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!Download ♹ The Christmas Train ⚆ Dopo Essere Stato Interdetto Ai Voli Sugli Stati Uniti, Tom Decide Di Prendere Il Treno Da Washington A Los Angeles Per Raggiungere La Fidanzata Che Lo Aspetta Per Natale Non Ha Il Minimo Sospetto Che Da Quel Lungo Viaggio Pieno Di Eventi, Bizzarri Ma Anche Drammatici, Uscir Profondamente Cambiato La Variet Degli Incontri E Delle Esperienze, Che Sembrano Orchestrati Da Una Casualit Quasi Magica, Lo Porteranno A Rivedere Sotto Una Luce Diversa Tutta La Sua Vita, A Svelare Come Davanti A Uno Specchio Segreto I Grovigli Della Propria Anima, A Recuperare Ci Che Pensava Di Aver Irrimediabilmente Perduto I ve seen David Baldacci s name everywhere lately so I figure it s time to give in to all the hard work these marketing folks are doing Having never read a Baldacci novel before, I picked The Christmas Train since I watched the Hallmark move about 10 times last Christmas It s OK, ten times isn t excessive It only aired about 200 times Now that s excessive The Christmas Train was an interesting and feel good story It has humor, mystery, and a second chance romance, all set during a snowy Christmas I do have a warning though You may find yourself researching ways to incorporate a railroad on your next vacation Baldacci makes you feel the whimsical, simple, nostalgic, social, and very American history of train voyages However, the last train ride I was on has me remembering very different feelings, mostly sick, stuffy, and smellybut there s always next time.My favorite quoteBut no matter how fast we feel we have to go, shouldn t there be room for a train, where you can just sit back, take a breath, and be human for a little while Just for a little while Note The Hallmark adaptation of The Christmas Train actually follows the novel fairly well If interested, you can find information on the film HERE. It took me a little while to get into this book, but once I did I enjoyed it It is a gently humorous story about journalist and ex war correspondent Tom Langdon who finds himself on a train trip from Washington to Los Angeles The plan is to arrive in time for Christmas and meet yup with his girlfriend As we all know, things do not always go according to plan in life The story is filled with quirky characters and also contains romance, a mystery thief, and than one person who is not quite what they seem I also enjoyed the references to the Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint movie North by North West Some people are probably going to think is a bit cheesy, but you know what I don t care It was just the sort of light read I needed after my last read and I was happy to be taken along for the ride with this quirky cast of characters This is only the second book by this author I have read and neither were his usual thrillers So if that s what you are after you might be disappointed But if you just want a light hearted, feel good story, then this could be the go for you Sometimes you just want to be entertained and I was It still didn t make me want to go on a long train trip though. I did read one of Baldacci s other books awhile ago, but the fact that I can t really remember it probably says alot As far as characters go, I guess Tom was my favorite only because he was fleshed out than most, which isn t saying much All the other characters were so cliche, and the story so formulaic, that it was hard to control the gag factor I found it interesting, however, that Tom seemed disappointed that the train experience wasn t playing out like the classic movie yet, that s exactly what the author seemed to be aiming for This reminded me of all the old classic romantic comedies from the 40 s and 50 s, but with a barely plausible story line I found the women in Tom s life particularly annoying Eleanor was supposed to be this wonderful, intelligent soul mate , yet she irrationally played the you should know why I left you card Then Lelia what can I say about that one is she the type of woman that would attract our hero It doesn t seem believable I found the last part of the story the worst The trek on skis should have been a harrowing experience, yet it was glossed over completely And what s with Tom carrying his dead mother s ring around with him What man does that I did enjoy the references to Mark Twain and also the passenger train history lessons All in all, I found the story and the writing very amateurish and disappointing. In the past I was a huge David Baldacci fan but for some reason stopped reading him somewhere along the time of the Camel Club series However, in my quest for seasonal books I picked up The Christmas Train and I m very glad that I did There is a tiny bit of a mystery to the book so it often gets labeled as such You have to look long and hard for that mystery, though, and I would put this book squarely in seasonal fiction instead The writing is solid, factual, humorous and flows brilliantly The characters are perfect for a holiday book and are well developed Yes, of course it has the requisite happy ending but what would a The Christmas TrainThe Christmas Trainholiday book be without one What I loved most about the book was the train its story, its history, its life Baldacci clearly loves trains as much as I do and his research into Amtrack s passenger trains is impeccable His writing brings these trains and their crew members to vivid life He has a political and economic message in this book, it comes through loudly and clearly, and it is one with which I agree 100% We need passenger trains in America and we will be fools to allow them to close Regardless of your feelings toward the holidays and Christmas or if you like Baldacci s regular series of books, I highly recommend The Christmas Train It s a fun read, a short book and you will feel better when you are finished. Such a fun and endearing Christmas book My full review will be on my booktube channel at It s been my experience that most folks who ride trains could care less where they re going For them it s the journey itself and the people they meet along the way That s why trains are so popular at Christmas People get on looking for some friendship, a warm body to talk to How do you put a dollar value on that Festive, playful, snarky and insightful nuggets of interesting bits of history and train lore woven in, a bit of mystery and serendipitous romance, makes this an all around fun read The major drawback preventing me from giving this four stars instead of three lies in the smattering of expletives throughout Which I found at odds