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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ♌ Going Vintage ☳ When Mallory S Boyfriend, Jeremy, Cheats On Her With An Online Girlfriend, Mallory Decides The Best Way To De Jeremy Her Life Is To De Modernize Things Too Inspired By A List Of Goals Her Grandmother Made In , Mallory Swears Off Technology And Returns To A Simpler Time When Boyfriends Couldn T Cheat With Computer Avatars The List Run For Pep Club Secretary Host A Fancy Dinner Party Soiree Sew A Dress For Homecoming Find A Steady Do Something DangerousBut Simple Proves To Be Crazy Complicated, And The Details Of The Past Begin To Change Mallory S Present Add In A Too Busy Grandmother, A Sassy Sister, And The Cute Pep Club President Who Just Happens To Be Her Ex S Cousin And Soon Mallory Begins To Wonder If Going Vintage Is Going Too Far I am guessing that not a lot of 31 year old dudes read this book I did, and I loved it. 3.5 StarsGoing Vintage was cute, funny and sweet It was an easy read one you could get through fairly quickly When Mallory finds out her boyfriend of over a year has been cyber cheating on her, she feels betrayed not only by her boyfriend, but by technology If there were no such things as Friendspace or Authentic Life her boyfriend wouldn t have been betraying her with a girl named BubbleYum his cyber wife When Mallory finds a list her Grandma made back in 1962, when she was sixteen, she decides to ditch modern cell phones, computers, internet, and go vintage Mallory decides to fulfill the goals spelled out on the list She wants to get back to a simpler life where girls only had to worry about sewing their homecoming dress or starting a pep club Sticking to authentic 1962 proves to be difficult than Mallory imagined, but she s determined to get her life focused on the important things in life Find a steady, number four on the list may not be a hard acquisition since Oliver, Jeremy s cousin has stepped in to join her pep club Oliver gets Mallory than Jeremy ever did Should Mallory move on when she s so recently out of a long term relationship Often times these things are not our choice He pauses You re not going to homecoming I am But not with Jeremy That s the thing It shouldn t matter Nothing you do should matter to me Not like it does Oliver holds out his hand and yanks me off the float with surprising force His grip is possessively tightI ll let your imagination fill in the rest This was a cute and funny novel dealing with heartbreak and moving on There s a sweet romance that s slow to develop, as well Ms Leavitt did a wonderful job with the wisecracking and witty humor Although, I must say that best lines and jokes were delivered by Ginny, Mallory s younger sister She got to say fun things like thisDid you find pictures of Grandma s hidden lover, Eduardo And if so, is he atop a horse How many buttons are undone on his shirtShe was pure spunk and fun While I liked Mallory, she was a little distant to me and some of her decisions I couldn t quite relate to I wish she spoke up for herself a little or maybe we saw a little character growth Also, Mallory s mother left a bad taste in my mouth and I felt she got off way too easy in the end Still, this story and the supporting characters made for a fun and easy novel to read When reading this I was struck by how reliant we are on technology If I forget my cell phone at home when going to work, I just about have a panic attack and feel so naked without it It s a wonder that we all got by without one Remembering the information I was limited to for school reports was brought back to mind when Mallory had to write a school report on the Industrial Revolution just by going to the library We are so spoiled by immediate access to vast amounts of research and information at the tip of our fingers Yet, we still managed Do all parts of technology better our lives It s something to think about Face to face interaction is becoming of a rarity nowadays, with online communication becoming the norm All in all, Going Vintage was a fast and fun read that had me laughing throughoutQuotes are taken from an uncorrected proof and may change in the final copy. A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review You can find this review and at The Readers Den. If you re looking for a book that is cute, fun, and a complete time pass, Going Vintage is the book for you If, however, you re hoping to get a little depth from this novel, a little insight into the life of a teenage girl, I d suggest Melina Marchetta s Looking for Alibrandi instead You see, Going Vintage isn t a bad book not at all but it s kind of silly It seems like that from the cover and synopsis too, but I guess I was just expecting something a little , especially with all the praise for this author In other words, this was interesting and engaging, but ultimately, just kind of forgettable Going Vintage starts out with Mallory, the protagonist of our tale, discovering that her boyfriend, Jeremy, has an online girlfriend he s been cheating on her with Upset over this obvious betrayal, Mallory decides to swear off of technology, which seems to be the bane of her existence at the present, and live life like her grandmother did in high school vintage Ever since finding her grandmother s high school yearbook where her grandmother looked than just a little happy and a list of goals, Mallory decides to follow in her grandmother s footsteps and find happiness again What she doesn t quite count on is the interest of Oliver, Jeremy s hipster