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Have I reviewed the Ranger s Apprentice series No Wait What Seriously I can t believe that I haven t reviewed Ranger s Apprentice I really really need to review that series It is like the best series ever But, I am not reviewing that series right now I am reviewing the first book in the Brotherband Chronicles, The Outcasts I really enjoyed this book It was super good and intriguing Hal was a great main character, but do you know who I liked even Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Thorn Thorn was absolutely awesome He was so cool I felt bad for him at the beginning, especially because of the first chapter or was it the prologue But, yes, I really liked Thorn And, to be honest, I liked all of the Herons Hal, Stig, Stefan, Ingvar, Edvin, Jesper were all awesome I don t know who I liked the best though, but for parts of the story I liked Stig the least His temper tantrums were kind of annoying I also liked the Wolves brotherband They were pretty cool too.The cover was very cool From what I saw online, there are a bunch of different covers, but I like the cover above the best I would give it 3 stars.As for the book, I would definitely give it 4 stars It isn t Ranger s Apprentice, but it was great I would definitely recommend to all those who liked adventures I can t wait to read the rest of the series Title The OutcastsAuthor John FlanaganAuthor s Website Resolution 25This review is written in my own opinions and words. I m sorry to say I didn t enjoy this book.This is a young adult book, I understand, but I couldn t help but feel insulted by the writing It was all function and nothing else, and worse than that it had so many repetitions and explanations of gestures that it made me think John Flanagan thought his readers would be idiots who didn t understand that when a character nodded it meant they agreed with something Everything is told, nothing shown I was TOLD that someone was angry or confused or happy, I was hardly ever shown it And when it did occur, it happened with in anger or in frustration after it, so consistently redundant that I actually flinched every time it appeared, which was maybe fifteen plus times on a single page The writing was awkward and contrived I can t even count the number of times I saw the phrase, as a result, The plot just a competition between boys I was waiting for the plot to pick up into some romping adventure but it just sat there at a competition.The characters were flat, especially the boys in Hal s brotherband One of them was a thief Everything about him, every character trait had to do with the fact he was a thief He run really fast, because he s a thief, I guess that would be a helpful trait if you were a thief literally it was explained like that in the book It s mentioned he s a thief almost every time his name comes up in paragraph Or the I m short sighted, not stupid appeared in the dialogue at least two times These characters had pretty much one defining feature and it was all they were throughout the entire novel Not to mention the random love interest present in maybe two pages tops I had forgotten about her until near the end she randomly kissed Hal It s as if she was an afterthought, oh yeah I need a girl character, she should probably just be a love interest but I don t want to deal with her so she ll appear just two times and it ll just be defending her from the antagonist and then a kiss for the hero Exposition made up half the dialogue, all awkward and sounding out of character I m not actually sure what was in character though, to be honest, everything was so stilted and cliche and written in one voice, all the characters could be the same if not for their defining feature Sorry, I m being really mean It s my opinion only. @Download Pdf ⚧ The Outcasts ⚤ From The Author Of The Global Phenomenon Ranger S Apprentice They Are Outcasts Hal, Stig, And The Others They Are The Boys The Others Want No Part Of Skandians, As Any Reader Of Ranger S Apprentice Could Tell You, Are Known For Their Size And Strength Not These Boys Yet That Doesn T Mean They Don T Have Skills And Courage Which They Will Need Every Ounce Of To Do Battle At Sea Against The Other Bands, The Wolves And The Sharks, In The Ultimate Race The Icy Waters Make For A Treacherous Playing Field Especially When Not Everyone Thinks Of It As Playing John Flanagan, Author Of The International Phenomenon Ranger S Apprentice, Creates A New Cast Of Characters To Populate His World Of Skandians And Araluens, A World Millions Of Young Readers Around The World Have Come To Know And Admire Full Of Seafaring Adventures And Epic Battles, Book Of The Brotherband Chronicles Is Sure To Thrill Readers Of Ranger S Apprentice While Enticing A Whole New Generation Just Now Discovering The BooksPerfect For Fans Of JRR Tolkien S Lord Of The Rings, TH White S The Sword In The Stone, Christopher Paolini S Eragon Series, And George R R Martin S Game Of Thrones A Song Of Ice And Fire Series I really enjoyed the Ranger s Apprentice series and when I noticed that Flanagan had written a spin off series based on the Skandians I thought that I might give it a read I have been so disappointed in spin offs before that I wasn t expecting much.I just finished The Outcasts, which is the first book of the Brotherband Chronicles, and I have to admit I was really pleased The story revolves around a group of outcast teen boys and how they cope and compete in the Skandian society If you ve ever been chosen last for a basketball game or teased because you weren t as strong or as fast as the other kids, you ll love this book It s full of great humor and edge of your seat excitement The only problem I had with the book was how short the chapters were I found myself saying, okay just one chapter and then I ll put it down That won t take long Found myself reading way late into the night just to see what would happen next I m very much looking forward to reading the second book of the series. I love