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The premise of falling out of your time and into another dimension is intriguing, butso when you have the ability to control time and move through it Although the plot is a promise of an interesting story, it got a bit confusing for me to enjoy, like most time travel story I ve read It did not carry much suspense to keep me off the edge of my seat, and keep me wanting forIt was just ok I guess this book was really meant for younger readers, or doesn t belong to my inclinations at all. aergerlich, schlechte storyline trotz an sich guter Grundidee *READ EBOOK ⇺ Freeze-Framed ⇗ With The Help Of Friendly But Mysterious Anna, Jamie Comes To Realise That He Doesn T Exist And Never Has He S Fallen Through A Time Break And Is Living In A Parallel World In Which He Was Never Born What S , He Discovers That Although He Is Outside Time, He Has The Power To Control It