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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☪ Running From A Rock Star (Brides on the Run Book 1) (English Edition) ♷ Shes A Good Girl Control Freak Hes A Bad Boy In Need Of A Clean Image Will These Opposites Attract Or Self Destruct Scarlett Kelly Is The Poster Child For Responsible Living Growing Up As The Daughter Of The Town Floozy, Shes Made It Her Mission To Be The Exact Opposite Of Her Mother So When She Wakes Up Naked And Hung Over In Bed With A Bad Boy Rock Star, She Bolts Immediately Theres Just One Problem Scarletts Bedmate Is Her New Husband Gavin Needs To Repair His Image Or His Music Career Will Go Down The Tubes Hes Also Just Learned He Has A Son He Never Knew Existed He Needs To Settle Down, And Bribing His New Wife To Stay Married May Just Fit Everything Into Place Scarlett Agrees To The Ruse To Help Her Familys Financial Troubles Even Though She Can Hardly Control Herself Around The Rock Star As They Search For Gavins Son, Will Their Unlikely Matrimony Give Them Exactly What Theyve Been Missing Or Send Them Packing Running From A Rock Star Is The First Book In A Series Of Comedic Contemporary Romance Novels If You Like Zany Characters, Razor Sharp Wit, And Unlikely Love Stories, Then Youll Love The First Book In Jami Albrights Brides On The Run SeriesBuy Running From A Rock Star To Laugh Your Way To Love Today A funny rom com and page turner that will keep you entertained for a weekend at the beach or on a rainy day on the couch This debut novel by Jami Albright is the perfect start to what looks to be an addictive series.I m not a fan of tattooed rock stars with an attitude and a playboy reputation, but I was rooting for Gavin by the end of chapter one By the end of the book, I wanted to hug him and never let go And I envied the heroine Scarlett is a super funny and relatable heroine, and I loved watching her grow throughout the book, and get her claws out at the most unexpected times.The small cast of side characters provides great support to the hero and heroine, and it provides some super funny scenes The moment I read the scene with Luanne and Jack, I found myself hoping they d be the next couple in the series and they will be.This isn t a clean romance, as there are two descriptive sex scenes, although they aren t too long, so if you don t mind a little spice in your read, you will definitely enjoy the book.I m looking forward to reading book two. Wow This book blew my socks off with its awesomeness I love this kind of story and Jami Albright pulls it off flawlessly Gavin is equal parts hot and sweet I loved Scarlett, a strong heroine, who would do anything to take care of her family even if it means protecting them from herself.The story is SO well written The sexual tension at the beginning, awesome Their flaws and issues done exactly right It is the perfect romance with all the elements in balance I totally LOVED their vows And the make out scene on the porch you HAVE to read it.If you love hot rock star book boyfriends, scrappy, sassy heroines, and a HEA that makes you sigh, then you will definitely love this book And you should get it Like, right now. I m still dreaming of Gavin and Scarlett I may just have to read it again because it was just that good It will make you laugh out loud, think about your own choices in life and maybe even shed a tear or two I loved this romance novel Get your copy today I was given this book as an ARC, in return for an honest review And oh how thankful I am Scarlett which was electrifying I also love that it was set in Texas.This book was so worth the read This would make a fantastic Lifetime movie I cannot wait for the next book in the series to come out I know it will be as good as Running From A Rock Star I can t recommend this book Invite Scarlett Gavin into your life, today It s a must buy Oh my gosh, this chick Scarlett is hilarious By Chapter 9, I had already laughed so hard that I almost couldn t believe it I am so KEEPING this book Just the beginning of the book was enough to get the laughter rolling Scarlett woke up to one heck of a day The disasters just kept coming It had super great main characters and a supporting cast as well Scarlett s best friend and attorney, Luanne Price was best described as a fierce elf At least that was Gavin s impression that we heard from his inner dialogue She was tiny but mighty and that included her mouth And she was a fierce backer of her friend Scarlett.Honey is Scarlett s aunt and she isn t the norm that you would expect But she had a heart of gold, was flamboyant and as funny as all get out I enjoyed every moment of her appearance in the story And it was amusing to watch Honey wrap Gavin around her little finger She had a special affection for him almost from the first time they met And even he admitted it was almost impossible to tell her no He was both charmed and amused by her.Gavin had a best friend who was also an attorney Jack Avery was smart , could be ruthless and snarky if anyone even tried to put one over on Gavin A lot of added fun and humor came when Jack and Luanne clashed..constantly They loved the witty battles, although they wouldn t ever admit it.It wasn t all fun and games, although there was plenty of that Both Scarlett and Gavin were carrying baggage from their childhoods And Gavin had the extra weight of being a famous musician Someone was always out to get what they could out of him It made them interesting and bit complex, which is always interesting to me.Oh, you are going to hate Poppy I know I did She was causing several problems for Scarlett and she was enjoying every minute of it She was all up in Scarlett s face about it too I knew Scarlett was going to find her way out of it but I just wasn t sure how it was going to happen I really loved the way Scarlett could try a phrase and make me laugh even Not cheesy but definitely funny Like what she called her inner hussy would try to get out of her super good girl control, that was some of the funniest moments That inner dialogue, made me grin She was always telling that inner hussy to shut up and stop acting up But whenever she was around Gavin, that inner hussy came out to play Gavin actually began to understand there was two parts to her personality The fiery redhead was who she really was and he did loved it when that part of her showed up.I think this is the first book that I have read by this author but it won t be the last In fact, I liked it so much I have already got the next book in this series, Running with a Sweet Talker Please, Please don t disappoint me because this one was so good and I want to see that trend continue Now, I m going to have to find a way to put this in the title, Loved, loved, loved it, let me count the ways. I m ready to go to Zachsville and have my hair done at the Dip n Do as an excuse to catch up on the town gossip Thanks to Jami Albright s charming characters, I have a whole new set of imaginary friends.Scarlett has the sort of family we all secretly want It s easy to see why she falls for Gavin He s the hot guy that makes you throw caution to the wind He s than just a bad boy and it s so much fun seeing him try to find his footing in a small, Texas town Warning You may snort while laughing Exercise caution while drinking so it doesn t come out of your nose.I ll never think of biscuits the same way again This is such a fun story I could have read it all in one day if I didn t have a family and responsibilities When the next book in the Brides on the Run series is released, I m running away from home so I can read, snort, and spew my drink in peace.