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Other than the fact that it arrived damaged from twice , I love this book The details it gives are great The photos make your mouth water I can t wait to try some of the recipes.May be too advanced for beginner cooks. [Read Book] ♦ Patisserie: A Masterclass in Classic and Contemporary Patisserie ⚆ These Desserts Are Exquisite, Complex And Delicious But Having Been To A Class With Them I Can Vouch That The Patisserie Is Perfectly Do Able It Just Needs Time And Patience Melanie McDonagh The Spectator The SpectatorPatisserie Aims To Reflect Award Winning Chocolatier, William Curley S Passion For Taking Classic Recipes And Modernizing Them With His Own Innovations Creating Top Quality Patisserie Is Often Seen As Something Only A Trained Professional Can Do, However With Patisserie Equipment Now Easily Accessible To All, William Hopes To Unscramble The Mystique Of Haute Patisserie Creation And, With His Book, Get Everyone Making In The Home KitchenThe Process Of Patisserie Is Broken Down Into A Step By Step Guide Complete With Expert Knowledge From A Master Ptissier To Produce Flawless Creations Every Time A Series Of Basic Recipes Covering Sponges, Creams And Custards, Doughs, Pastry And Syrups To Name A Few Will Provide A Solid Foundation In Patisserie Techniques As Well As Inspiration For Aspiring Creative Pastry Chefs Classic Recipes From Rhum Baba To Tarte Alsacienne Are Given A Modern Adaptation With William S Unique Blend Of FlavorsWilliam Had Always Had The Long Term Ambition Of Bringing Patisserie To This Country As An Accessible, Affordable Yet Uncompromising Luxury His Main Focus Is, Of Course, To Arouse And Surprise The Taste Buds A Pleasure That He Hopes He Can, In Some Way, Bring To Everyone, Through The Recipes In This Book So the recipe for the Cannels caught my eye and I ve been working with it for the past few days I am a Pastry Chef and I tinker with recipes all the time Add an extra egg, remove some flour, DEFINITELY remove some sugarI m used to recipes not working when I do this because even though I know that baking is a scienceI know one day I ll hit on something amazing.It doesn t help though when the recipe in a book that s been published and ostensibly proof read by editors numerous times, is incomplete and just wrong.Ignoring the fact that the author completely misses telling us to temper the hot liquid into the eggs.it s left on the stove somewhere never to be integrated, the entire recipe calls for 375ml 13fl oz 1 2 3 cup full fat milk.In the recipe it states to first add 250ml 8 1 2 fl oz generous 2 cups with the remaining amount being added later So 250ml is 2 cups but 375ml is only 1 2 3 cups And we re to add a partial amount that s then the stated whole amount needed for the recipe Which is correct I don t want to assume that all the recipes are wrong But I also don t want to waste my time and money trying recipes that don t work and not knowing if it s me or the recipe Guess I ll have to find out the hard way. good First off let me just say that this book is gorgeous I own dozens of cookbooks and baking books but not one of them can rival this one The photography is amazing for those who like photos in their cookbooks and who doesn t , this book is a must I honestly cannot get enough of flipping through it and just enjoying the photographs of all the delectable creations.The pastries presented are truly breathtaking William Curley is clearly a master of his craft and we are fortunate that he decided to share his knowledge with us in this tome In my opinion, this is a fantastic book for the price as compared to, for example Stephane Glacier s Tarts, Gouters, Entremets or Pierre Herme s ph10 each of which cost well over three times the price of this book If you want to get a taste for the kinds of recipes this book offers check out Youtube for the author s presentation of a Strawberry and Pistachio Breton Tart These are truly innovative, creative patisserie pieces, some of them are just plain showstoppers And the wonderful thing is that the author breaks down each creation in discreet and digestible chunks even though at first glance they seem to be completely out of reach for a home baker The first part of the book includes basic recipes for sponges, meringues, creams, sauces, etc after which follow recipes broken down into Pastries and Leavened Specialties, Petits Gateaux, Entremets my favorite , Macarons, Verrines, Baked Cakes, and Petits Fours.Most recipes have multiple photos showing individual steps and the recipe includes numbers that allow for cross referencing each step to the photos The ingredients and cross references to basic recipes are very clearly set out and each recipe lists specialized equipments forms needed Most recipes have a little blurb about the history of the recipe or some other interesting information The instructions and photos for chocolate decorations are incredibly detailed almost as good as watching a video Though this book is clearly not for the novice baker, the presentation allows anyone who can follow instructions and is willing to spend the time and invest in some specialized equipment and forms to recreate the fantastic creations in the book.NOW FOR THE BAD PART and the only reason I give this book less than five stars There are errors in the recipes In some recipes specific steps are left out e.g in the cannele recipe, there are no instructions for what to do with the hot milk mixture it is never referenced again after it is taken off the stove The conversions from grams to cups spoons are wrong all over the place 60 grams of cocoa powder is not 4 tbsp, it s like 1 2 cup Because professional pastry chefs use weights I would err on the side of using the weight measurements and ignore the cups spoons but even the weight measurements are wrong in some places For example, in the genoise recipe, the amount of dry ingredients called for is double what is typical for the amount of eggs specified 300g flour, 300g sugar and 125g butter for 6 eggs I cross referenced at least 5 other baking books I own as well as the internet and it seems clear that for this amount of eggs you should use about half the other ingredients specified I ran into a similar error with the author s other book, Couture Chocolate, when making the pistachio joconde, where the amount of sugar specified was clearly wrong.Some maybe even most recipes are fine but you really have to tread carefully with this book and you need to have a sense for correct proportions of ingredients or better yet cross reference against other sources Having said that, I think the book is still incredibly valuable and unparalleled in its class I just hope that the author or the publisher releases an errata sheet to make it reliable.UPDATE Having now used this book for a few years I stick with my original review I use it mostly for the foundational recipes creams, mousses, purees, cake layers and also decoration ideas and I have not encountered any issues with those The step by step photos and instructions are so useful A few pictures of the things I made are attached black current and chocolate dessert, chocolate and praline mousse cake, and a cake loosely based on the Fraisier. A bit about me I have loved French cooking since seeing my first episode of Julia Child in the 60 s I did little with baking though, but the British Bake off woke me up and I began to explore the world of patissirie To anyone who wants to fully grasp the beautiful complexity of this art form, yet be left with a feeling of I could do this get this book Written in excellent prose by masters of the craft and filled with photos so gorgeous you may lick the pages, it s a great tome Fundamentals of equipment and ingredients are present, followed by well organized categories of the facets of patissirie This book is a genuine page turner, yet is about food Heading for the kitchen now or I would write ,