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[[ Read Epub ]] õ A Cop's Life: True Stories from the Heart Behind the Badge × After September ,Las Vegas Police Sergeant Randy Sutton Began Soliciting Writing From Law Enforcement Officers His Goal Being To Bridge The Gap Between The Police And Those They Serve, With A Book That Offers A Broad And Thoughtful Look At The Many Facets Of Police Life Hundreds Of Active And Former Officers Responded From All Over The United States Men And Women From Big Cities And Small Towns, Some Who Had Written Professionally, But Most For The First Time Sutton Culled The Selections Into Five Categories The Beat, Line Of Duty, War Stories, Officer Down, And Ground Zero The Result Is True Blue, A Collection Of Funny, Charming, Exciting, Haunting Stories About Murder Investigations, Missing Children, Bungling Burglars, Car Chases, Lonely And Desperate Shut Ins, Routine Traffic Stops, Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty, And The Life Changing Events Of SeptemberHere, Officers Reveal Their Emotions Fear And Pride, Joy And Disgust, Shame And Love As They Recount The Defining Moments Of Their Careers In These Stories, The Heart And Soul Behind The Badge Shines Through In Unexpected Ways True Blue Will Change The Way We Think About The Deeply Human Realm Of Police Service A series of memories in the life of Randy Sutton The fictional Christmas story at tbe end allows the book to end on a high note A good collection of stories from a veteran cop s career I felt he covered a wide variety of the kinds of calls he s responded to over the years, some happy, some sad, some that make you want to be the one to fire the gun at the bad guy.A good book to read here and there if you need one to be able to pick up and put down The chapters are pretty much independent stories, so you can allow time in between reading and not lose track.My favorite story was definitely the last one, where Santa brings 2 individuals exactly what they needed. this book surprised me started out very dark and ended on a positive note the author doesn t really seem to hold back truths and also doesn t seem to exaggerate simple writing style made it possible to read in an afternoon. Great short stories by a Vegas Cop While reading I laughed a little, I got really mad reading what some gangsters did to a Grandma and her grandson and the last story in her brought tears to my eyes Excellent book.