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~Free E-pub ♫ Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days: The Fastest Fix for Sleepless Nights ⚕ Advice For Sleep Training Your Toddler Before You Try The Toddler Sleep Training Approaches In This Article, I Recommend Using Toddler Ese, Patience Stretching, Twinkle Interruptus, And The Fun Bedtime Game As Effective Techniques For Reducing Bedtime Struggles To Help Your Little One Get The Sleep He Needs Free Baby Sleep And Feeding Schedules By Age Get Free Sample Baby Sleep And Feeding Schedules By Age Or Use Our Custom Schedule Generator To Generate Your Own Schedule Based On When Your Baby Wakes Up I should start by saying I have 3 kids youngest is 7 months and I hired Violet as a sleep consultant a few years ago for my son I was desperate for sleep and waking every two hours for my 9 month old Hiring violet was the best decision ever Three nights in and he was sleeping 12 hours at night I used her methods for my second child as well I bought this book for my third It s amazing She gives great instructions and its exactly how she trained me when I hired her My favorite thing is that she always reverts back to your gut as the parent She knows what shes talking about, but she isn t telling you what to do It s a step by step guide Follow it, and your child will be trained in a week I highly recommend for all those exhausted parents out there I purchased this book, when I had problem with my 9month old baby s napping I tries her method and it worked for us The baby has a schedule, naps well, and goes to sleep on her own After the 3rd day of implementing, she went to sleep in 2min I would recommend it anyone who has problems with nursing baby to sleep or the baby don t nap well. There is so much literature out there on sleep training What do you pick Of course something that is easy to read and can be done in a day to start practicing, especially if you get desperate I read babywise but this book summarizes Bw in 5 mins Havent started training yet but I know it will work This book really works I read it through as soon as I got it and I was able to make a plan for how I d get to the point of being ready to sleep trained It took me two weeks to replace night feeding with a less powerful prop weened him down and then replaced with rocking then I put together a plan for night time routine and set the date The first night he was crying for 30 minutes I checked in every 5 and watched him like a hawk on the monitor before he fell asleep half sitting By the third night he was out in 5 minutes and by the fourth night he was out in 5 minutes, no crying at all, sleeping 12 hours, and waking up smiling I cried in the doctor s office when she suggested the Ferber Method and it would have him sleeping 10 12 hours a night he was waking me up every 2 3 hours for the last 8 months and the thought of sleeping actually made me cry So I bought this book and it worked Recommended for all sleep deprived mom s dad s, you can do it and your baby needs the sleep for his her development