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The author Rober Rolih is one of the most effective and convincing teachers His knowledge is not only theoretical He shares his mistakes and victories Everyone must know that business is not just about success and money but it s also filled with obstacles and loses Robert teaches us through his experience how to overcome those obstacles and how to be persistent He tells us what didn t work and how he found a solution He backs up his decisions with professional arguments The book is a must read for people wanting to educate themselves in the filed of finances I also recommend all his lectures.Leonida MrgoleThe Million Dollar Decision Get Out of the Rigged Game of Investing and Add a Million to Your Net Worth [Download Book] ⚇ The Million Dollar Decision: Get Out of the Rigged Game of Investing and Add a Million to Your Net Worth (English Edition) ♷ If You Care About Your Financial Future And If You Don T Want To Get Ripped Off By The Financial Industry, Read This Book Now Daven Michaels, NY Times Bestselling Author Are You Investing With The Help Of Financial Advisers, Money Managers Or Bankers Are You Thinking About Investing, But You Don T Know Where To Start And Who To Trust In The Financial Jungle Out There Are You A Busy Professional Who Hates Financial Mumbo Jumbo And Doesn T Have Time For Investing Are You Scared To Invest Because It Seems Too Overwhelming And Complex The BAD News Is That Most Financial Advisers, Gurus And Other Financial Experts Are Out There To Legally Steal Your Invested Money That Is Why A Typical Investor Loses Than One Million Dollars In His Her Investing Career See Pages The GOOD News Is That You Can Smile Now Because Finally There Is A Simple Solution Robert Rolih Will Share With You The Details And Secret Subtleties That Will Enable You To Fire Your Financial Adviser, Take Control Of Your Money And Investments And Outperform The Pros While Spending Only A Few Hours Per YearBy Reading The Million Dollar Decision, You Ll Finally Discover How To Make Sure Your Invested Money Works For You And Not For The Financial Industry The Six Dark Forces Of Investing If You Don T Learn What These Forces Are, You Will Never Be Able To Invest Profitably Get To Know Them, And Darth Vader Will Seem Like A Good Guy To YouThe Commission Camouflage Effect Learn How The Financial Industry Takes Most Of Your Future Returns Without You Even Being Aware Of ItThe Most Important Formula Of Your Financial Life Financial Success Formula This Is An Entirely New Philosophy On Personal Finance And Investing That Will, Quite Literally, Save You Financially If You Have Adult Children, You Will Want To Share It With Them Right AwayFinancial Safety With The ARMOR Formula Even If You Are The Kindest And Most Positive Person, Something Unforeseen Can Happen That Turns Everything Around Use This Simple Formula To Prevent Financial Disasters From Disrupting Your Financial SecuritySelecting The Right Financial Products And Minimizing Risk Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Index Funds, Gold, Silver Get A Clear Answer On How To Make The Right Choices Investing For Retirement Or To Grow Your Wealth Simply Can T Get Easier How To Beat Richard Branson S Speed Of Creating Wealth With One Smart Move No Hype Just Facts This Will Come As A Total Surprise For YouShort Term Investing Slaughterhouse Learn The Sad Truth About Short Term Trading If You Are Thinking About Trading Stocks, Forex, Binary Options And Other Instruments, This Chapter Will Be A Life SaverHow To Get Out Of The Rigged Game Of Investing And Add A Million To Your Net Worth In Just A Couple Of Hours Per Year By Reading This Book You Ll Have Total Confidence In Yourself When Investing And Outperform Even The Experts In Just A Couple Of Hours Per Year Add This Book To Cart Now And Make Your Million Dollar Decision Being A Doctor Of Medicine I Have Never Enjoyed Books About Personal Finance And Investing That Was The First Book That I Not Only Read From Cover To Cover, But Used It To Change My Investing Plans I Cannot Thank You Enough For The Information In Your Book Dylaan Dowlati, MD, MBA HCMI Thought I Knew Just About All There Is To Know About Investing But I Put My Emotions Aside And Listened To Robert S Logic And I Was Stunned I Took Immediate Action To Bring My Investments In Line With His Recommendations I Believe This Book Really Will Be A Million Dollar Decision For Me Ralph Brogden, Bestselling AuthorRoberts Mission Is To Share What The Financial Industry Doesnt Want Us To Know About Investing With His Simple Investing System, You Will Be Able To Outperform The Pros While Spending Only A Couple Of Hours Per YEAR On Investing Robert Grew Up In A Poor Backwater Village In A Small Country, Became A Successful Entrepreneur, Cooperating With People Like Chet Holmes And Brian Tracy And Then Lost Most Of His Money Because He Trusted Financial Advisers And Financial Gurus That Inspired Him To Invest Seven Years Of His Life To Research What Is Going On Behind The Scenes Of The Financial Industry Today Roberts Goal Is To Give You The Right Investing Education And Help You Avoid The Costly Mistakes That Most Investors Make His Live And Online Training Programs Have Saved Millions Of Dollars For Than , Clients All Around The World Robert Lives In A Scenic Hillside Village In The Middle Of A Forest With His Wife, Sara, And His Two Children, Rupert And Rafael A few months ago I had the pleasure to meet Robert Rolih and his advise has impacted my investing very POSITIVELY This book is a MUST READ as Robert his advice is straight to the point and very clear, even if you are just getting started with investing.Robert thank you for sharing your wisdom in this must read book The takeaway from this book could fit on one page The author seems to be using the same tactics he abhors in financial advisors to make money by selling this book IMHO, the Bogglehead book on investing is way sincere and professionally done. This book was a HUGE disappointment 200 pages of or less storytelling with NO concrete advice Takeaway get proper insurance and invest in index funds There you go saved you some money The author is redirecting all readers to his web portal, which is basically a hook to join his seminars When I asked fro some concrete advice, on which platofrms and index funds it would be good to invest, I was redirected to sign up for a seminar I dont really know what answers non Slovene citizens get, since seminar is in Slovenia I bought a gold package and was disappointed BIG time Also the bonuses promoted with the gold package were extremely promising, but turned out lousy in a sense that it was all one big commercial.