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I had the opportunity to listen to an audible version Unblocked the entire Timber Towers series This was the first book by Marni Mann that I have experienced I thought the storyline was unique, the characters well developed and the narration made the story enjoyable.Derrick and Frankie are perfect for each other both in and out of the work environment They are both very successful in their individual fields and they have chemistry when they are working together Derrick has a big secret that he has been keeping as he seeks revenge for his father s death that happened many years earlier He just doesn t want to lose Frankie if she finds out what he is doing When she finally finds out the truth she is there by his side with understanding and love just like he has helped her through her own grief With the support they show each other and the balance they find in and out of the office allows them to find their happily ever after. What an amazing collection This story has it all, love, hate, revenge, ambition, D s, seriously hot chemistry Derek and Frankie were made for each other I loved that as strong, aggressive, and overbearing Derek could be, Frankie was no pushover A successful business woman in her field, and Derek the same in his industry They re at the top of their respective careers, but personally, they really needed each other.This was my first Marni Mann book, and will definitely not be my last. Review at BadAndDirtyBooksDamn This was such a good and an amazing read I m so glad I waited for the whole collection to be released, because I know I would have gone crazy waiting for the next episodes It was that good But waiting for the collection to be released was also a test I kept seeing teasers and reviews everywhere and they said the same thing Hot Amazing Erotic A Must Read And I AGREE I just loved and adored both Frankie and Derek Equally as much Their strength, passion and love for their job, family, friends and each other was what captured me And it didn t let me go until I reached the final page.Their heat and lust for each other was flawlessly written and I had to take a break at times It was so erotic and I could feel their lust jump off from the pages From the first page I was captured and intrigued Frankie is a heroine I just loved So strong, sympathetic and really just a good person all around True to herself, her needs and beliefs Her relationship with Brea and Anna was beautiful, heartwarming and touching Loved their scenes together and I could feel they shared a lot of history.Derek Block What a down to earth, real and loyal man I couldn t get enough of him His appearance was so sexually written I could feel Frankie s attraction He s just as loyal to family and friends as Frankie is I love the different sides he shows Frankie He can go from very demanding in a very sexual way to be this loving and caring man Who s going to be there whenever he s needed Marni Mann knows how to write a compelling and interesting story with a lot of tension and heat I didn t expect to be moved and sit with tears in my eyes but I was so invested in the characters and their story I was obsessed and devoured every page and didn t want it to end.Marni Mann is definitely an author I m going to be following This was just perfection all around.5 BadAssDirtyAndALotOfLoveStars Passionate and filled with emotion, this book knocked my socks or should I say panties off Derek is all the yummy with his flannel shirts, jeans, blue eyes and beard Can you say Lumbersexual Frankie is everything you could want in a female lead, she is smart, sexy, successful with equal dashes of sweet and spicy Derek is a very hands on manly man, he builds luxury buildings and even does some of the work himself, oh yes You have to love a man that is good with his hands and can be a super sexy business man all while never wearing a suit And Frankie is a high end real estate agent and when the two meet POW I loved the chemistry between Derek and Frankie, it just jumps off the page There is also plenty of angst and sticky situations to keep the story interesting Namely in and ex of Frankie s named Reed and Derek s troublesome Uncle Randy.The supporting cast of characters are fully fleshed out, they all add depth to the story and keep it interesting There is really nothing bad I can say about this book, I really enjoyed it &READ PDF ⇧ The Unblocked Collection ☛ As The Ever Dutiful Daughter At Her Father S Prestigious Real Estate Firm, Frankie Jordan Never Mixes Business With Pleasure But After Meeting Her New Client, Derek Block, Her Sexual Fantasies Have Turned Into Intense Cravings This Animalistic Man Has Become The Object Of Her Desire Only She Can T Have Him Derek Block Is So Close To Finally Getting Revenge Against The Man Who Tried To Destroy Him But After One Meeting With Frankie Jordan, His Focus Is Gone He Needs To Be Inside Her, To Worship Her Submissive Body Until She Screams And Then His Dick Needs To Stay The Hell Away From Herbut It Has A Mind Of Its Own This Is The Unblocked Collection, Which Includes All Five Novellas