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This was what disturbed you the most that you could, one day, choose to fall Un libro que trate un tema como el suicidio ya es delicado, pero que el autor se haya quitado la vida pocos d as despu s de entregar el manuscrito de Suicide es poderosamente desolador Suicide aborda el tema de la muerte desde la vida Desde esos tristes momentos que dejan su marca como espinas de lo que pudo ser pero no fue, de esas luchas internas que de a poco van ganando terreno, de esas sensaciones de desencaje, de evasi n al mundo, que no dan respuestas, Lev resplandece lo que es vivir Una carta privada a un yo muerto y un ltimo regalo, como un esfuerzo ag nico de quien ya ha encontrado la fosa, a la vida, que lo acab matando You were not surprised to find yourself ill adapted to the world, but it did surprise you that the world had produced a being who now lived in it as a foreigner Do plants commit suicide Do animals die of helplessness They either function or disappear You were perhaps a weak link, an accidental evolutionary dead end, a temporary anomaly not destined to burgeon again. [Free Ebook] ☣ Suicide ☬ Un S Bado Del Mes De Agosto Sales De Tu Casa Vestido Para Jugar Al Tenis Y Acompa Ado Por Tu Mujer En Medio Del Jard N Le Haces Saber Que Se Te Ha Olvidado La Raqueta En Casa Vuelves A Por Ella Pero, En Vez De Encaminarte Hacia El Armario De La Entrada Donde Sueles Guardarla, Bajas Al S Tano Tu Mujer No Lo Ve, Se Ha Quedado Fuera, Hace Buen Tiempo, Disfruta Del Sol Unos Instantes Despu S Oye La Descarga De Un Arma De Fuego You did not fear death You stepped in its path, but without really desiring it how can one desire something one doesn t know You didn t deny life but affirmed your taste for the unknown, betting that if something existed on the other side, it would be better than hereI feel as if I ve lost a friend I am numb.The reader cannot help but view Lev s Suicide as Lev s Suicide note Of course this novel should come with a trigger warning on the cover I can t decide where this emptiness I feel right now comes from Is it because I could feel the deeper philosophical views of this book Was it because it felt relatable Is it because of the suicide committed by the author Was it because the author s friend died while being 25 years old and shall remain young forever Is it because the depression of others saddens me a lot Probably a mixture of all these This constant you and its repetition was so direct obviously that it made it gloomier At some parts though I felt distant and indifferent, but some quotes hurt deeper than a knife So read it if you please, but pleaseeeeee be prepared Some of my favoritesTime is lacking for meSpace is enough for meThe void attracts me Life occupies meDeath completes me Madness precedes meSadness follows meDeath awaits me You died because you searched for happiness at the risk of finding the void3 Se ha dicho que mor as de sufrimiento Pero la tristeza era menos cosa tuya que de los que se acuerdan de ti Moriste porque buscabas la felicidad pese al riesgo de encontrar el vac o.Este ser uno de mis libros m s subrayados de la vida Por lo pronto lo dej intacto, por esa estupidez de conservar intacto el libro nuevo, reci n salidito de la librer a Pero no va a pasar mucho m s hasta que lo vuelva a leer y me encuentre destacando y anotando frases totalmente desenfrenada Decir que me dur m s de 12 horas es una exageraci n, tan pronto lo tuve conmigo lo empec , y a las pocas horas lo termin.Es un libro jodido de leer, sobre todo porque el t pico principal es un tema sensible y porque te brinda la mirada desde el otro lado, de aqu l que tiene que sobrellevar la muerte de un ser querido, del que se queda con mil cosas en la boca, a sabiendas de que nunca va a hac rselo llegar a su destinatario, de aqu l al que le toc ver a los suyos derrumbarse ante el brusco golpe del suicidio Sin embargo, sent este libro como un gran abrazo en un momento amargo de mi vida, y de m s est decir que me encant. Your ghost remains upright in my memory, while your skeleton is decomposing in the earth.A bare, unadorned recounting of the suicide of the author s friend, and the life he lived until that point I say author and not narrator, because, as is widely known, the author committed suicide ten days after handing in the manuscript As the book unfolds each page will carry the depth and weight of that knowledge, and the reader cannot help but respond with great sympathy In the description of the friend s suicide I don t believe it is a spoiler seeing as how it is on the first page , the author says he left a comic book open to a page containing a last message, and in the bustle of trying to revive him it is knocked off the table and the book is closed The family never get that message I can t think of a sadder moment, and since it happens at the very beginning, it is sort of left to fester in the reader s heart while the rest of the book unfolds So that when we get to the part where the father has hundreds of pages of the text of that comic in different combinations, that he has been trying to make sense out of it for twenty years, that he has a filing cabinet full, I was really struck and saddened by the man s suffering.Also contained in this book is one the most realistic descriptions of what it s like to start taking depression medication The numbness, mania, restlessness How could