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As a native Bosnian who, many years ago, also worked and lived for several years in Croatia before eventually moving to the United States and marrying a real American, I solemnly attest that every assertion about the general differences between the two societies matches 100% my own experience The storytelling in this book is human and thoughtful, often bordering a real sociological comparative analysis albeit from one family s perspective , while managing to remain light handed and delightfully funny Unique read, warmly recommended. This book is hysterical A real life look at what it means to be part of a Croatian family and live in Croatia when you yourself are not a Croat I am savoring every page Great storyteller. As we are about to move to Croatia after having visited many times over the past 15 years, we find this book very insightful In many instances we saw ourselves and our Croatian friends he has captured the core of the Croatian nature. |E-pub ♍ Croatia Strikes Back: The Unnecessary Sequel (English Edition) ♵ The Saga Continues In Croatia In This Sequel To The Thrilling, Er Well Humorous Bestselling Book, Chasing A Croatian Girl, We Find Author And Hrvatski Zet, Cody McClain Brown Continuing His Epic Struggle To Make Croatia His Home Allied With His Wife, Daughter, And Mother In Law, Cody Joins New Friends, New Neighbors, And A DOG In An Enthralling Battle Against Bureaucracy, Rampant Skepticism, The Croatian Language, And An Impossible, Physics Defying ApartmentCroatia Strikes Back Confronts The Challenges Of Living In Croatia With Laughter, Community, And Some Much Needed Perseverance