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This is a non stop, suspend your disbelief, serial killer, police procedural, crime thriller, which is difficult to put down and very enjoyable, but is not a work of art in any way I was sufficiently caught up to buy the next book in the series, but not yet convinced that I want to follow this prolific author any further yet. DI Molly Stone is looking for a killer who she thought was already locked up But the killing goes on At the same time she is trying to come to terms with her family history and get a social life An intriguing crime thriller. .Free Ebook ♺ Jacobs Ladder (Stone & Randall #1) ♔ A Serial Killer Returns To Butcher A Fourth Family And Carve A Symbol Into The Flesh Of A Little Girl S Forehead Ex Detective Inspector Cole Randall Is Released From Springfield Asylum After A Year Of Being Committed Indefinitely For Killing The Previous Three Families Including His Own Now He S Operating Outside The Law And He S Out For Revenge, Then He Plans To Join His Wife And Children Randall S Ex Partner Detective Inspector Molly Stone Has Been Given The Case, But She Only Has Seven Days To Solve The Riddle Of The Symbols And How A Renowned International Financier Can Be In Two Places At The Same Time She Knows Randall Is Now A Civilian And Wants Revenge, But She Also Knows She Needs His Help, And She Agrees To An Unorthodox Partnership As They Hunt A Serial Killer, Randall Looks For Redemption, But Finds Love And Molly Searches For Love, But Finds Terror