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Very helpful and well done to remember and confess who I am Love that these scriptures in this tape are different than the one her husband reads and enjoy hearing her read them. Very Good, but I like Kenneth Copeland s Healing Scriptures CD better There s something about a man s deeper voice that seems to penetrate into the core of my being Gloria s softer voice would be appropriate for playing in a child s room or while napping In this version, the scriptures are also read at a faster pace Again, this isn t necessarily bad, but I prefer Kenneth s slower, powerful delivery. I love God s word but the reader spoke so fast and there was no anointing..She read from the Amplified Bible The Scriptures in the Amplified Bible are so long and drawn out.Charles Capp s GOD S CREATIVE POWER FOR HEALING Audio , was much better, he has an anointing and he gives you time to repeat the healing confessions. Love it listening to these healing scriptures gives me peace when I get anxious over health issues Believing God for 100% healing in my heart. This is the authentic word of God Gloria s voice is soothing and healing.The Word gets into my spirit as I listen during the night I prefer to read the booklet out loud before I listen to the CD.I have purchased another copy just in case something happens to the first one I do not want to be without it and neither do you not that great her book is beter Exactly what I wanted. I bought this CD after I was diagnosed with a stage 1b melanoma I knew right away that I needed to have the Word of God being spoken over me declaring my healing It has been such an encouragement to me I listened to it every day, sometimes a couple of times a day, before I went in for surgery to remove a large portion of skin and to also have some lymph nodes removed and tested I was very nervous and anxious about the surgery and listening to the Healing Confessions spoken and declared on this CD really helped to calm my nerves, to help me to stand upon the Word of God for my healing, and to get my mind focused on the fact that God was and is in control After the surgery, I have listened to the CD to confirm and declare the fact that I am healed in the Name of Jesus A week after the surgery my doctor told me that the large amount of skin that was removed from my inner thigh tested negative for melanoma and so did the 4 lymph nodes that were removed from my groin Praise the Lord, I am cancer free `DOWNLOAD BOOK ↞ Healing Confessions - Audio CD ☔ Meilleur Livres, Healing Confessions Audio CD Par Gloria Copeland C Est Tr S Bien Et Devient Le Sujet Principal Lire, Les Lecteurs Sont Tr S Takjup Et S Inspirent Toujours Du Contenu Du Livre Healing Confessions Audio CD, Essai De Gloria Copeland Est Maintenant Sur Notre Site Web Et Vous Pouvez Le T L Charger En Vous Inscrivant Qu Est Ce Que Tu Attends S Il Vous Pla T Lire Et Faire Une Remise Pour Vous