but VERY hot cousin, family secrets, or even that a research paper could be so hard without the internet Within the first quarter of this novel, I considered dropping it on probablythree or four occasions Really Going Vintage gets off to a slow start, telling us of Mallory s messy break up and then justcontinuing on with it We see Mallory s family, all which are important to the tale, but the real story doesn t really begin until we meet Oliver Mallory and Oliver have known each other for awhile, but when Oliver helps Mallory form a pep club in their school and then finds out his cousin dumped her, he begins to hang out with her and, surprisingly to her, Oliver actually gets Mallory Unlike Jeremy, he understands her witty jokes and the two of them become close friendsuntil something even begins to brew between them What I love about the budding relationship between Mallory and Oliver is that it is solely based on conversation We can see how compatible these two are from their discussions and understanding of one another and best of all, Oliver knows how to treat a girl right Mallory, just through with a messy break up, needs space, which Oliver truly respects Without a doubt, this romance is very easily the best aspect of the novel Unfortunately, that s the only part of Going Vintage that is truly great. You see, family plays a big role in this book, which I appreciated, but it was a littleunderplayed, I guess Mallory, first of all, is a rather endearing protagonist, despite her silly habits I found her relationship with her younger sister, Ginnie, to be charming, full of realistic squabbles and affection Leavitt obviously attempts to build a bond between the women of this novel, establishing their solidarity this is a successful plan in the mind rather than on paper Ginnie and Mallory have a complex relationship with their mother, who has a complex relationship with her husband, who in turn has a complex relationship with his mother Ginnie and Mallory also have an ever changing relationship with their grandmother and these threads were all set up to come together perfectly which they did but without the desired effect how to explain this Looking for Alibrandi, Melina Marchetta s debut novel, is a perfect example of contemporary done brilliantly. Why Well, it explores the life threads between three generations of women in a deep and heartfelt manner, truly touching the reader Going Vintage attempts to do something similar with the family situation in this novel and while a valiant effort for sure, it doesn t even begin to compare to Marchetta Nevertheless, what it does manage to do is establish the fact that although life may have seemed easier without technology in the past, it was still full of heartbreak and confusion I love that Leavitt made this such a modern story as it really does appeal to today s teens and connect to issues that we all have with technology from time to time Ultimately though, I have to say that if you re used to reading deep, heartfelt contemporary, you might want to skip this If you generally pick up a contemporary read for the romance, then you definitely don t want to miss the love story in this book it s perfect Yet, it wasn t enough to make up for the lack of connection and depth I felt with other aspects of this novel It was a very cute story and sweet read, one that I don t regret spending time with, but I doubt I ll remember it for very long after You can read this review and on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings. I think most people will fall into one of two camps with Going Vintage It ll either be a fairly enjoyable reading experience, because it s a cute, fluff read or, it ll be an about average reading experience, precisely because it s a cute, fluff read I on the other hand fall into a third camp, I actually think Going Vintage is than a cute, fluff read, and it only seems like one because its message is scattered and ineffective.First of all, the message is right there, in the summary Mallory s cheated on, she eschews technology, it s a whole expose on the excesses of technology and social media thing And ends with Mallory learning how to improve as a person and engage in real life, offline, of course I actually totally digged the beginning the first few chapters just rolls with the premise and Mallory s indignant reactions are really good, like My boyfriend is cheating on me with a cyberwife.And then I click on a book and chuck it at his head His icon starts to bleed I laugh This game is addictive.Yeah, nothing beats random acts of petty revenge Then again, too bad the book opens with a bang with the better quotes before falling off as the story progresses, although the writing s still good for the type of contemporary.Really, the problem is that Lindsey Leavitt has the whole cheating scenario down, but then doesn t really build on the excesses of social media premise for the rest of the book There s some stuff, like all the mean things random people say to Mallory online, but besides Mallory just insisting how the sixties were better because the internet didn t exist to strip away a vital layer of social interaction between everyone, I just didn t see a coherent message, so a lot of what ends up happening just seems totally random Like it s not clear exactly what Mallory going vintage actually entails she starts off with no phone, no computer, nothing that s not available in the sixties, but then there s one scene of her sister Ginnie going through her room and removing all her stuff, leaving only