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I didn t want to read this book because of the cover But then again I m a girl and anything with tattooed hotties is my kryptonite so I became weak and caved into reading Altered When I first started this book I was like ok so these boys are being locked up in some guy s basement and his daughter is just ok with this because she has some kind of special friend bond with them, but doesn t see what the problem is with having PEOPLE LOCKED UP IN YOUR BASEMENT This book is probably going to blow Well turns out I was wrong this book was actually quite enjoyable quick read Why it was so enjoyable I don t know but it just was All the things that I thought sounded lame were actually pretty cool and also were well explained throughout the book The main character Anna seems like your average home schooled jungle freak that has no friends or really any social life at all This of course all changes once she escapes with the boys Then there s the boys Sam the swoon worth leader jerk turn nice guy, Nick the bully with so much mystery surrounding him, Trev who seems like the bff boy next door, and then Cas my favorite character who bring in the comic relief and is one of the main reason I fell for this story I loved how well these characters went together and how well they feed off one another Sometimes they all made me so mad with their stupidity All I could think wascome on stop going places out in the openandwhat are you thinking don t do that that s so dumbbut nothing to crazy to make me no recommend this to someone This book was a cute and fun ride till the end bRead this review and others on our blog Awesome Such a cool premise And an unexpected twist halfway through the book, which I loved.And four hot guys.Four of them [Read] ☪ Altered ☲ When You Can T Trust Yourself, Who Can You Believe Everything About Anna S Life Is A Secret Her Father Works For The Branch At The Helm Of Its Latest Project Monitoring And Administering Treatments To The Four Genetically Altered Boys In The Lab Below Their Farmhouse There S Nick, Cas, Trev And Sam, Who Has Stolen Anna S Heart When The Branch Decides It S Time To Take The Boys, Sam Stages An Escape, Killing The Agents Sent To Retrieve Them Anna Is Torn Between Following Sam Or Staying Behind In The Safety Of Her Everyday Life But Her Father Pushes Her To Flee, Making Sam Promise To Keep Her Away From The Branch, At All Costs There S Just One Problem Sam And The Boys Don T Remember Anything Before Living In The Lab Not Even Their True IdentitiesNow On The Run, Anna Soon Discovers That She And Sam Are Connected In Ways Than Either Of Them Expected And If They Re Both Going To Survive, They Must Piece Together The Clues Of Their Past Before The Branch Catches Up To Them And Steals It All Away I had no idea I d enjoy this book so much As such, this review will probably be a rambling mess, so you ll have to excuse me I m still fangirling Okay, moving on.Anna, our protagonist, lives with her dad in a small New York town called Treger Creek Her father, Arthur, works for the Branch and is in charge of a secret project that is located underneath their farmhouse The project consists of four genetically altered boys men Sam, Cas, Nick, and Trev Each of them differ in personality, but all suffer from amnesia For years now, Anna has been sneaking down to the lab to visit with the boys Sam, the leader of the group, is the object of Anna s affection, and the main reason she sneaks into the lab every night She and Sam have a strong connection and Anna is in love with him At the same time, however, she s formed bonds of friendship with each of the boys, save for Nick Nick iswell, he s a bit of an asshole He has his faults, but don t be so quick to write him off Cas is just so fun loving and easy going You can t help but adore him, ADD and all He brings so much comedic relief to the story Then there s Trev, Anna s best friend and closest confidant, both in and outside the lab With a photographic memory, he s the smartest of the group Everything changes, however, when Anna and the boys are forced to run away After years of being locked away under the farmhouse, the boys are finally free, with a somewhat reluctant Anna in tow On the run, Anna soon learns that almost everything she s been lead to believe is a lie With Sam in charge, they set out for answers, piecing together clues along the way Altered has so many good things going for it It s fast paced and action packed There s enough adventure, mystery, and surprises to keep you guessing, and, yes, even a little romance I felt him watching me What color would you use A grin spread across my face as I glanced at him My gaze swept the sky Titanium white A white so pure you can He stopped midstride and nudged me toward him With a brush of his finger, he tilted my chin up Only the span of a few inches hovered between us Snow melted on my face The wind didn t seem so cold any Almost taste it The gap closed between us and he pressed his lips against mine. Dear Sam, Anna was a kick ass heroine She was no shrinking violet, that s for sure She had balls and she wasn t afraid to fight Altered is a fantastic debut I m so looking forward to the next book I can t wait to see where Rush takes us next. Generic predictable plot, eyeroll inducing romance and bland characters I felt as if all of the four guys in this book each had the personality of a Ninja Turtle.Sam LeonardoNick RaphaelCas MichaelangeloTrev DonatelloBut, that s just me Anywho, the ending was a tad too HEA for my taste, and I don t think it warrants a sequel, let alone it being a trilogy All in all I thought this book was bad in an unmemorable