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Loved the characters the it was nice to have the back story on Kieran at the end of the book, going straight on to the next in the series. I ve been enjoying this series from Nicole Conway This one took me a little while to get through because I kept getting interrupted, but today I took the time to get through the last third I must say that I didn t like it as much as the previous books even though it had some truly good parts Why What was my complaint The ending I truly thought this was going to be a trilogy, and I didn t like the totally unexpected cliffhanger ending at 87% When I went past the last page, automatically dumped me to the review before you go page or whatever they call it It was only by going back and then advancing the pages again that I discovered a hidden chapter with a character backstory No spoilers on what that was, you ll have to find it for yourself I m not sure how everything ties together, but I m guessing we will find out when book four comes out I only hope it isn t as long in coming as book three was @Free Kindle ⚶ Traitor (The Dragonrider Chronicles Book 3) ¿ Nicole Conway Is A Former Freelance Graphic Artist For Promotional Companies And Is Now A Full Time WriterShe Enjoys Hiking, Camping, Shopping, Cooking, And Spending Time With Her Family And Friends She Is The Author Of Avian And Fledgling She Lives In Valdosta, GeorgiaNicole Conway Is A Former Freelance Graphic Artist For Promotional Companies And Is Now A Full Time WriterShe Enjoys Hiking, Camping, Shopping, Cooking, And Spending Time With Her Family And Friends She Is The Author Of Avian And Fledgling She Lives In Valdosta, Georgia This book is alright but a few plot holes and an underwhelming look at the dragon rider flights The problem I had was Araxi said I have never been beat by a man, but Jace had beat her, unless she s not counting it because he ambushed her, but in the great words of Joseph Joestar This is a game of life and death, there are no rules and it was underwhelming to have Jace s skills all built up, and the goal of trying to become a dragon rider diminished in about 2 chapters, was kind of disappointing, but it sets the final book and next series up, so that s a plus, but some pacing issues kind of bring it down, but it s worth it for the next book and next series. I bought this series for my nearly 13 year old grandson to read this summer He enjoys the fantasy action drama type books so I m always looking for new ones to keep him reading When I saw him last weekend, I asked him if he was enjoying the series He gave me an emphatic Yes This story is AWESOME He s already through the first two books of the four book series and school just got out Friday I guess we ll be ordering the 3 book follow up series soon. This is a book about overcoming challenges, discovering who you are It s a great fantasy adventure with suspense and romance, and lots of unexpected turns I read the three books in a weekend In this last book, similarities between the main character and Jesusboth could heal, both could save the world through great personal sacrifice, abound I just didn t like the non ending in the third book It left the biggest challenge unresolved, I suppose to make way for the fourth book It just isn t in keeping with the rest of the series and to me is a disappointing way to end a story Still, I give it as a series a five. Excellent, but one star off because I feel it could have been finished in another 120 pages or so but it will be stretched into another whole book and probably be 2 years or so to wait Not fair to readers The former elf capital description was worthy of Tolkien, most of book worthy ofEdgar Rice Burroughs Future classic. Yet another great story keeping the ups and downs of javids life Nicole s imagination has gone to town on he grey elves side looks like etc I amReally looking forward to reading the next book. This book doesn t end the series It could have, but it doesn t even really end I was at 89% in the Kindle book I turn the page from what I thought was a chapter ending and it dumps into a how did you like this book Like hitting a brick wall I swear I thought at first I got a defective download.The author bio at the end of the first book said it was a trilogy, so I had no reason so far to think it wasn t, and the book seemed to be winding up to a conclusion that never happened The last 10% was a sample of another book, which at this point seems like a deceptive twist.The story and characters were interesting, which is why I give it a 3, though my expectations were dashed I m not sure if I trust the author enough now to get the next book.There were typos and errors after the last half of the book, like it was rushed or the editor gave up Someone needs to go over the books again to clean it up and update the info. While I can look at it as solid story it does have elements of bridge stories that we see in other series That is books in a series that are about setting up the final book while tieing up certain plot points of the series It did end surprisingly short considering I first thought this was the final of the series and it ended at the 87% mark with an excellent as it turns out short story about the person who decides to tag along with our dragonrider in the end.The author does set up a good story that ties up several plot points while pushing others along There was a surprising Romance that developed rather quickly and considering the circumstances while sweet seems a bit unbelievable All the same we do see growth in the main protagonist as he experiences some hard times.Outside of the surprising Romance the only complaint I really have about the series itself is that the dragons do not take a central roll but rather a side roll in the series Of course the story is not necessarily about the dragons so that is of a personal frustration LOL.A short story in the end is entertaining and sheds light on what had been a minor character in the series so far During the brief moment when I realize the story was suddenly over, and I did not throw my phone, I was a little annoyed and it s presents but it turns out to add a depth to the minor character that raises the stakes in the next book well introducing another character.