hilarious Post It notes to the effect of how so and so item wasn t available in the sixties and had to be removed huh I mean, sure what Ginnie does is funny, but what is Leavitt saying with that scene I m not sure, so Mallory ends up feeling wishy washy and insincere, her vintage agenda seems to be riddled with holes than Swiss cheese, and I just kept asking myself, what is Leavitt trying to do If you haven t figured out by now, the rest of this review is one big I didn t get it I didn t get the subplot with Mallory s mom and her blog which is mentioned out loud by Mom at one point when it was still supposed to be a big secret hidden from the family huh and what it says about Mallory s anti social media slash pro vintage campaign I didn t get her attitude towards Mallory and Oliver, especially the Jeremy s cousin thing is she the one character actually living in the sixties I didn t get most of the scenes with Grandma, because it seemed to me like she was supposed to represent how Mallory s relationship and social problems aren t just exclusive to modern girls but were around in the sixties too, but that was never made explicit or clear I didn t get what the point of the List was except as filler, because Mallory originally treats it as some sort of empowering thing to do but the idea seemed to be dropped completely by the end with the way Mallory takes shortcuts on some tasks and the book brushing over others And it goes on, so much so that I felt like Going Vintage is one idea Mallory discovering the cheating and ending up with Oliver split between a few chapters at the beginning and a few at the end, with the rest just random, weird filler that somehow was supposed to go with the return to a better time theme but really just jumbled up whatever message Leavitt had in mind.Don t get me wrong, I still wouldn t call Going Vintage empty fluff because Mallory does learn things and grow as a character by the end But the middle is so muddled I just can t say the whole plot was all that effective. Review published on Mundie Moms on 3 20 13 First, this book is already on my going to share it with my kids when they re older shelf Yes, it s that good Lindsey always writes these layered stories that are full of moments of sweetness and surprise, andGoing Vintage is just that story Who hasn t said that they want to go offline for a while I think I say it at least twice a day, but I was fascinated by Mallory s determination to do just that in her post Jeremy world Mallory s smart, sarcastic and surrounded by family and good friends Forget Jeremy, I shouted at the book Lindsey captured that first love break up back and forth so believably and you know, in the end, I even understood Jeremy.Lindsey also built in these tricky little subplots that wound their way around the story Mallory s younger sister s first date kiss reminded me of the best, classic romance subplots and the subplot with the grandmother was just brilliant I m warning you, Lindsey will cleverly steer your emotions into moments so touching and deep that you will sit back and think I didn t see that coming at all.But wait, I know, I know, tell me about the swooning moments full of chemistry Mhmmm, Mundie Moms, one word Oliver Wry Witty Eagle Scout A boy who knows that proper phone etiquette includes an intro and small talk before moving on to your real reason for calling He s adorable, sarcastic and looks good leaning on on just about any vertical structure One small complication he s Jeremy s cousin See what I mean Lindsey creates the messiest situations for her characters.So if you want to meet an smart, organized, so very real teen girl who wishes for simpler times in our tech is world, you ll have to pick up Going Vintage As for me, I m going to re read one heck of a kissy scene on pagenever mind, not going to tell youyou will just have to read it yourself.Don t forget to stop back next Wednesday March 26th and read the Going Vintage Blog Tour stop right here on Mundie Moms. 3.5 stars Cute Wasn t a huge fan of the actual going vintage part, and there were things that were strangely glossed over But I like Mallory and her relationships with her family and friends, and I like Oliver, too Bonus points for characters who behave as they should well, except for Jeremy, of course Would definitely try another book by this author. Four Stars A fun contemporary that makes you pause and reflect on technology.Mallory feels so lucky to have a great boyfriend like Jeremy, even if she does grow tired of the constant make out sessions They have been dating for over a year and have a great relationship, so she thinks Mallory logs onto Jeremy s computer to help write his paper His social networking site is open, and Mallory notices he has been playing an online game, and worse he has an online girlfriend Hurt and confused, Mallory posts that Jeremy is a tool on his wall and dashes out of his house without an explanation That weekend while helping her Dad pack up her grandmother s house, Mallory runs across a list that her grandmother made at the start of her junior year in 1962 Looking at the list, Mallory thinks that her grandmother must have been happy and that life must have been simpler back then Mallory in attempt to soothe her broken heart, swears off technology and decides to fulfill her grandmother s list She doesn t realize, though, just how hard it is to eliminate modern technology from her life Can Mallory really go vintage and complete her grandmother s list What I Liked What drew me to this book was the focus on