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Eh I liked The Golden Acorn a little bit better In Glasruhen Gate, Jack learnsabout his powers and visits Annwn Moreso than the first book, Jack relies on the adults to tell him what to do and how to solve his problems I got a little tired of Nora telling Jack to just tell the truth or that she ll take care of things This book is really for fairly young or immature chapter book readers. I thought this was a lovely quick read, the story line is kept very basic and characters are continuously asking questions in order to keep a child reader informed and to enable them to understand the plot, this is something i was very aware of in both of the books so far I do have to say though, how much i enjoy the characters which have been created, a great sign of imagination and a whole new world has been invented for this particular story too which must be quite a difficult thing to pull off successfully No 2 maybe could have been a longer no 1 book perhaps The ending is rather neat for this book and it could have ended herenow i guess i ll have to wait and see what the author has thought up for a new adventure in book 3.i d imagine we ll be seeing someroyalty perhaps This is a verbal review from both a third and sixth grader who completed the book as a disclaimer, I did not but then again a middle aged gray haired guy is not the target audience This is the sequel to The Golden Acorn, which should be read first Bottom line summary is they both the 3rd and 6th grader loved this book, and they were both quite insistent on purchasing the Kindle format sequel to the Golden Acorn When asked what they liked the most, the third grader said he liked the characters, time travel, and the story, which was about all I could get out of him The sixth grader said she liked the fantasy science fiction aspects as they are her favorite genres, and she really liked the alternate reality travel aspect Both of them said they would recommend it to their friends, and three friends downloaded both the Golden Acorn and this sequel to their Kindles.Similar to the experiences with the Golden Acorn, after reading this book the sixth grader carried on a conversation of how neat it would be to have something like the golden acorn in real life, what she would do, etc until I couldn t take it any.As I type this, the Kindle price is 1.04 I believe this is one heck of a bargain and obviously something you should grab for this summer to keep your kids a little occupied where else can you spend just 1.04 and have both kids entertained for several hours What I really like is it appears to be a great story and having them want to readand exercise their minds vs playing an endless video game This is book 2 in a series as far as I can tell.It may be a trilogy.Granted it is not written on a scale for adults but I do not make a difference if it is in the genre that I am currently interested in.I found it to be very interesting and has given me many ideas for my Tmbly book that I am writing for my own enjoyment and hope to be able one day to share her adventures with everyone who is interested in this genre.Now, back to the book.If Jack is not successful in stopping an evil king who tried to take over the land of fae and is destroying the land that Jack lives in.This destruction is having an adverse effect on Jack.Why Jack is living with his grandfather because of his mother s death and his father s ongoing employment.Why would I recommend this series to everybody even adults all the way down to the age group it was meant to entertain.Destruction of 2 worlds, in love with a Fae and is not even aware of the feelings that run both ways.Saves 2 worlds with the help of 3 very good friends. I had mixed feeling about the first book, The Golden Acorn but ultimately decided to give it 3 stars I hoped the second book in the series would befast paced and tightly plotted As an adventure story for young readers you d expect a lot of brisk action, right Well, the book has its moments, but it plods along with too many characters and side stories as well as too much talk and not enough action I still think there s a lot of potential in this series, it s just not there yet The world Catherine Cooper has created is charming and the characters are a lot of fun I just haven t enjoyed the story as much as I expected. A very quick and easy read with an interesting story involving another world including some moral elements about people doing their best for others and the benefits of being honest.When Jack Brenin found out that, beyond doubt, he was The One written about in ancient prophecy, his whole life changed Now, armed with the golden acorn, his wand and newly acquired skills, Jack must fulfil his promise to ensure that Glasruhen Gate is opened before it s too late His new friends are depending on him Jack doesn t want to let anyone down but he knows that he has to be courageous and overcome his doubts if they re to succeed. Really looked forward to this, but was sorely disappointed The storyline seems to be a collage of generally thought to be well working ideas no red thread discernible for me Inconsistencies, major ones Gwillam died in the first book For real Yet in the second one he is alive and well Plus he tells a story about ravens and the theft of the cauldron which simply does not fit into this timeline All in all, a lot happens in the book, but everything miraculously turns out well for the hero, without him having to do anything at all Didn t like that. &READ E-PUB ☞ Glasruhen Gate ☠ When Jack Brenin Found Out That, Beyond Doubt, He Was The One Written About In Ancient Prophecy, His Whole Life Changed Now, Armed With The Golden Acorn, His Wand And Newly Acquired Skills, Jack Must Fulfil His Promise To Ensure That Glasruhen Gate Is Opened Before It S Too Late His New Friends Are Depending On Him Jack Doesn T Want To Let Anyone Down But He Knows That He Has To Be Courageous And Overcome His Doubts If They Re To Succeed Jack S Extraordinary Magical Adventure Continues This volume was one of favourites Jack finds he has an enemy he must fight Camelin is expressedin this one and Timmery helps ut n this one as welll But in the court case we see how much Nora cares for Jack and Camelin when she pleads with Velinder I really loved this volume because there was a lotadventures and twists and turns. I really enjoyed the second installment of this series