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The story kind of died in this novel This felt like so much extra Granted Tio is pretty funny, and it was exciting to see a reunion between Hajime and some of his classmates, but I wanted to see him uncompromising on his principles He caves so easy to his old teacher Oh well, I can forgive it I feel like Yue personality has shifted too, which is also pretty lame Character personality shift have to be gradual, especially when they are dramatic These ones felt just too sudden for me to buy Anyway, my biggest gripe still was just the lack of any real substance in this novel.I leave it at 3 stars for still having some badasss scenes, a few scenes of Yue being Yue again like how she was in volumes 1 and 2 , and the rare scenes of Hajime actually sticking to his dark, ominous, edgy principles he developed in the abyss of the first labyrinth I m okay with him chilling out a bit, but I still want to see Hajime be who he was in the previous volumes that s all.I ll continue because I m already invested enough, but this one is far less stimulating than the previous volumes. Well this is really disgusting Great don t you agree This is my first delve into this type of books, and this is a really great read. SPOILERS Again we have world building which is always welcome and appreciated With another addition to the party the comedy really starts to take another turn But on to the most important part The thing that shined the brightest this volume is Hajime finally reunited with some of his classmates While the massive fight could have been described I did like the aftermath and the way Hajime handled his traitorous classmate Now what I did not really like was the new addition to the party Right now in this volume she just seems like a cliche masochist that is in every other fantasy novel or anime Other than hoping she gets development and personality other than being a masochists the volume was fun and it makes you feel as if things are going to get interesting. Well, this book was filled with surprises including a new member to the harem Fortunately, this is not like any other harem story Hajime is a serious bad ass and he s in love and everyone knows it including the girl This is refreshing as opposed to the normal clueless hero story On to book 4 It was truly amazing how the class devoted teacher could get so easily flustered over the life saving technique performed by her student, but I guess that comes from being so innocent in the world of love Although, the masochistic dragon is truly an age inducing headache but still a bit entertaining in how she can still show signs of that noble dignity her race is known for. .Book ♡ Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Volume 3 (English Edition) ♵ Meetings Old And New Await Our Hero, Who Has Begun To Walk Down The Path Of The World S Strongest Along With Some Farewells After Clearing The Reisen Labyrinth, Hajime And Yue Welcome Shea Into Their Party And Make For The Independent City State Of Fuhren They Get Roped Into Helping The Adventurer S Guild Look For A Certain Missing Person, Leading To An Unexpected Reunion With Someone Hajime Thought He D Never See Again Shortly Thereafter, Hajime Has A Run In With One Of The Strongest Creatures In The World, A Black Dragon Does Hajime Have The Resolve To Bear The Burden Of Being The Strongest