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I gave it as a present Not sure if it was an appropriate gift but when I looked through the book I thought it was well written easy to understand and interesting. Great book, a must for any fans It s doesnt spoil the secrets Arrived quickly. @Download õ Dynamo: The Book of Secrets: Learn 30 mind-blowing illusions to amaze your friends and family (English Edition) ¿ A MASTERCLASS IN MAGIC FROM THE WORLD S COOLEST MAGICIAN DYNAMO In This Fully Illustrated Guide To Modern Magic, Dynamo Shows You How You Can Perform Magic Yourself Learn How To Make Water Freeze Instantly, Read Your Friends Minds, Make Chewing Gum Float Degrees Around Your Head, Slice A Banana Without Even Touching It, Discover Superhuman Strength And Many Mind Blowing Illusions The Book Of Secrets Will Be The First Step On An Exciting Journey For Budding Magicians, Providing Hours Of Breathtaking Fun For All The Family BeTheMagic Amazing book, loved it and taught me all about and how to do some of Dynamo s great tricks From freezing a bottle in front of your spectator s eyes, to all the flourishes you need to know for a great magic trick Plus, if you like secrets, this book has tons of them hidden between the lines and could even reveal a hidden trick I ve had the book for ages now and I ve only just found one Overall a great read and I highly recommend it Brought for a Christmas gift sure they will love it as look a great book full of tricks for them to try out Bought for my 12 year old nephew,I can t put it down Just brilliant Bought this for my partner s grandson 9 , who is into magic tricks He was very pleased with this and set about reading up and performing some of the tricks Good value for such a treasure trove The book has very easy to do features with progessing harder tricks so you dont bore easily There are also little parts where the origins of the trick came from which is a nice bit of trivia and just adds that extra. Now THATS magic This is the best magic book around Kids will love this I will try and make the wife disappear I d give this a 5 10 As a children s beginner s book, it s OK I like the fact that there s cut outs of things you might need within the book, and it was cheap enough to buy as a bit of a whim If you ve got an 8 to 10 year old, I think they d love it The tricks aren t the best though, and there s better books out there that teach things like false cuts, double lifts etc a lot better, even for kids of that age.