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I ve decided to read this second book by Kharitidi after reading her previous account,Entering the Circle Ancient Secrets of Siberian Wisdom Discovered by a Russian Psychiatrist, and I found this to be an enchanting and useful reading but I felt the title itself was really off putting and a full examination of lucid dreaming was absent.What I have found really fascinating is the utterly insightful discussion of Healing the Spirits of Trauma, which should have been the title of this book though, I think this book was attributed to Michael, who was the master of lucid dreams.If one have read Castaneda sThe Active Side of Infinitywhere a Predator s Mind is discussed p 220 , reading this latest book could provide another angle on the understanding of the Predator s Mind as springing out of archaic traumas as well as adding to a possible understanding of spirit possessions.This book is certainly written in the same manner as her first autobiography which has caused me to read it all in one sitting and rather absorbing. @Download Pdf Ø Master of Lucid Dreams ó Unusual Book This author is a fascinating individual a Siberian psychiatrist who now works in the U.S with the criminally insane Her first book, Entering the Circle Ancient Secrets of Siberian Wisdom Discovered by a Russian Psychiatrist was excellent It shed light on the concepts of Shamanism I d been struggling with for years However, her next two books, Master of Lucid Dreams, and Michael Gate I found hard to follow Since I have nothing but respect for Dr Kharitidi the three stars I gave her second and third books are just my personal sense of them, others may have a whole different experience I highly recommend Entering the Circle, as the first read of this author in order to better understand who she is and perhaps what she hopes to convey in the additional two books she has written. Those who complain that this book contains nothing about how to practice lucid dreaming completely miss the simple and obvious fact that this is just a report of the author s experience in a decidedly strange world, like Carlos Casteneda s It s not intended to be a how to book Beyond that, it s a continuation of her previous book, obviously, introducing and continuing to describe and explain to us a learning tradition completely separate from the Western European mindset of rational mechanical domination of the natural world, which is kind of the difference between the flight of a bird and an interstate.There are in many places tucked away here and there in the world ancient learning traditions of astonishing sophistication, perception and high intelligence, Africa, Australia, the , Mexico and the Altai among them This is a book about one of them, along with Lyall Watson s Lightening Bird and Bruce Chatwin s The Songlines, as well as perhaps the best known of them, Casteneda s many books This present book concludes with a mesmerizing account of a dream sequence as powerful as any I ve ever encountered, really quite setting the book apart from any other except Casteneda s. this book is an exciting continuation of the first book but don t expect it to be anything it s not a manual on Lucid dreaming it s a story let it just be what it is and learn what it has to teach you also, it has some very dark elements to it that might be a little hard for some readers as it deals with the worst kinds of human trauma, so be ready the first book didn t have that kind of descriptions actually there were some vivid details i think could have been omitted in that regard and i think it could have been just as powerful without them i loved it and adore the writing style and insight thank you so much Olga for sharing your adventures with us 3