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[[ Read Ebook ]] È Manhood: How to Be a Better Man-or Just Live with One (English Edition) æ From NFL Player Turned Film And TV Star Terry Crews Comes A Wise And Warmhearted Memoir Chronicling His Lifelong Quest To Become A Good Man, Loving Husband, And Responsible Father What Does It Mean To Be A Man Terry Crews, TVs Iconic Old Spice Guy And Co Star Of The Hit Golden Globe Awardwinning Series Brooklyn Nine Nine, Has Spent Decades Seeking The Answer To That Question In Manhood, He Shares What Hes Learned, Telling The Amazing Story Of His Rise To Fame And Offering Straight Talking Advice For Men And The Women Who Love Them A Self Described Super Driven Superstar Alpha Male, Terry Crews Embodies The Manly Ideal For Millions Worldwide But As He Looks Back On His Difficult Childhood And Shares Hard Learned Lessons From The Many Humbling Experiences He Endured To Get Where He Is Today, He Shows How His Own Conception Of Manhood Is Constantly Evolving Crews Offers Up A Lively, Clear Eyed Account Of The Ups And Downs Of His Twenty Five Year Marriage, Revealing The Relationship Secrets That Have Kept It Goingand The One Dark Secret That Nearly Tore It Apart Along The Way, He Shares His Evolving Appreciation For Looking Good, Staying Fit, And Getting It Done For The People You Love Being A Man Is About Than Keeping Your Core Strong Its About Keeping Your Core Values Stronger With Insightful Observations On Spirituality, Work, And Family, Terry Crews Shows Men How To Face Their Inner Demons, Seek Forgiveness From Those Theyve Wronged, And Tear Down The Walls That Prevent Them From Forging Meaningful Relationships With Others From The NFL Gridiron To The Hollywood Backlot, Terry Crews Has Survived It All With His Sense Of Humorand His Marriageintact In Manhood He Shows Men Everywhere That Real Strength Is Not Measured In Muscle Massunless That Muscle Is The Heart As I read this book, I felt like I was reading a book about myself My father was physically abusive to me mom My father was an alcoholic My father could only cry when he was drunk I was able to reconcile with my father before he died at the age of 59 due to cancer Wow, this is nuts This book has caused me to pause and really think about this idea of being a pleaser I stopped reading when I read that early on, because I think it s true Thanks Terry for opening up your life That s always a hard thing to do God bless. While I was expecting doses of wisdom, or some kind of guidelines or rules for the lessons Terry learned over his life, it didn t stop the book from being a really enjoyable and eye opening look into the life of a man most people just regard as the big crazy silly guy from the Old Spice commercials It was also eye opening for me to see just how much fanatical religious beliefs can distort a child s perspective at such a young age, being an atheist I m always looking for the silver linings in religion, and here I think I found that at least Terry seems to have gotten some good core values out of his relationship with religion, despite all of the guilt and unhealthy patterns he s worked long and hard to get past.The determination and refusal to quit throughout the book is really inspiring, and although the book is really of a memoir biography than a book on solid advice on being a man, there were still quite a few highlight able snippets to revisit after reading and really think on The lessons here about manhood are absorbed through anecdotes and the recollections of his life, not necessarily splayed out for you in a formal sense So yeah, maybe the title is a little misleading, but it was still a great book and I now look up to Terry in a different light than I previously did. The book is an easy read The narrative of Terry s story keeps you engaged as you travel through his life escaping Flint, MI as a teenager Then the book travels through playing football and his escaping from the traditional role models of being a man.Terry speaks about not being the strong silent type not being the Marlboro Man When a man s man speaks about vulnerability, men listen The model of strength and courage while being open and standing in integrity is new for most men I encourage both men and women to read Terry s book for the entertainment and for the direction it gives.If this planet is to change, men need to step up in a new way, a way that few men ever saw I wish Terry great success with this book He s doing a big service for men and all those that love them.