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Fished this in one day You only need to know a few things about this book.One.girlfriends, nothing like having them to always have your back, support you, and give unconditional love.Two.Nicole takes no shit and is fantastic, I loved her foul mouth and her beautiful spirit.ThreeCallum, British, Hot, Perfect That is all because if you are a fan of Corinne s than you know she will delivery an incredible read Take you away from your life with her words Give you the HEA and this one comes with a bonus epilogue that was magic I ve been anticipating Nicole s book since we first started on the journey with Heather in We Own the Night and it was 100% worth the wait Corinne Michaels totally delivered with this book and, dare I say she s totally figuring out this romcom thing Not Until You still has the emotional pull all of Ms Michaels books have, but there were a lot moments of levity and jest than her normal fare.I freaking loved Nicole I loved her in We Own Tonight and One Last Time, and I fell even in love with her in Not Until You I have a girl crush on her and wish that I had an iota of her fire and confidence She is my opposite in almost every way, and I loved that she was unremorsefully herself Nicole had a spine of steel and a heart of gold, especially regarding her loved ones She was outspoken, knew what she wanted, and strived for her goals without apology.Nicole and Callum had fabulous chemistry They had a fun push and pull, and it lent to them developing a deeper connection than they were expecting in a fun, organic way Their banter and teasing allowed them to let down the walls they d both build to protect their hearts without either of them realizing it Their relationship was sweet and fulfilling, and I was happy to have had the opportunity to take that ride with them.Not Until You is a standalone novel and can be enjoyed completely on its own However, two books were published before about characters that appear in this book We Own Tonight and One Last Time are stories about two of Nicole s best friends, and there is a fourth book If I Only Knew, that will be about the final friend in their group Not Until You is written in dual first person perspective, narrated by Nicole and Callum. One of my top favorite books ever I loved Callum and Nicole so much Callum got, sexy, sweet, driven, gets what he wants and what he wants is Nicole Nicole sassy, independent, outspoken but has walls around her wow how Callum breaks those walls The story has everything, true love, real friendships, Heather, Danielle, Kristin and Nicole are spectacular We all crave those types of friendships There s a few twists, heartbreak, family dynamics, real feelings of love I laughed, I cried, I highlighted so much of just real relationships with these characters I couldn t put this book down glad it was a Sunday to read all day Holy swoon This book tells the story of Nicole Dupree, the best friend from the previous books in this series The girl who makes you gasp with her antics but you know would do anything for her group of friends We find out here why she is the way she is and you find out a secret from her past that shaped her into the girl who doesn t want to fall in love, but to have a good time.The attraction between Nicole and Callum was immediate and the sparks flew off the page I loved seeing the two of them let down their walls and slowly fall in love.You also get to see the group of friends Heather, Kristin and Danielle Some of the best scenes in the book are the group of friends being there for each other.I cannot wait for Danielle s book `READ DOWNLOAD ↞ Not Until You ⇻ I Have Two Rules In Life First, No Relationships, Falling In Love, Or Attachments And Second, No Sleeping With Clients Of My Interior Design Firm Since The Last Guy Turned Out To Be Married, They Ve Been Easy To Follow Until Him Callum Huxley Is A Ridiculously Sexy Brit, And The Connection We Have The Moment Our Eyes Lock Scares The Ever Loving Hell Out Of Me Thank God, I Came To My Senses Before Going Back To His Hotel Where I Would Ve Ended Up Naked, Panting, And Unable To Forget Him Thinking I Walked Away From That Night Unscathed Was Stupid Sure Enough, At The Biggest Meeting Of My Career Waits The CEO Of Dovetail Enterprises Him It Might Be The Most Embarrassing Moment Of My Professional Life And Breaking My No Client Rule Might Just Be The Hottest Moment Of My Personal Life Learning To Trust Has Never Felt So Good, But Falling Has Never Hurt So Bad