with the underscored message towards the endIt s often said that God works in mysterious ways You have to really think about what He s trying to do You can t be lazy and believe It takes Spirit and faith and passion to really believe Like most things worthwhile in life, you get back what you put into it Only with faith, you get back a lot Anyway, all things considered, mixed message or not, it was an overall enjoyable read And I commend Baldacci for stepping outside his genre comfort zone to attempt something fresh and different After all, If I were an author, I certainly wouldn t want to be pigeonholed into one genre, and one genre only So thanks for the train ride, kind sir Merry Christmas THREE PLUS Fun, Festive, and Feisty Holiday Season STARS I have never read a David Baldacci before, so I was completely unfamiliar with his usual style before picking up this book However, I have had this story sitting on my Audible shelf for some time after picking it up on sale last year as such, I felt that it was about time I gave it a listen and, despite a slow start, I found myself enjoying this novel In terms of characters, Baldacci did an excellent job at creating a personable and multifaceted cast which Tim Matheson did a remarkable job bringing to life.However, what really made this audiobook special was the audio recordings at the beginning of each chapter As a listener, the sounds really developed an atmosphere setting the tone for a train story.Overall, I liked The Christmas Train than I initially thought that I was going to I loved that it had a bit of danger, a splash of mystery, and a touch of romance combining into a suitably festive plot My only regret is that I am unlikely to have an opportunity to ride on a train like the ones described in the story.I would likely recommend this audiobook for someone looking for some light reading during this Holiday season. The best explanation for this book is that his teenaged niece wrote it and he published it under his own name. This particular author was recommended to me by my dad, and usually we love a lot of the same books so I was excited However, David Baldacci writes a lot of crime drama which isn t really my genre so I looked through his books and found something up my alley to give him a fair chance and I found The Christmas Train. This one is contemporary fiction with romance and warm fuzzy holiday feelings which is TOTALLY my kind of book Unfortunately, this just wasn t my book I wasn t expecting a literary masterpiece I was expecting a feel good, entertaining Christmas story, and I was expecting to at least enjoy it, but this book failed on all of those fronts For starters, it wasn t just cliche, but painfully so The characters were all pretty dull, the plot was a complete disaster, and even the actual writing was astoundingly lackluster Characters are always my biggest attraction to a story Good characters can get me through a bad story any day, but there were none here, and it wasn t that Baldacci was extremely good at writing bad characters, the characters wanted to be liked, but they just weren t very likable First, there s Tom He s the hero of the story, and I guess he s supposed to be some sort of manly man, and he lost the love of his life so you want to sympathize with him, but the man is just an ass Within the first four pages he very proudly talks about punching a TSA agent, his inner monologue is pretty derogatory towards everybody around him, and of course he s also arrogant Then there s the women in his life Eleanor, who is supposed to be intelligent and sophisticated, is the woman he lost She s supposed to be his soul mate and yet, when he asks why she left, this logical and rational woman responds with the cliche irrational girl response of if you don t know then you ll never understand Ugh But of course, Tom can t be single and pining all these years so he also has Leila in his life And of course, she s the typical cookie cutter girl with no substance who thinks she can get everything she wants through sex Flirt with the right people, cast a wink in the right direction and men just fall at her feet So here s our main cast of characters, who are supported by the big shot hollywood director, the doting assistant, the young love couple, the sassy religious black lady, the preacher, and the harmless old lady who seems to be than she appears Cookie cutters are okay sometimes, but you ve got to give them a little life You need to make them your own, not just toss them in and call it a day Moving on to the story Tom, after gleefully punching a TSA agent is no longer allowed to fly And, taking this as a divine sign, he decides to take the train for Christmas so he can find himself just like his famous writer ancestor, Mark Twain And who should be on this train but Eleanor She s now playing the pet writer to a big shot Hollywood director and they re looking to write a story about a train As all big shot Hollywood directors do Well isn t this just perfect He can team up with Eleanor and they can get the stories of all our merry misfit train riders Now, to add a little spice to our story there s also a mysterious thief robbing all of our passengers when they leave their rooms unattended Even our poor retired preacher doesn t escape our thief And the only passenger who seems to escape is our suspicious old lady So now Tom wants to investigate this as well because that s what all good journalist do And of course, as everything is spiraling out of control, an avalanche hits the train and everyone remembers what s really important about Christmas Like I said before, I was expecting this sort of Hallmark Holiday Special so I didn t mind it too much until THIS view spoiler This whole train ride was orchestrated by the big time director who secretly knew that Eleanor was still in love with Tom so he arranged everything Our young love couple, they re paid actors Leila is a good friend of his so she s all on board to STEP ASIDE for this love story to play out And our suspected thief, the old lady, is actually an undercover cop who s catching the real thief the preacher Gag And to add insult to injury, Tom confesses his undying love to Eleanor and kisses her while he s still with Leila He s committed the ultimate betrayal of cheating But no no, our leading man can t be an asshole However do we fix this Well he goes to break things off with Leila and finds out that SHE S BEEN CHEATING ON HIM TOO So now Tom is magically absolved of all wrongdoing and Leila is the bitch But that s okay, no one is supposed to like her anyways hide spoiler