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EPUB º The Magick Of Lilith: Calling Upon The Great Goddess of The Left Hand Path (Mesopotamian Magick Book 1) (English Edition) æ There Has Never Been A Goddess In All The Western Traditions As Maligned As The Goddess Lilith She Has Been Called The Epitome Of All That Is Evil In The World She Was Considered Wild, Uninhibited, Argumentative And Sexually Deviant She Has Been Called The Temptress, The Prostitute From Hell And Most Popularly As The Succubus That Comes And Not Only Steals The Semen Of Men As They Sleep But Also Killing Them In The Process Some Of These Qualities Might Very Well Be True And Some Not So Much One Thing We Know For Sure Is That She Is A Very Powerful And Ancient Goddess In This Book, We Will Discuss What We Know Of Her From The Western Traditions I Will Present The Information Chronologically I Will Start With The Earliest Known Accounts Of Lilith To The Most RecentI Must Warn You However, Much Of The Evidence We Have About Lilith Is Very Biased But Despite This, I Think We Can Learn Much About Her And Put Her Reputation Into The Proper Perspective Although Some May Consider Her Evil, I Consider Her The Quintessential Goddess Of The Left Hand Path In This Book, We Will Discuss The Story Of Lilith And Importantly We Will Learn How To Tap Into Her Fierce Energy So We Too Can Walk The Left Hand Path With Her She Is Not For The Faint Of HeartYou Have Been Warned In This Book We Will Preform Rituals To Place A Curse On Your EnemyBind Someone To Do Your Will It Could Be For Any Purpose To Gain Seductive PowersTo Gain Protection From Lilith Read Carefully To Gain Courage And Inner Strength To Gain Occult Power And WisdomSexually Dedicate Yourself To Lilith Un livre qui donne quelques cl s sur comment aborder la d esse Lilith Cependant, il est trop litiste mon go t This is a very poor quality paperback, with a cover that looks pixelated It s very short, basically a pamphlet Despite the short length, the information density was scant like when you were in high school and stretched a two page report into five pages by messing with font size and spacing Pages were unnumbered, and contained no headings, which just gives a cheap vibe.The writing was odd Not the subject matter, but the style It was like someone transcribed an unscripted podcast The authentic spends a ton of time explaining how they can t include certain explanations A bulky chunk of this book is just phrases like I don t have enough room in this book to cover this material along with very simple points Nearly every page has at least one spelling, typographical, grammar, or formatting error Any interesting information is overshadowed by the poor presentation. Gave it three and that s generous This is not a book it s a pamphlet wich I read in about two hours The reading is very light and just the same stuff Wikipedia has Author also admits to borrowing prayers that are modern and invented by imagination therefore nullifying any real ancient knowledge Mainly conjection no real magic and the rituals seem juvinial at best.