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What makes this an especially enjoyable and informative book is its point of view It puts the reader into the midst of the work force that is dealing with Fukushima disaster It would be almost as interesting coming from a worker at any industrial site Still, reporting on the special challenges of working in a radiation contaminated area is unique I do not know of any similar book arising from the the Chernobyl accident. Wasn t as amusing as I anticipated It s informational if anything, from the perspective of one individual I did read it all, but again, it s not exciting Ichi F is all the cleanup that s the worst part of a party. Pre ordered this book with eager anticipation All very interesting insider information on a catastrophic event and its continuing devastation of our seas, environment and health, all of which is still kept hushed by the governments and mainstream media Although I really appreciate the firsthand account and details that the author is able to share with us, but once past the initial novelty, the account felt really dry and I got bored halfway through this thick book It s now tucked somewhere in my library not sure if I will go back to finish it. I could hardly put down this graphic memoir, which describes work, workers, working conditions, traffic jams, and even worker s recreation at the Fukushima cleanup This book is a real page turner I learned a lot about how the work is done, weird to me multi layer contracting on the site, suiting up for the work, fuel pools, robots and The graphics are great the author has an artist s eye Highly recommended. `E-PUB ⇨ Ichi-F Vol. 1 (English Edition) ⇻ This Is A Very Human Look At A Sensationalized Issue, And Tatsutas Approach Is Level Headed And Informative Without Being Dry Otaku USAAn Emotional And Personal Workthat Should Have Appeal Beyond The Normal Manga Reader Crowd Anime News NetworkA Tremendous Amount Of Work From The Translator Stephen Paul And Others At Kodansha Has Gone Into Ichi Fin An Effort To Make The Manga As Accurate And As Widely Accessible As PossibleWhat In Many Ways Started Out As Just A Job Ends With Tatsuta Caring Deeply About And For His Colleagues At The Plant, The Locals And Residents Of Fukushima, And The Area Itselfan Individual Perspective Critical To The Larger Context Experiments In MangaOn March Japan Suffered The Largest Earthquake In Its Modern History The Magnitude Quake Threw Up A Devastating Tsunami That Wiped Away Entire Towns, And Caused, In The Months Afterward, Three Nuclear Meltdowns At The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Altogether, It Was The Costliest Natural Disaster In Human History This Is Not The Story Of That Disaster This Is The Story Of A Man Who Took A Job Kazuto Tatsuta Was An Amateur Artist Who Signed Onto The Dangerous Task Of Cleaning Up The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, Which The Workers Came To Call Ichi F This Is The Story Of That Challenging Work, Of The Trials Faced By The Local Citizens, And Of The Unique Camaraderie That Built Up Between The Mostly Blue Collar Workers Who Had To Face The Devious And Invisible Threat Of Radiation On A Daily Basis After Six Months, Tatsutas Body Had Absorbed The Maximum Annual Dose Of Radiation Allowed By Regulations, And He Was Forced To Take A Break From The Work Crew, Giving Him The Time To Create This Unprecedented, Unauthorized, Award Winning View Of Daily Life At Fukushima Daiichi