someone illustrate so well without having intimacy with the processYou picked up a book and started reading The words on the page sketched out the lines of an abstract painting their meaning escaped you You put it back down you went into the kitchen and made a sandwich that you didn t eat You went into the street to take a stroll, and you came back a few minutes later because you didn t know why you had gone out You smoked a cigarette that you put down after a few drags Nothing kept your attentionThough I chose a grim line to embolden at the beginning of this review, this book isn t really macabre The tone isn t made to illicit pity, but rather understanding The prose is simple, straightforward Another reviewer said cold, detached, which is apt They are lines that just sort of limpidly unfurl Only a single time I was sent to the dictionary He didn t want us thinking, he wanted us identifying And it all produced one of the most poignant and melancholic reading experiences I ve ever had There is a passage that is the method of the whole book in miniature You used to read dictionaries like other people read novels Each entry is a character, you d say, who might be encountered on some other page Plots, many of them, would form during any random reading The story changes according to the order in which the entries are read A dictionary resembles the world than a novel does, because the world is not a coherent sequence of actions but a constellation of things perceived It is looked at, unrelated things congregate, and geographic proximity gives them meaning If events follow each other, they are believed to be the story But in a dictionary, time doesn t exist ABC is neither nor less chronological than BCA To portray your life in order would be absurd I remember at random My brain resurrects you through stochastic details, like picking marbles out of a bag. I feel of having benefited from this book I recommend it for anyone dealing with depression, or knowing someone who does Though it is fiction it is built on truth and one cannot help but walk away with compassion. Leve, as the whole world and his goat knows, delivered the manuscript of Suicide to his publishers and committed suicide ten days later, thus ensuring immediate and spectacular posthumous literary canonisation.Primarily a photographer, Leve likes a certain formal distance in subject object interaction, a reserved detachment which works well with his photography and yields mixed results in Suicide.In a series of photo portraits under the thema of pornography, Leve does this and thisClothed pornography Like I said, the man likes to keep his distance But in Suicide, this emotional reserve engenders a clinical feel which keeps me at a remove The minute details, randomly quilted from a temporal perspective, of the life of a 25 year old man who commits suicide, are thoroughly parsed out and laid out for spectation, like the uncoiled furl of a DNA chain strung out in line.Limpid prose recounts the myriad tendencies, likes, dislikes and predispositions of the Suicide, each event a mini horizon, the building block on which subsequent quotidia accrete overwhelmingly until the structure consciousness, satiated from its own over impregnated qualia, elicits one last weight groan and folds back into itself suicide.The semi pointillist ruminations here seem to work much better in Autoportrait , which I read online, and which is the far superior and original trope This is an excerpt of When I look at a strawberry I think of a tongue , which illustrates the style I do not know how to interrupt an interlocutor who bores me I have good digestion I love summer rain I have trouble understanding why people give stupid presents Presents make me feel awkward, whether I am the giver or the receiver, unless they are the right ones, which is rare Although I am self employed, I observe the weekend I have never kissed a lover in front of my parents I do not have a weekend place because I do not like to open and then shut a whole lot of shutters over the course of two days I have not hugged a male friend tight I have not seen the dead body of a friend I have seen the dead bodies of my grandmother and my uncle I have not kissed a boy I used to have sex with women my own age, but as I got older they got younger I do not buy used shoes I have made love on the roof of the thirtieth floor of a building in Hong Kong I have made love in the daytime in a public garden in Hong Kong I have made love in the toilet of the Paris Lyon TGV I have made love in front of some friends at the end of a very drunken dinner I have made love in a staircase on the avenue Georges Mandel I have made love to a girl at a party at six in the morning, five minutes after asking, without any preamble, if she wanted to I have made love standing up, sitting down, lying down, on my knees, stretched out on one side or the other I have made love to one person at a time, to two, to three, to I have smoked hashish and opium, I have done poppers, I have snorted cocaine I find fresh air intoxicating than drugs I smoked my first joint at age fourteen in Segovia, a friend and I had bought some chocolate from a guard in the military police, I couldn t stop laughing and I ate the leaves of an olive tree I smoked several joints in the bosom of my grammar school, the Coll ge Stanislas, at the age of fifteen The girl whom I loved the most left me