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@Free Ebook µ Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box õ Take Your First Step Into An Exciting World Of Fantasy Adventure With The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box Within You Ll Find Simple Rules To Create And Customize Your Own Hero, As Well As A Robust System To Run Your Character Through Challenging Adventures And Deadly Battles Against Villainous Monsters Like Goblins And Dragons The Only Limit Is Your Imagination The Pathfinder Roleplaying Beginner Box Includes A Page Hero S Handbook, A Page Game Master S Guide, A Page Transition Guide To Bring Your Hero To The Full Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, A Complete Set Of Seven High Impact Polyhedral Dice, Than Full Color Pawns Depicting Tons Of Heroes, Monsters, And Even A Fearsome Black Dragon, Four Pregenerated Character Sheets To Throw You Right Into The Action Price Includes VAT I received the item promptly and in good condition The estimated delivery date April 10 16, it was at my front door on Sat morning 11 April I definitely would do business with the seller again.This compares very favorably to the D the 81 Moldavy magenta box, the 83 Mentzer red box, the 04 Tweet Basic Game box X30 play mat which is marked in 1 squares, a complete 7 piece set of polyhedral dice, a 64 page Player Guide, 96 page GM Guide, a 16 page Transition Guide to convert from the Beginner rules to the full Pathfinder RPG rules, 4 double sized single fold pre generated player character sheets, 4 blank character sheets, 87 pre scored monster stands that are the same scale as the other Pathfinder pawn, paper mini, WizKid Pathfinder Battles miniatures, Reaper Pathfinder miniatures sets All of the above items are in full color.Paizo also hosts 7 free PDF downloads on the Pathfinder website paizo.com pathfinderRPG products beginnerbox that includes blank character sheets, 4 pre generated player characters, an additional adventure, character options, 4 mini adventures, and an organized play Pathfinder Society Character Creation Guide Paizo also hosts the full Pathfinder RPG rule set on paizo.com pathfinderRPG prd which is legally mirrored on the Pathfinder SRD site d20pfsrd.com For a retail buy in of 35 this is an amazing value and that s not even considering compatible adventures that others make freely available on other websites.Here is an addendum I wrote in response to a 2 star review that was given to this product because they felt it was of limited use due to the difficulty they had finding additional adventures and scenarios to use with the Beginner Box rules set.Yes, there are not many adventures specifically made to be used directly with the Beginner Box rules set Similar to the 77 DFor Beginners paizo.com pathfinder adventureFinder beginnerBox Zero One Games has a page of adventures that can be easily used 0onegames.com catalog index.php manufacturersid 14.Beyond that a GM would have to adapt pre existing low level Dsa view down 18.Other low level adventures for the other Retro Clones mentioned on the RetroRoleplaying site retroroleplaying.com content retro clones.Low level advetures for Pathfinder paizo.com pathfinder adventureFinder , drivethrurpg.com browse.php filters 021504423500 and other d20 based systems drivethrurpg.com browse.php filters 021504482700.Web searching for the multitude of freely available Pathfinder, OSR and other d20 based low level adventures.The Pathfinder Reference Document paizo.com pathfinderRPG prd , the d20 System Reference Document d20srd.org and the Pen and Paper System Reference Documents.Paizo has additional Flip Mats paizo.com pathfinder accessories maps flipmats but the creative process is part of being a GM There s enough pre existing material available to last several lifetimes. My kids and I have been wanting to role play together and even though Pathfinder is from like 2008 2009, this is still a strong system that has lasted several years without needing a new version and this set helps introduce players to it From the website, The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box includes A 64 page Hero s Handbook, detailing character creation, spells, equipment, and general rules for playing the game A 96 page Game Master s Guide packed with adventure, monsters, magic treasures, and advice on how to create and narrate tales all your own A 16 page Transition Guide to bring your hero to the full Pathfinder Roleplaying Game A complete set of 7 polyhedral dice More than 80 full color pawns depicting diverse heroes and monsters Four pregenerated character sheets to throw you right into the action Four blank character sheets to record the abilities of your custom made hero A durable, resuable, double sided Flip Mat play surface that works with any kind of markerThe 80 Pawns Included in the Beginner Box Air ElementalAnimated Statue 2 BarghestBlack DragonBoarBoggardDire Rat 3 DoppelgangerDwarf Cleric Female Dwarf Cleric Male Dwarf Fighter Female Dwarf Fighter Male Dwarf Rogue Female Dwarf Rogue Male Dwarf Wizard Female Dwarf Wizard Male Earth ElementalElf Cleric Female Elf Cleric Male Elf Fighter Female Elf Fighter Male Elf Rogue Female Elf Rogue Male Elf Wizard Female Elf Wizard Male Ezren Iconic Wizard Fire ElementalGargoyle 2 GhostGhoul 2 Giant CentipedeGiant Spider 2 Goblin 4 Goblin BossGoblin DogGray OozeGreen HagHell Hound 2 Human Cleric Female Human Cleric Male Human Fighter Female Human Fighter Male Human Rogue Female Human Rogue Male Human Wizard Female Human Wizard Male Kyra Iconic Cleric ManticoreMedusaMerisiel Iconic Rogue MimicMummyOgreOrc 2 Orc BossReefclawSalamanderSerpentfolkSkeletal ChampionSkeleton 4 Troglodyte 2 Valeros Iconic Fighter Venomous SnakeWater ElementalWerewolf 2 Will O WispWolf 2 Zombie 2 There are several free resources you can also get to enhance and keep using your Beginner s Box once you are done with the initial adventure Just head over to paizo.com pathfinderRPG products beginnerbox There are several pawn sets sold by Pathfinder with the least expensive being around 15 Thus for a 23 game, you get a lot of value just with the 80 included pawns Combine the pawns with the provided GM Guide that has sections on building adventures and how to scale the encounter to your team AND several lists of weapons, potions, treasure, and monsters.then you could keep using this Beginning box for a lot longer than the one provided sample adventure The GM can google for DIY GM Screen, which is basically clipping three binders together That way, if you want one of those to create a secret place as the GM rolls dice and narrates the encounter you don t need to invest in the official GM screen if you don t want to I really appreciated the Hero Handbook and the GM Guide both keep it high level enough to give players a flavor for the aspects of the game without getting too detailed into all the possible rules that one feels overwhelmed This set keeps it easy to absorb and learn to play Quality components Gorgeous books with full color illustrations and everything feeling like it has a water resistant layer added to every page Easy to understand rules The Flip map alone is separately another 15, so this further increases the value of this package I really like that one side is just squares so you can use a wet or dry erase marker and run your own adventures Starting characters are great for new players and flushed out But like in the case of one of my sons he didn t want to play the pre made female cleric, so he used the extra character sheets provided to create his own male cleric, with a hammer instead of a scimitar Easy peasy OVERALL I have a about 200 boardgames that range in price from 10 to 110 Some we ve gotten many, many hours out of some and others I ve resold after one play This is one of the better investments and the number of hours we ll get out of this will be in the many, many hours range I haven t played any Dungeons new player like myself to this system that has so much content, there is a lifetime of playing in the Pathfinder system.