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Hockey and steamy sex in one book Oh yeah I am all about that Kelly Jamieson does not disappoint in Breakaway Breakaway is the story of Remi, a middle school teacher, and Jason, a professional hockey player Remi has been raising her younger sister and brother since her parents died She has sacrificed her personal life in order to provide for her family Now her siblings have grown and moved out, Remi is convinced by her best friend, Delise, that it is her time to have fun In comes Jason, who has just ended a long term relationship Both Remi and Jason meet up and decided to just have fun Naturally, fun turns into love and the story just keeps getting better.As I was reading Breakaway, I noticed that the story progressed very quickly to what I believed was a HEA Then I noticed that I was only half way through the book There was so much to read Ms Jamieson introduces conflict and the story gets even better I loved how Remi and Jason connected from the very beginning There was definitely that spark between them The ensuing sex was so hot I could feel the emotions between them Ms Jamieson can put together a great sex scene For the hockey fan, there is plenty of action If you don t know much about hockey, that s ok Ms Jamieson shows that angle For the experienced hockey fan, the action is great and feeling of being a new hockey fan is nostalgic I even chuckled a few times as I remembered my confusion as a new fan I really liked the inclusion of real hockey teams and the playoffs Being an avid hockey fan, I was able to stay involved with the games situations and identify with the emotions of the other fans and Remi My only reason for not going for a full 5 stars was that I wanted background into Jason s ADHD and his struggles with it Ms Jamieson does a decent job giving some basic information about ADHD and its effects as well as how Jason copes and handles it I also wanted development of Remi It seemed that she did get a bit whiny at times and I think having a little background could have helped explain it better.Overall, Breakaway was a fantastic read Once I started, I couldn t put it down I lost a few hours of sleep this week It was worth it The hero and heroine were very realistic Additionally, the situations were very real The struggles and outcomes were very real I could see this happening to a friend of mine I could only wish it would happen to me getting a professional hockey player that is Thanks Ms Jamieson for a great hockey induced love story, two of my favorite things. I thought it was good but the ending was so quick plus the heroine s siblings pissed me the hell off. #Free E-pub Û Breakaway à Jason And Remi Want The Same Thing No Strings Attached, Screw Their Brains Out, Burn The Sheets Up Fun Pro Hockey Player Jason Just Broke Up With His Girlfriend Because She Got Too Serious Schoolteacher Remi Just Saw The Last Of The Younger Siblings She Raised Leave The Nest Jace Isn T Ready For Responsibility Remi S Had Enough Responsibility They Re Perfect Playmates But Fun And Sexy Games Get Complicated When Emotions Get Involved Then Responsibility And Commitment Crash The Party When Jason S Past Comes Back To Haunt Him Like It Or Not, Jason And Remi Both Have To Figure Out What They Really Want 4.5 stars.I go through stages of looking all bereft at my TBR and my beloved Brock because I have books sitting there to read but have lost interest in them It s usually in those hours of need that I indulge in sports romance it seems to embrace me and get me back to a happy place I m glad I went with my gut and bought this on a whim last night.Breakaway was neat and tidy The H h met, became attracted, acted on that attraction in a way that was supposed to be casual but actually resulted in setting them and me on fire, got together after minimal angst and then you look and see that you re only 60% in That s the sort of thing that gives me tingles cos it means there s so much to look forward to.The writing wasn t perfect and polished in the way that I prefer but I could NOT put this down It didn t seem very sporty in the beginning but luckily the hockey action came into play and it was perfect not too much but just enough I loved Jase and Remi I thought they were adorable together I had Reese Witherspoon in my head as Remi the entire time The hotness factor was crazy out of this world The sex scenes in this were scorching I needed Karla s fan and a bloody ice bucket They just completely came out of left field because I wasn t expecting them at all but jesus They were perfect And long I really wish GR s star system would include the half star because this was better than a 4 but not quite a 5. Would go up to 3.5 but cannot reach 4 stars.I liked this rather short story, which could have reached 4 stars, had it been slightly developed The storyline was adequate, despite one small slip up regarding the timeline Jason supposedly had to leave for a one nighter in Boston the coming week end, except the following day, his plans included a 5 night tour this week end and the one nighter in Boston the following one not too bad but it could be easily corrected I really liked the 2 main characters, though quite a few of secondary characters seemed really self centered, Remi s two younger siblings, Jason s ex I was also surprised not to see much of Remi s friends by the end when she struggled to take several decisions.However this was a very enjoyable short and easy read, which felt rather real, heart warming as their feelings were really convincing, and hot for other body parts which shall remained unnamed.I ll go on with the following. What the he just happened Folks, there was drama and then suddenly the book ended Oh, there was boredom between the drama and the HEA which I did skim, but please, it wrapped up awful fast Talk about your unfulfilled happy ending NOTE read for New Years 2017 Reading Challenge Sports Romance Although I do not think this book was worthy of a challenge, so if I read another sports romance, I m switching em out Setting Time Genre CurrentSeries Well he , it is and I bought the first four in a book bundle On the positive side, it cost me less than a buck for all four so that is something, right Sexy times Yes, steam factor 3 with Kit Rocha s business being a 5.Plan on reading by the author I m trying the second one If it sucks like this one, I m out Synopsis Skipping this, ok Please don t hate on me, but, just meh Heroine Remi She s ok Barely After I stabbed her multiple times with a safety pinI should have known she d annoy me from the start First conversation with the hero and all I could think is there s no way he s going home with you But of course he does She s boring, weak, lives on a vacillation station and just annoys me Did I mention that already Apologies Hero Jase Whatever Nothing exciting here Attempts were made to draw us in re his ADHD as a child growing up Poor execution Left me not really caring Perhaps I am just dead inside Why it did or didn t work for me So, at one point, the dude s ex girlfriend tells him she s pregnant and then suddenly the book ends after the H and h get back together Who knows what happens with the baby Not us And who really cares either Not me Signed, Bitter Book Reader Just meh, once again baby mama drama jock teacher No epilogue Online blurb Jason and Remi want the same thing no strings attached, screw their brains out, burn the sheets up fun Pro hockey player Jason just broke up with his girlfriend because she got too serious Schoolteacher Remi just saw the last of the younger siblings she raised leave the nest Jace isn t ready for responsibility Remi s had enough responsibility They re perfect playmates.But fun and sexy games get complicated when emotions get involved Then responsibility and commitment crash the party when Jason s past comes back to haunt him Like it or not, Jason and Remi both have to figure out what they really want from the Ellora s Cave website My opinion This story begins with Remi s friends staging an intervention to get her a life now that she s a single young woman living alone and not a surrogate parent to her siblings They take her out on the town and she hooks up with Jason, a professional hockey player who is out with his teammates to celebrate his own newly unattached status The book then follows this couple as they go from their professed just having fun relationship into a serious one and then through how they deal with that relationship being in peril.I bought this story based on the excerpt on the publisher s site and was intrigued by the writing Ms Jamieson pulled me into the sample scene so well that I could imagine being in that place The descriptive writing and emotional tone were very appealing as well as very descriptive After reading Breakaway, I can attest that Ms Jamieson also writes some very good sex scenes I enjoyed the simple pleasures aspect of Breakaway and I really liked the fact that it didn t come out perfectly usually too perfectly in the end Compromises had to be made and the unexpected accommodated.Unfortunately, I liked Breakaway overall, but did not love it Where I felt this story fell down for me was in two places, really.I really felt Breakaway was missing the fundamental storytelling aspect of character growth I wanted to like this story and I definitely did at the beginning Jason had an air of being solidly grounded but without the star jock ego that he could have slipped into He was down to earth and plainspoken Remi was vulnerable but didn t seem to be too much of a wimp She was well educated and seemed intelligent and willing to go out on a limb, even if she wasn t comfortable doing so I even liked Remi s maternal nature toward her siblings With these two characters to start with, I was eager to see them evolve throughout the story But instead of the story demonstrating the characters weaknesses and flaws and then showing how they grow and mature, I felt like they didn t grow and may have regressed At points both characters were almost whiny and Remi, in particular, never did seem to grow the backbone she seriously needed to.I also had some issues with some story details I really liked the fact Ms Jamieson introduced a behavioral aspect into the story, but I felt it was not fully explored and did not really play out in the character behavior I have long standing and intimate knowledge of that particular behavioral issue and while it was treated sympathetically, I think it could have been better addressed and could have been used to move the story along as well as give some character insights otherwise lacking In some cases, Remi seemed almost willfully uncurious Or maybe ignorant obtuse Either way, I found that aspect frustrating and wanted to give her a good kick in the pants and a few web search links.Though I had problems with Breakaway as a story, I did like Ms Jamieson s voice and will try another story by her in the future. What bored me the most was the boring heroine The usual plain jane who s not really a plain jane but is too short, too tiny, too light against the too big hockey player whose type was too tall, too slender, big breasted models But for reasons I couldn t understand fell in love with boring heroine Mysteries of fiction And the ex girlfriend pregnancy didn t bother me at all Besides bringing some juice to the story, I already knew from spoilers for other book the baby wasn t his. The poor h, she didn t deserve this, its not a HEA but a nightmare for her.Just after sending off her siblings raising them singlehandedly, now she has to face baby momma drama, from Jase s ex and compete for attention with her Not to mention some responsibility their time, money etc would be going for the baby.This was not what Remi wants she clearly says she wants just to have fun at the beginning of the book, many times in fact I think she should have just walked away from Jase, try to figure out how to be alone and responsible only for herself and then let her hair loose travel, date, have fun, all the things she couldn t do before due to money and time constraints.Poor Remi, at this point I don t feel she knows who she is, she didn t get a good deal