kind of way.Oh and P.S., this is barely a dystopian It kinda annoys me that these days a lot of YA novels are automatically shelved as dystopian just because they re sci fi. I don t really know what to say about this book in a way that might make it clear that I both enjoyed and didn t care for it The plot is one I ve heard a million times and while it was entertaining for the time I was reading it, it wasn t very memorable.The beginning didn t start out so well, I have to say Anna, the main character, had a voice that blended with all the voices of typical YA heroines I wasn t really impressed by her At all She seemed a bit dull and not very well characterized at first, but I guess centering your whole life around a lab does that to you I wish her development throughout the book had been thorough and not just her becoming stronger in the most superficial way She still remained a dull and uninteresting character during the whole book, despite these little tweaks What can I say, I m becoming an utter Grinch when it comes to books lately I barely enjoy anything any But maybe that s not really my fault, honestly.Sam didn t quite do it for me either I never really grew to like him, or even care about him as the story went on I just couldn t wrap my mind around the idea of Anna being infatuated with him What she even saw in him remains a mystery so far There is not a single quality that I can attach to Sam s character confidently Perhaps only him being serious and completely devoid of any emotion This is why I didn t really understand the romance, or whatever it is Anna and Sam had No chemistry at all, in my opinion It was completely annoying to see Anna drool and fantasize about this guy, who barely even noticed her at all I have to say these two might actually be one of the worst couples I ve read about in YA lately.I liked all the other guys, sort of Even Nick was fleshed out than Sam, really He was obnoxious and a complete jerk but at least he had some spine Cas was my favorite character in the whole novel, for two obvious reasons 1 He was hilarious and 2 He loved food What can you ask for, really The concept of this book was not the most original one ever made but it was interesting enough, albeit not fully fleshed out A plot about an obscure organization founded by the government, whose projects involve genetically altered boys for equally obscure motives managed to catch my interest but didn t deliver in spectacular ways either Despite the fact that I sort of enjoyed this story, I wasn t invested emotionally or in any other way in it because at the end of the day I couldn t care less about any of the characters This is why this book will remain at the it was ok stage for me. Some people have weaknesses for sparkly vampires, intense longing gazes, and obnoxious bickering bantering Mine are high octane chase sequences, shoot em up fight scenes, and actually, conspiracy thrillers of any kind so to say Altered is right up my alley is kinda an understandment This isn t the best I ve ever read, these are not entirely competent characters and there are scenes that had me muttering no no no why the heck would you do that , but overall I m still quite satisfied by the results This is another hard book to review though, because some stuff I initially had problems with are actually explained quite well by later plot twists, so I can say yes this or that aspect bothered me, but I can t say how it s resolved or why I m satisfied Take for example Anna living for years with four guys in her basement, right away that s something I can tell is not normal and at least morally questionable if not criminal, but the way Anna handles it by being the willing participant is naive to say the least Sure, she s home schooled, but even with her blind trust in what her father s doing, I find it hard to believe she wouldn t have second thoughts about the morality of the project And her naivete not only had me questioning the premise but is also a running theme through the book, even after she and the guys break out and go on the run, she s the innocent character a bit too innocent given the entire situation for my tastes In any other review, I would ve left it at that and it d be part of the reason why the book didn t work for me, but in Altered s case at least, there s a really good explanation for it I just can t say, unfortunately, except Anna really grows as a character as she learns about herself.There are some things though that doesn t come with a good explanation, things that I really feel are like rookie mistakes that should ve been caught and edited out Right off the bat, the guys steal a car from this small town they re in, then use the GPS system to guide them to the location of a safe house Uh, not smart, how hard is it for the bad guys to figure out their fugitives are gonna be driving the one car that ll be reported stolen from this small town, then track it down using the GPS And these guys are supposed to be incredibly good at spy stuff And they wonder why the bad guys catch up to them Yeah And as Anna and the guys are on the road, chasing down clues Sam had previously planted, there are a couple of times I felt the group was doubling back because they had previously missed obvious clues like having to inspect Sam s tattoo two or three times to get all the information they should ve gotten the first go around or not figuring out some very obvious stuff immediately and dismissing it with a hey this looks vaguely familiar but I m not sure how remark which only made it frustrating to read.Despite that, I really enjoyed the chase Even though the guys all have amnesia and Sam only vaguely knows what the endgame