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READ DOWNLOAD á The Essential Oil Maker's Handbook: Extracting, Distilling & Enjoying Plant Essences Ø Essential Oils Are In Demand Now Than Ever, But Modern Production Methods And Unscrupulous Labeling Practices Make It Difficult For Consumers To Know Whether An Oil Is Genuine Or Artificial Healers Utilizing These Age Old Materials Now Have The Guidance Needed To Make Their Own Essential Oils And Thereby Be Certain Of Integrity And Efficacy Producing Essential Oils And Hydrosols In Small Quantities Is Easier Than Imagined With The Guidance Of Austrian Master Distillers Helge Schmickl And Bettina Malle Translated From Its Original German, The Essential Oil Maker S Handbook Has Been Revised And Updated To Include Information On Hydrosols, The Aromatic Water Once Considered A Mere By Product But Now Recognized As A Valuable Substance In Itself The Authors Provide Guidance On The Harvesting, Processing, And Use Of Indigenous And Exotic Plants As Well As The Necessary Equipment For Oil Extraction Including About Base Recipes For Personal Care Products From Bathing Additives To Facial And Body Care To Perfume This Book Provides A Solid Foundation For Beginners And Professionals This book contains so much information I didn t expect producing essential oils and hydrosols via steam distillation is so easy The best of all, you don t need much Between 10 and 20 ounces of plant material is enough for 2 to 20 milliliters of essential oil and 500 milliliters of hydrosol, depending on the used plant species The authors describe in detail all issues to maximize oil yield and to receive the most intense hydrosol, whether it is still shape, amount of water, distillation process, plant preparation, harvest time, etc Finally I ve found a sensible application of unused or surplus material from my herb bed which I composted all the years before It s even possible to use dried plant materials.Assembling your own still with equipment found in every kitchen is simple, no need to weld or solder Nearly every imaginable essential oil plant is accurately described which part to use, when to harvest, specific preparation, oil yield, and other special characteristics The last part of the book contains step by step instructions for all kind of essential oil and hydrosol applications.An outstanding handbook for everyone who intends to produce his own essential oils and hydrosols. I found a lot of excellent information in this book I ve been distilling my own hydrosols and some essential oils for a few years now, but was looking for a book that could help with the little details, like how much oil is yielded from which plant, how much plant material, the best way to prepare the material, how long each plant needs for a complete distillation, etc This book is crammed with the info I wanted I do wish there was a tad information on the distillation of resins, but what is there was very helpful The reason I took a star away, is because I was really annoyed that the chapter where the authors describe different stills, they only go into detail about the still that they sell So that chapter is basically a big advertisement for the still that they sell Not even a mention of an alembic still either, which in my opinion is probably one of the most used by the home hobbyist distiller Other than that the book is good, and also goes into detail on other extraction methods, for example, cold pressing, solvent extraction, etc This book is not only for the home hobbyist distiller, but for anyone that uses essential oils I say this because if you re using essential oils, you re going to want to learn everything you can, even how they re made Had the authors not tried to heavily sell their still to me in this book, I d have given 5 stars. This is exactly what I was looking for I bought other books on essential oil making on but they were no where near as thorough or as informative as this one I highly recommend this book to anyone that s serious about making pure essential oils for cosmetic or medicinal use This book breaks down the science and the art of it is wonderfully written it s all I will ever need