this dear first book of the Brotherband Chronicles It s a coming of age book, but also a book written with an adult audience in mind as well, as many of the side and supporting characters are adults whose outlooks we get a glimpse into with Flanagan s omniscient style of writing Owning your own personal responsibility despite current circumstances or challenges yet to come is the central theme of the book Creatively, John Flanagan teaches the lesson parallel in the lives of a young half Araluen Skandian boy named Hal and a former Skandian champion now feeling useless without his arm named Thorn As Hal begins Brotherband training with the other Skandian boys, the training preparing them to become independent men, he s suddenly thrust the role as skirl captain of his Brotherband seven other boys, mostly misfits like him He also learns and that Thorn s advice is worth listening to and he s not the old drunk that he is known as I can t help but think of this book as a mix of the How to train your Dragon movies not the books , with Hal being a less dorky and quieter Hiccup but with the same tinkering and clever mindset, and the Ranger s Apprentice series only with sidekicks and on ships So of course, I just had to love this book My last read was my third through this story, and while I haven t enjoyed the later books recently of the series, I will always love this one. Another brilliant adventure from the author of the Ranger s Apprentice series, for boys 9 14 and anyone else who loves historical action adventure I thought it was great The scene setting in the initial chapters may be the only challenge for reluctant readers, but from chapter five the action begins when the boys are divided into brotherbands who must compete for the ultimate championship Each challenge is bigger than the last, and among the unevenly matched teams we desperately hold out for the underdogs.It s also a brilliant character story amid the rivalry and action we see the best boys struggle against their weaknesses, learning what it means to work together toward a common goal Leaders emerge, the good contrasted against the bad, and friendships are formed, challenged and formed again Every character is unique, and it s plain their individual stories will likely develop further in the books to come.In describing how the boys face each challenge Flanagan includes a good amount of tactical information, but rather than slowing the story it only makes you appreciate it Instead of just reading about it, we understand how they go about it we feel Hal s skill in guiding his boat, we live the tactics of the tug of war, we experience the thrill and the risk of their plan for the night raid We get so involved that we want to push the runners over the line by adding our voices to the shouts of the team And because victories and defeats follow so closely on each other we can t rest for a moment.The ending is a brilliant set up for another adventure and will have readers impatient for Lucky for me book 2 came out last week www.GoodReadingGuide.com Forgot to mention that if you like this book you ll probably also like A Stranger to Command which is for a slightly older readership, and one of my all time favourites. HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP THIS BOOK WAS SO AWESOME i cannot believe he ended like that no john flanagan u must not do this to us nooooooooooooooooooo how long must i wait for the next how long how long must i suffer ok so anyway, i am calm now.so to any who was just thinking about reading this book, let me give you a basic run down of what to expect the book opens to a scene where erak and his crew r raiding some village it is ridiculously easy, which makes it funny, but by some bad luck, mikkel the main character s father , gets hit by a spear and dies his last words were to make his best friend thorn promise he would look after his son however, later on the sail back, thorn loses his right hand and has this period of drunken ness before finally coming back to his senses 6 years later and helping hal main character become a man because hal is half araluen and doesn t have the usually skandian body build, he is constantly teases and bullied and life is pretty hard the book is basically about his time in brotherband training where hal becomes a really really good leader and where he matures and becomes and respected by his peers.if u r thinking about reading this book, DO IT I SWEAR TO GOD U WILL NEVER EVER REGRET IT happy reading Part of my Caudill, Bluestem, Monarch challenge.Thank goodness that s over Usually I put books down within a few chapters of reading them if I don t like them Unfortunately, I am reading this one for work and I had to slog my way through the entire thing screaming at Flanagan the whole way for his obnoxious writing style.The main plot was actually decent if you can handle the fact that this was clearly a fictionalized group of people similar our Saxons Though it turns out our Saxons didn t actually have horned helmets as we like to envision them in With tighter writing, this would have been a phenomenal book Sadly, instead of keeping this to one book or maybe two, Flanagan has decided to make it a series And as a series, it s too much.Summary for potential BookTalks Hal s father dies on a Skandian raid He asks his best friend to look out for his son Fast forward fifteen years three chapters into the book of course and we see this kid is a bit of an outsider He s built differently from most Skandians, mostly because his mother is Araluen Thin and spry, Hal is very smart though not so good at physical feats of strength So when it comes time for the Brotherband Training, he ends up with the rest of the people who don t fit into the tribe Brotherband training, for those who don t know, is a passage of training for all the Skandian young men where they prove they are no longer boys but men On top of this, there are also pirates Everyone loves pirates EXCEPT FOR WHEN THEIR SOLE PURPOSE TO SET UP ANOTHER BOOK Really