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~FREE BOOK ♝ The Human Equation: Building Profits by Putting People First ♊ Why Is Common Sense So Uncommon When It Comes To Managing People How Is It That So Many Seemingly Intelligent Organizations Implement Harmful Management Practices And Ideas In His Provocative New Book, The Human Equation, Bestselling Author Jeffrey Pfeffer Examines Why Much Of The Current Conventional Wisdom Is Wrong And Asks Us To Re Think The Way Managers Link People With Organizational Performance Pfeffer Masterfully Builds A Powerful Business Case For Managing People Effectively Not Just Because It Makes For Good Corporate Policy, But Because It Results In Outstanding Performance And Profits Challenging Current Thinking And Practice, Pfeffer Reveals The Costs Of Downsizing And Provides Alternatives Identifies Troubling Trends In Compensation, And Suggests Better Practices Explains Why Even The Smartest Managers Sometimes Manage People Unwisely Demonstrates How Market Based Forces Can Fail To Create Good People Management Practices, Creating A Need For Positive Public Policy And Provides Practical Guidelines For Implementing High Performance Management Practices Filled With Information And Ideas, The Human Equation Provides Much Needed Guidance For Managing People Wisely And Profitably I believe and like Pfeffer This is a researcher who uses his mind and his heart in equal measures However, I wonder if everybody will be easily convinced by his arguments and examples. In a word Horrible By the end of the Introduction I was hoping we d soon find an iceberg to smash into and die.While not a sexy or engaging topic to begin with, the author does a commendable job of taking dry material and dehydrating it to shoe leather Whatever nuggets of insight may be in this book, they re deeply and successfully buried in pontificating academic gibberish, delivering a work that required effort to find insight than the labor is worth Certainly not helped by fact that the book is 16 years old, and both the business world and the arena of talent management has changed, this 300 page journey across broken glass and hot coals simply fails it fails to clearly define and articulate problems it fails to define solutions it fails to offer any clarity of communication Well intentioned the work may be, and the topic is clearly still relevant today, but as a useful source of information, insight or even a practically applicable resource for new thinking , this is simply a waste of time The only greater waste of time than reading it is the time spent writing it. Good information especially for those in business Maybe if some of the business people in business believed in this philosophy the economy might be better. An alternative view for HR management that is very appropriate in these days of lay offs and furloughs. Strong case for convergence model of HRM Muy buen libro para los profesionales que se dedican al management o a los recursos humanos Mucha l gica que por obvia se olvida Lo recomiendo