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Another beautiful book from Athena Beautifully written and illustrated The book is laid out so that it is easy to read and understand the information, history and use of each crystal together with a beautiful image to make identifying each crystal easier Highly recommended for the beginner, the experienced and collectors of crystals. What makes this such a unique book about gems crystals is how it s been grouped by historical, mythical and geographical origin.As well as beautiful written and easy to read, in this book, Athena Perrakis has proved she knows her lore, which makes it a fascinating and informative must have reference, for everyone from the novice to the expert collector or practitioner, and, anyone even mildly curious in the legendary use of crystals throughout history.Athena Perrakis takes the new out of new age and shares how old age the use of crystal power actually is. What I love most about this beautiful book is the stories and histories of each crystal Other books about crystals I ve read don t seem to touch on this, and, to me, it is one of the most fascinating aspects The photos are wonderful and maps are included so you easily can visualize the world regions discussed I m excited to own such an amazing crystal reference I don t think I have ever read a book about gemstones that was engaging and informative Not only did a learn a ton about history and gemstones but I also got to feel a little connected to it too because I know my ancestry and also because Athena Perrakis was amazing and put a zodiac section in there The stories and lore are just like a dream An amazing change of pace to read to my young daughter who is 9. I like this book The presentation, the way it s written by country of origine, image and it s content The index at the end provides you with a quick access to what you are looking for. this gorgeous little book is a powerhouse of magical information all to do with Crystals I found it fascinating and captivating. Ahhhhh finally a delicious book about the beautiful jewels of the crystal realm Gratitude for your hard work and dedication to sharing your wisdom I m completely in love with this book Aho Sister Hiy hiy &Download ☞ Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths: The Fascinating History of the World's Most Powerful Gems and Stones ⇲ To Access The Power Of Crystals, You Must Know Their Stories Crystal Lore, Legends Egypt And Mesopotamia India Minoa, Greece, And Rome Aaron S Breastplate From The Bible Interdimensional Awareness Quantum Healing And The Zodiac Among Them, Discover Lemurian Seed Quartz Crystals, Said To Be Implanted With Wisdom By Lemurian High Priests And Priestesses Set To Be Activated Long After Their Civilization S Doomed FateTourmaline, Which, According To Ancient Egyptian Legend, Formed In The Center Of The Earth Before Passing Through A Rainbow On Its Way To The SunCat S Eye Chrysoberyl, Which Was Used For Protection Among Ancient Roman Soldiers In Battle In Asia And The Middle East, It Is Recommended To Protect Against The Evil EyePitdah Or Topaz, Which Ancient People Believed Would Bring Long Life And Prosperity And Carried The Illumination Of God Within, And Was The Second Stone In Moses S Brother Aaron S Breastplate Crystal Lore, Legends Myths Brings The History Of Gemstones And Crystals To Life In A Way That Honors The Magic And Mystery Of A Romance With Gems That Stretches Back Millennia Learn The Fascinating Stories Of How Gems And Minerals Were Used To Raise Power, Store Wisdom And Secret Teachings, And Give Incredible Healing And Tap Into The Powers Of The Crystals Yourself This is a fantastic book Jammed packed with interesting information that brings a lot of light to crystal healing It s not only informative, it is beautiful. Really enjoyed this book, holds a lot of information about crystals that correlates with ancient mythology.