At ten I cut my finger in a flour mill At six I broke my nose getting hit by a car At fifteen I skinned my hip and elbow falling off a moped, I had decided to defy the street, riding with no hands, looking backward So this one s the second sort of suicide note book I ve read in two days chess story was the first one Suicide by douard Lev has second person narrative, depicting the events leading to the suicide of this twenty five year old normal person who wanted to die exactly at the age of eighty five.Author killed himself soon after finishing the book, obviously this one s an Intense piece of literature.The wordyoumight be the most used word in this book, way too many times than Chuck Palahniuk does.This book can make a normal life sound pretty depressing.I m glad I found this book and read it in a single sitting.Looks like French literature has many gems I ve to discover. Suicide is a brief novel in which the narrator itemizes selected fragmentary details of the life and death of a friend who killed himself some twenty years before these details vary from the particular and anecdotal to the abstract and philosophical What results is a meandering archeology of suicide itself, both as an individualistic act and as a general phenomenon The text itself remains incomplete, however, without its necessary epilogue the author Edouard Lev committed suicide only ten days after he submitted the novel to his publisher Without a doubt, Suicide is irrevocably modified by the knowledge of the author s suicide The art of Edouard Lev s novel becomes thereby inextricably bound to the art of Edouard Lev s death because that s what suicide is the art of death death deprived of its natural agency and revised to the status of act, performance, object As readers, we are unlikely to believe that the novel and the act are unrelated phenomena the parity and significance are too insistent to admit of the possibility that Lev never considered suicide until after the novel was finished Instead, we must, by the very nature of the juxtaposition, interpret the two as intended corollaries Lev s death completes the novel in the same way that his death completes his life That is, death not only completes and extinguishes but it also augments and rewrites whatever preceded it Only the living seem incoherent Death closes the series of events that constitutes their lives So we resign ourselves to finding a meaning for them To refuse them this would amount to accepting that a life, and thus life itself, is absurd Yours had not yet attained the coherence of things done Your death gave it this coherence. The way in which you quit it rewrote the story of your life in a negative form Those who knew you reread each of your acts in light of your last When you are spoken of, it begins with recounting your death, before going back to explain it Isn t it peculiar how this final gesture inverts your biography I ve never heard a single person, since your death, tell your life story starting at the beginning Your suicide has become the foundational act Likewise, the author s suicide has become the foundational act of Edouard Lev s novel called Suicide The two are now inseparable The novel has graduated from the idle musings of a speculator in death to a prologue to the act itself Lev has gone where we have yet to go, and he has done so as an act of will His art is not necessarily strengthened, per se, by its efficacy, but it is certainly changed It becomes a new thing How would readers feel about the novel Suicide if its author were still alive Would the words be less meaningful Would the content be ethical Suicide is unquestionably one of the most radical works of art The artist destroys himself The novel is the artifact We are left to fill in the gaps between one act and the other. You will write this book review about Suicide.You will want it to be concise You will want it to cut and draw blood from whoever finds it You have heard vaguely interesting things about it, but tried desperately to forget them as you opened the pages, avoiding the temptation of the back cover.Although you often enjoyed working in noisy crowded places, here you feel very cold and distant, not from the flashing lights nor the conversation of your neighbors Your fingers are stiff You glimpse part of a magazine cover, will not save you You recognize that the author s own life is now permanently connected to his art and cannot be extracted Your fingers are dipped into ice further as your mind stretches for distant and unknowable thoughts about life and death, which you had hoped to bury after years of grey rumination.When you read the first paragraph you felt very stiff, as though the process of your death had set in already You follow his life, with minuscule details and abstract cloudy thoughts You read the last repeating lines of his poem Life is proposed to meMy name is passed on to meMy body is imposed on meYou pass over the narrator s description of his friend, his stoic impassiveness, and try to connect how much of it was from his own life You note the grim pornography of the author describing how much sorrow his widow must feel, and wonder of how much the author s own beloved feels You feel terrible at this pitiless mimicry of the man s last work and close it with his words You were said to have died of suffering But you died because you searched for happiness at the risk of finding the void.