Flanagan They came out of nowhere it seemed We re all looking to see what s happening with Hal and suddenly BAM pirates The thing that bothered me the most though was how he had to tell us everything even to the point of repeating it to us An example One of the twins has been elbowing Ingvar in the ribs to keep him quiet This is the following dialogue Cut it out That hurts Who is that, anyway He knew it was one of the twins, but he didn t know which one Wulf saw the annoyed light in Invar s eyes and thought quickly It s Ulf I ll settle with you later then, Ingvar promisedFlanagan, p 169 70 At the end of the chapter, Hal notices that Ingvar keeps watching the twins Hal sighed in frustration He s got something on his mind I know it I just wish I knew what it was That evening, they found outFlanagan, pg 182.First of all, that s an awful transition into any chapter That s the type of transition middle schoolers write in their papers when they re learning how to write By adulthood, I would hope they know how to write skillful transitions.The cream of this whole exchange comes when Ingvar finally looks for the twins Invar peered at him blinking rapidly One of you kept hitting me in the ribs this morning Remember And I said Who s doing that and whoever it was said, It s Ulf Wulf suddenly grinned as understanding dawned He d elbowed Ingvar in the ribs when Gort was questioning him And then he d claimed to be his brother Now, sensing that Ingvar was looking for retribution, he congratulated himself on his quick thinkingFlanagan, 184 Seriously SERIOUSLY He just summed it up for us twice on that page How stupid does he think his readers are going to be unable to A pick up on the fact that Ingvar was going to go after Ulf and B forget what happened one chapter ago And this is pretty much the entire book We re told something is going to happen We re told it s about to happen And then we re reminded of what caused it to happen.Now I realize as an adult, I have better reading skills than most middle schoolers do However, middle schoolers don t need this much hand holding He breaks sentences with definitions of words because apparently people can t pick up on context clues He tells the reader everything because apparently the reader is too dumb to understand that when someone nods, they clearly agree Sadly, I will be recommending this book to 10 to 12 year old boys because they ll like the adventure aspect of it I just wish I didn t have to because I hate seeing people read something so idiotically written. HERE BE SPOILERSWhy, oh why, John Flanagan, must you create another wonderful book series and leave us on tenterhooks in a cliffhanger ending Ugh, I loved this book It was very reminiscent of Ranger s Apprentice in the brotherly comradeship, and of course, some of the characters like Erak are recycled Hal is very much like Will Both are outcasts and have different talents than most people, but they find their place and turn out to have much talent This is both good and bad, as I loved Will and Hal makes me feel like I m reading about him again with all of his epic awesomeness, but this also had a downside in that it seems John Flanagan cannot write about other protagonists with character traits other than Will Hal.Alright, so to the actual book I really liked how the Skandian culture was shown through the boys being competing in brotherbands They were being taught vital fighting skills and camaraderie at the same time, which to me really exemplifies the Skandian mindset of fighting and friendship, how when a person dies, they die with their sword in hand and all their friends around Tursgud made me SO MAD He was like a worse version of Horace I loved the other boys though, especially Edvin, Hal, Stefan, and Jesper I d be happy to fight alongside or date any of them Although, now that I think about it, that was one thing I didn t like There was this random character Lotte, who seemed to just be put in for a distracting romantic interest for Hal She was just there, and Hal didn t even think about her the same way that Will did Alyss Perhaps she ll have a bigger role in later books, instead of a Mary Sue esque pretty girl I SO saw the whole conflict with Zavac coming it was hard not to, but that s how John Flanagan intended it Because the book was in omniscient pov, the reader sees Zavac s murder of the traders and how he intends to steal the Andomal so brilliantly named thing But when the Herons were slated to guard the Andomal, I was like OH NO because, obviously, Zavac was going to make a reappearance and try to steal it I anticipated some serious stuff going down, but Hal was all like, Imma go leave my incredibly important post to check if my boat s okay because a guy who was the FIRST MATE FOR THE OBERJARL OBVIOUSLY CAN T TIE MAH BOAT WELL ENOUGH AND OBVIOUSLY NOTHING S GONNA HAPPEN TO THE ANDOMAL BECAUSE IT S BEEN SAFE FOR 300 YEARS HURR DURR DURR I was literally screaming what the heck Hal how can you be so utterly moronic And then Zavac shows up and swipes the Andomal while the Herons are zonked out on the ground Nice job guys And then Erak throws his weight around and everyone s going to be a pariah so they decide to leave on a mission where they ll probably die UGH CLIFFHANGERS But seriously, John Flanagan did a great job of tying that together and making all suspenseful and whatever.Wow, this intelligent review has degenerated into me ranting psychotically FIVE STARS CAN T WAIT FOR THE NEXT. What a brotherband he declared A thief, a touchy first mate, a shortsighted bear, a joker, two twins who can t tell each other apart, a bookworm and a skirl who doesn t know the right shape of a ship s sail He beamed at all of them, and he added, I can t think of better qualities in a wolfship s crew sinbad how to train your dragon dragons4.5 STARSthis book THIS BOOK13 year old me is so happy 20 year old me read this booki m so young againand i love iti comic ed illustrated a scene from this book because i loved it, you can check it out here