, a certain King This main character Starr has two daughters too very indirectly though not through blood connected to the first family, Kenya, and Lyric, Seven half sisters Note the father, Maverick Carter, used to be part of King s gang and one of his drug dealers, but one day he took the blame for something King had done, he got three years in prison, and he got the great privilege of being authorized to step out of the gang afterward The ghetto is called with an antonymous name, Garden Heights, though it is no garden at all and it is divided into two parts, the eastern half and the western half, each one under one gang, hence two hostile gangs openly at war with each other It is a rather old and odd situation since the opioid crisis has not reached these drug dealers They are still in cocaine Heroin is not their main goods, and they work inside the ghetto mostly and not in the white city In other words, this black community is self contained but also under the constant exploitation of white landlords, white shopkeepers, employers and businessmen, and of course under the police from the city itself that may contain a few black or Latino men, note no women cops are mentioned.THE DESIRE TO ESCAPE THE GHETTOThe second element is that this family wants their children to get out of the ghetto, so they are registered in a white school downtown and as such are the very rare black students, if not practically the only ones, there Only one Asian girl is mentioned All others are white, some making friends, some not Starr has, in fact, two girlfriends, including the Asian girl, and a boyfriend, none of them black The race relations between the various groups are described as essentially a constant misunderstanding due to understood but never really expressed racial differences or racial competition Starr is also a member of the female basketball team and as such has some relationships with somegirls Her second girlfriend, Hailey, is openly racist though refusing to acknowledge it She considers asking the Asian girl, Maya, after Thanksgiving, if the cat they had for the occasion was good, is plain humor and cannot be seen as offensive She uses a similar joke with Starr and that killed the relationship.Yet the relationship with her boyfriend Chris, both white and rich, is explored from her point of view and a little bit from his point of view She desires the boy in all possible ways but she is forced to refrain her appetite because he is white, what he calls to her great damn the race problem or race question She knows her family, particularly her father, would object, and actually, the objection is only shown on her father s side, which is probably an understatement There is practically no mention of Chris s family s objections, though there should quite normally be some, and his being grounded at the end for having taken part, an active part, in the final riot is at least very lenient This color divide in American society is thus explored in successive and mostly light touches, but it is a constant permanent question In the white school, Starr is expected to fit, which means succeed and keep all appearances that are to be white She is supposed to speak white English, to behave the white way, to react and feel as if she were white, in other words, to be as invisible as Ralph Ellison s Invisible Man Even her name is questioned This farce has been going on for years since she is in her junior year at high school level Her brother Seven is in his senior year This double identity of hers, whitened at school and black in the ghetto and with her family, is the worst possible alienation and, mind you, traumatic alienation, one young person can experience That does not mean she has two cultures, two identities or two true sets of roots She is black and she behaves artificially like a whitened black girl in any white context This can be absolutely traumatic and in some circumstances that can lead to paranoid psychosis and even a violent explosion against oneself or against the people that are perceived as being some threat and in this case white people and police officers of any sort.KILL THEM ALL, SINCE THEY ARE BLACKWhen she was ten or eleven she saw her friend Natasha shot dead in front of her That s in the past, in her memory But now she is sixteen going onto seventeen One night after a party in the ghetto she is driven home by a friend from her infancy since she was raised mostly with him when a child They are stopped by some white cop, alone in his patrol car, which is absolutely unacceptable by the way, and he plays it rough with the boy and ends up shooting him several times in the back and keeping Starr under his gun till reinforcements arrive That is an enormous re enactment of Natasha s fate and Starr could completely lose her sanity She does not because of the help of her family, her uncle her mother s brother , and an activist organization that provides a lawyer This procedure ends up in a Grand Jury that of course and there is no doubt all along it will end up like that acquits the white officer who shot Khalil Full review on medium.com at JacquesCoulardeau black and white post traumatic slavery stress syndrome dfa7d7af637a Dr Jacques COULARDEAU A great book Helps to understand relations between blacks and whites, youngsters and adults in the US It is also funny, the author has a very good ear to catch the way people speak The heroin character sounds true and appealing.What I did not like was to get by a mistake of mine only the first six chapters in a first attempt. Once upon a time there was a hazel eyed boy with dimples I called him Khalil The world called him a thug I have tried writing a review for this book a couple of time but nothing I write will make it justice because it is simply amazing and wonderful, important and timely I never knew a book would be able to break my heart and warm it at the same time.In the Hate U give, the reader accompanies Starr in her journey to discovering what it means to be a POC Angie Thomas does a marvelous job educating the readers on racial profiling, the Black Lives Matter movement, police brutality, systematic racism, and otherism And while the story is painful and brutally honest, there is also a lot of warmth and love from all the love and support Starr receives from her family and community, and it isn t lost on me that it might have been done this way to fight the absent daddy stereotype associated to certain communities If there is something news outlets are good at is dehumanizing people to spread fear, but with every struggle Starr and the community goes though, there is a lotlove and people trying to fight for what is right.I cannot recommend this book enough There is nothing I can write about The Hate U Give that will do it justice, so instead I m going to post some of the quotes that really had an impact on me That s the problem We let people say stuff, and they say it so much that it becomes okay to them and normal for us What s the point of having a voice if you re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn t be Daddy once told me there s a rage passed down to every black man from his ancestors, born the moment they couldn t stop the slave masters from hurting their families Daddy also said there s nothingdangerous than when that rage is activated Funny Slave masters thought they were making a difference in black people s lives too Saving them from their wild African ways Same shit, different century I wish people like them would stop thinking that people like me need saving. A very important YA novel about police violence, inspired by the black lives matter movement It is also about being a teenager, figuring out one s identity and struggling in a school full of white people when being black At times heartbreaking, sometimes funny and nice, often hard, definitely needed Highly recommend to everyone A book that should be handed to every teen in high school. Comment aborder des questions telles que la brutalit polici re, les relations interraciales, la question de l identit et les difficult s que rencontrent de plus en plus de jeunes voluant dans diff rents milieu Angie Thomas a trouv le moyen de le faire dans THE HATE U GIVE A must read. (Epub) ⚠ The Hate U Give. 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