technology in modern life I admit, that I am not in my twenties any and that cell phones, social networking, texting and all that were not a part of my teenage experience The internet came about when I was in college, and I remember the good old days of dial up modems I am still amazed at how quickly technology and social networking has seeped into our daily lives You can t go anywhere these days without seeing someone yapping on a cell phone, whether it be in their car, the store or a restaurant Perhaps I am in the minority in that I am not a big fan of these new social norms I am the type of person who still believes in leaving the house to get away, and I don t need a cell phone as an electronic leash When I leave home, I don t want to be disturbed Many people will tell you how frustrating I am because I refuse to have my cell phone on and answer it at all times of the day and night I do admit that I have my technology addictions, such as I can t go without logging onto the internet or using my ipad daily I loved that this book really made me stop and examine technology in our world today Sure it is convenient and wonderful, but on the other hand, I am not a fan of people having to post every aspect of their lives, personal details and all, for everyone to read Especially as a teenager, growing up is hard enough without having to deal with the added pressures of social networking and such We all know how detrimental online bullying has become This book is an excellent way to reexamine your technological habits and even start discussions with your kids Are we losing part of our humanity because we no longer take the time to converse, instead we resort to instant messages and texts Who writes letters any Is it cheating when you carry on an online relationship with someone, even though their is nothing physical There is definitely plenty to ponder in this one I enjoyed Mallory as a main character She is witty and fun, but she also has plenty of flaws, granted sometimes some of those flaws drove me crazy, such as her inability to confront a problem and stay and talk it out There are numerous times in the book where she gets into a confrontational situation with someone, and then instead of discussing it she chooses to run away Even though I didn t agree with her fleeing it made her realistic I admired her courage and willingness to go vintage even though it was difficult I liked how close she was to her younger sister and the wonderful relationship the two had What I loved the most about her was that she learned to stand alone and be strong without a boyfriend, and she found her own identity and vowed to be true to herself In this busy modern world it isn t easy to be different, sometimes it takes courage and Mallory shows how it can be done Oliver, how I adored Oliver He is not your typical swoon worthy love interest He is a young man who refuses to conform and he is comfortable in his own skin He beats to a different drum and colors outside the lines, whether in his refusal to participate in online social networking, to his wardrobe He is kind, and considerate and just adorable, even if he does wear a bright orange shirt that says STAFF I loved how he respected Mallory and was a good friend, and especially how understanding he was Truly, he stole my heart The romance in this one may not please everyone, but I loved it It never really fully develops, all the pieces are in place, but instead of jumping into another relationship Mallory walks away and decides to find herself first I thought this was fantastic and such a positive message for younger girls You can t be comfortable in a relationship unless you are confident in yourself and willing to let someone else see your not so perfect parts This is what Mallory comes to realize at the end of her going vintage experiment And The Not So Much I struggled a bit with the grandmother At first, I thought when Mallory discovered the list that the grandma had passed away, but that is not the case Mallory s grandmother is alive and recovering from the death of her spouse She is obviously dealing with some intense personal issues, which become clear at the end Up until that point, I found her to be cold and I did not like her I didn t feel like I got a clear picture of Mallory s relationship with her grandmother in the beginning It didn t appear that they were close since the grandmother tended to brush Mallory off I also couldn t understand why Mallory didn t talk to her grandmother about the list and why her grandma wasn t forthcoming about her teenage years when Mallory pressed, this is resolved by the end, but it was frustrating up until that point I liked the way everything turned out with the grandma, but she has some issues and it was obvious that Mallory and her grandma struggled with the emotional connection I guess I was looking for a warmer relationship, but like Mallory, her grandmother isn t perfect and she has made mistakes and she reminds Mallory growing up is difficult no matter what decade it is I was disappointed that there was not expansion on the conflict that arose between Mallory and her mother over the blog I liked that Mallory finally confronted her mother and actually discussed her feelings about it, but I didn t like that she and her mother, and the rest of the family, didn t come to agreement about the future posts on the blog I was hoping that Mallory would relate some of her experience with going vintage to her mother and make it clear that she did not want every personal detail about her life