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love this book, good action, characters, great story line, a must read for sure. Interesting storyline will read from this author. #Pdf ⚣ Scene of the Crime: Bachelor Moon (Harlequin Intrigue #1258) ⚡ FBI Profiler Sam Connelly Had Come To Daniella Butler S Remote Louisiana Bed And Breakfast To Escape The Consuming Horrors Of His Job And The Dark Demons He Fears Lurk In His Own Soul But Finding A Dead Body On Her Property Changes Everything There S No Room In His Life In His Heart For A Family Or So He Thinks, Until A Killer S Threat Places His Irresistible Innkeeper And Her Young Daughter Under His Protection Now, As The Obsessed Psychopath Inches Closer To Possessing Daniella, Sam Must Call Upon His Elite Skills To Track His Target And Keep The Beautiful Blonde Andher Child Safe Defending Them Becomes His Greatest Challenge Losing Them Is Not Even An Option FBI profiler Sam Connelly is on a forced vacation in a Louisiana BB when someone targets the BB owner The secret admirer has been leaving the single mother and her daughter little gifts, but now he s escalating by leaving her a murdered would be competitor accompanied by a creepy phone call.Sam knows they re dealing with yet another monster, and he s willing to do anything to keep mother and daughter from harm.Formulaic and rather predictable with a myriad of coincidences the admirer escalates right when Sam starts his vacation view spoiler the sheriff is conveniently retiring at the end of the year, creating the perfect job opening for the hero at the end of the story hide spoiler Sam Connelly, an FBI profiler, goes on a vacation from hell at the Bachelor Moon Bed Breakfast We ve met Sam before in Scene of the Crime Bridgewater, Texas as he helped Jenna, a fellow FBI profiler, with the trouble she faced when she returned home.What we ve learned so far is nothing good ever comes from a profiler going on vacation, lol.Sam, who has a hard time relaxing, gets mixed up in a stalker situation with the host of the BB, Daniella, and her young daughter, Macy Twists and turns ratchet up the intrigue until you re not exactly sure who the perp is, at least I wasn t Sam s inner struggles don t guarantee a happy ending with Daniella, however, no matter how strongly he cares for them both until well, you ll have to read the book Enjoy It s a good story. A romance that will have you wanting and falling in love with all of the characters that are in the story. Someday maybe your mommy will fall in love with a nice man who will make you a wonderful father, Sam said, surprised by how much he hated the idea of the two of them building a life together with another man Maybe that could be you, Macy said with a sly look at him Macy, don t start, Daniella said in a warning voice as her cheeks grew pink But, Mommy, I already love Mr Sam, and I know if you try really hard you could love him, too, Macy replied I thought he was going to be a cranky pants at first, but he put on his big girl pants and got over that This time it was Sam s turn to feel his face warm as Daniella laughed I d like to see you in those big girl pants, she said under her breath. Couldn t get into this one her characters and thriller suspense was lacking as compared to some of the other pieces I have read Exactly the kind of romance novel I like to read Small town, not too many characters, tortured hero, sweet but strong heroine. Nothing pulls the heartstrings like a man who needs to be loved, and Sam s soul is practically screaming for help Macy is an absolutely delightful and spunky little girl who steals Sam s heart with her cheeky little grin, and she has you laughing right along with him But the real meat of this story lies in the strength and support Daniella and Sam show towards each other, and they do so with grace and sensuality I always enjoy every page of Carla Cassidy s work, and this is just one to add to that list.LototyReviewer for Coffee Time Romance More Full Review