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I have tinkered with bows for years and have read a multitude of resources including the highly mentioned bowyers bibles and I must say, even if you think you ve got it down, you dont, this book is the simplest, most intuitive, and in depth description of bow making that greatly compliments any and all previous knowledge or resources and is my top recommendation especially for beginners as it is a fantastic foundation It is also a fun read, John s way of talking is present throughout the book and I find it very receptive and entertaining. @DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚣ A Bow Maker's Notebook: Sharing The Bow Making Experience of John J Riggs Archery (English Edition) ¿ This Notebook Was Written In The Spirit Of Primitive Archery With The Materials I Had To Work With A Pen, Paper, And Years Of Accumulated Knowledge It Is Not Like Some Other How To Build A Bow Books As I Go In Depth Into Bow Theory, The Properties Of Different Bow Woods, And Designs It Is Simply Written, But Very In Depth This Book Contains Three Project Bows That Reflect A Great Many Techniques A Simple D Bow Made From A Stave, A Rawhide Backed Red Oak Longbow, As Well As A Sinew Backed Gull Wing Horse Bow Along With The Project Bows You Will Find Experience, Tips And Tricks Which Will Help You Through Your Journey As Bow Makers Thank You, John Riggs I was very pleased with this book John does a excellent job of explaining how to make a bow The different types of wood and what type of bow each is suited for He does a fine job of describing how to pick out a board in a lumber yard to make a bow with He describes making three types of bows I would recommend this to anyone interested in how making. This is a fun and useful book for the begging bowyer It has plenty to offer an experienced bowyer as well The drawing are well explained and executed The how to part of this book worked well for me and I did not have any problems completing the three bows that are described in each build along The author also has a YouTube channel that addresses all his book topics So if there is a question, you can go look at it being done. Funny, I wound up being asked to review this book because I bought two to sign for a customer I wrote it, but I m not biased It s the best book ever written in the history of the World, I tell you