shared online Her mother obviously needs to learn some lessons when it comes to social media I was shocked at the end of the book, when Mallory was almost done with her list and contemplating how she would share some very important events with her younger sister She actually was considering texting her and telling her instead of talking it over with her I thought she would have learned a thing or two about being without the cell phone and texts Going Vintage was a book that definitely had an impact on me Especially since I am not the biggest fan of social media and technology, and I choose to keep my life private I loved that this book brought up some problems that exist today because of our addiction to technology Ask yourself could you go without technology for a week Is your life better when you are plugged in all the time Do you seek validation and worth online This book will hopefully make you stop and think and possibly reevaluate your choice when it comes to technology I really enjoyed this one and I loved that it gets a conversation started I would highly recommend sharing this with the teenage girls in your life It has a positive message and it makes some strong points This is a clean read, so hand it to your teenager with no worries Favorite Quotations Another thing my mom once said was, when you re with someone, you give pieces of yourself, and they always kept that piece, or at least a piece of the piece Pieces might have been the code for virginity, I m still not sure But listing That is me I write dozens a week things I need to do, books I want to read, teachers at our school I m pretty sure are serial killers Lists add a number to randomness, give ideas the illusion of order So my dad He s technically a real estate agent, but I think he s only still in that gig so he can have something to put on his business cards What he really does is buy and sell crap, but crap dealer doesn t look great on a card, unless you add an s to crap and work at a casino in Reno How can I hate someone and still love him at the same time So he called our home phone number I don t even know our home phone number Adolescence is the same tragedy being performed again and again The only things that change are stage props I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own and I was no compensated for this review.Rainy Day Ramblings. I had so much fun writing this book. A copy was provided for review purposes EEEP, what a cute and lovely book So glad that I got a chance to read and review it because it was the perfect get you in your giggly mode read, ha ha I love the whole idea that Ms.Leavitt came up with about leaving behind cell phones, computers, and ipods and going back to the 60 s when everything was care free and girls didn t have to worry about their boyfriends cyber cheating on them with girls called BubbleYum I think that, in our time and generation, this book fits right in because of how real it is and how much people can connect to it I gotta say, and I didn t think I d be saying this ever, butde modernizing actually sounds kinda fun and exciting after reading this book, although I don t think I d ever have the motivation or determination to stay away from my shinies as long as Mallory did, ha ha Girl s got the will power of a ballerina next to a three tiered double chocolate fudge nutella coated cake Mallory wasn t expecting it when she found out her boyfriend was cyber cheating on her for over a year with his online girlfriend She certainly didn t think he d actually reject her to keep up the relationship with some chick he d never met In retaliation, she decides to take revenge in a way..not against her boyfriendbut technology To her, technology ruined the one and only relationship which she had utter faith in crushing her deeply So when she finds a list that her grandmother had made in the sixties, she decides to go on a tech strike by de modernizing herself and going back to the days when girls only worried about school activities and dresses Although Mallory didn t think it would be practically impossible to stay away from all the cell phones and computers that haunt her life, she was determined to keep going on with her plan and complete the list of goals that her grandmother had made And who knows, maybe finding a steady, number 4 on the list, might bring her true love after all Mallory had a funny, strong, and determined personality and I loved reading from her POV Even the sassy secondary characters gave me a good laugh with their witty dialogue and hilarious antics Although heart broken and angry about how she found her boyfriend cheating on her, it was really inspiring how Mallory got back on her feet and decided to retaliate in her own way instead of just staying depressed and crying in a corner I also really enjoyed the romance she found with Oliver, her ex boyfriend s cousin With their intense and spark filled interactions, it seemed that Mallory slowly started to push Jeremy further and further into the back of her mind Their relationship was funny, not overly lovey dovey, and just.perfect Like I said before, the secondary characters really made this book a riot with their lines and banter, like Ginny, Mallory s sister Honestly, how can you not love a little girl with some sass Overall, I thought that this was a really fun and cute read that s perfect for anyone, anywhere, and anytime It s definitely unique and will be sure to keep you up reading with its smooth flow and humor I honestly can t wait for from Ms.Leavitt because she s got the touch