is, at least there is an endgame, so I have to say I really enjoyed myself putting together the pieces of the puzzle as Anna and the guys are searching for clues and doing the same, no matter how inefficiently they do it And even though head villain Connor s ultimate agenda isn t revealed until the end, enough of it is dropped throughout the book that he and his Branch organization feel like a genuine threat rather than just one of those nameless faceless corrupt government organizations that just wants the protagonists dead for no reason other than just because So my reaction whenever his agents pop up and start shooting isn t oh come on but crap what are they doing now and that s really the key that takes the chase sequences, shootouts, safe houses, and dead informants to the next level beyond just mind candy, because after every action packed confrontation, I ll learn something new and another piece of the puzzle ll be filled in Really, that s all you need to keep me entertained make sure all the twists work.Last and quite surprising thing is that, for a thriller, Jennifer Rush actually takes the time to write four distinct characters Yeah, they start out being based on generic stereotypes, Sam s the leader, Nick s the bad one, Trev is the smart best friend, Cas is the funny sidekick, and for Nick at least his back story is predictable to the point of being transparent, but it works, and not just because they re a good group Anna has four very different relationships with each one, and if I were to say what happens between Nick and Anna or Trev and Anna is predictable and trite, I d be lying Both times Because as it turns out, along the way, if one of them lands in trouble or gets shot, I don t even have to ask myself would I care, because I do And when one of them does something really unexpected, I care too From the summary, I could imagine Altered going a number of ways, but I really like the way Jennifer Rush takes it an action packed thriller with a smidge of science fiction Definitely an intense ride that totally works its premise. You can find reviews BloodyBookaholicNow THAT was good and original with a hint of Maximum Ride by James Patterson to give it some good measure And when I mention Maximum Ride I am talking about the series glory days and not about the last few horrid adds.Anyways, I dived into Altered with no expectations what so ever I mean, the summary seemed cool but the cover made my stomach turn over on itself It is just not pleasant UPDATE They updated the cover and now it looks much much better The story line is fun and engaging and ever moving along, barely stopping to take a breath, and full of mysteries with clues and EVERYTHING Ever since she was a little girl Anna has known about them The boys that live in her secret basement lab The boys are Sam, Nick, Trev and Cas Sam is the leader, Nick is the asshole, Trev is the smart one, and Cas is the funny one with the bottomless stomach Anna considers them friends, family That is until one day when the Branch decides to take the boys away from the lab and the boys come out of their cages, escaping and killing every single one who dares to block their path Anna s father begs the boys to take Anna with them, and so the mystery begins Sam is determined to uncover his past, and he is taking everybody along for the ride.The characters were all very endearing Specially Cas and Trev I just really liked them Sam was all broody and obsessed with discovering his hidden memories, Anna was pretty much just along for the ride She was pretty cool too, artistic and at times unexpected The romance in this novel is a little, hard to believe Though not really It s like yeah this girl has a crush on this guy, but said guy doesn t seem very into this girl, but then they are kissing and you are supposed to believe he digs her The L word was never explicitly exchanged between the guilty parties, thank god because that would have been ridiculous But this is a series so the hopes for a elaborate romantic story line are still high The twists and turns Unexpected and entertaining I didn t uncover anything before the time was due Every time a secret was revealed was like a bomb was dropped on us and you just go wow No way , but as a matter of fact, way.As for the second novel the end was pretty tight up with no unresolved issues, not really Though I could see where a second novel could develop I think the author didn t want to leave too many things unexplained just in case the second novel didn t happen I think it should happen Heck I d definitely read it This is one I recommend Full of originality which is sorely lacking in other YA novels these days, and definitely worth every cent. Altered is one of those books that are highly addicting, with action that engrosses you until you become quite satisfied with the read But, there are particulars that nagged at me which, individually, are irrelevant, but together, they become a little too bothersome to simply forgive and forget.The whole story in Altered consists of a chase These modified humans have escaped their prison, and, bringing Anna with them, are on the run from her father s employers Throughout this run we get clues that were planted to help them find something that is apparently very important Deciphering these clues were, for the most part, pretty interesting, even clever at times However, when they stumble upon a code that is simply a mix of X V I letters and they don t get what it means I had to stop reading to take a breath and roll my eyes a little Even though Anna is home schooled and lacking a life outside the lab, numeral numbers are hardly mystifying Especially when she gets it after seeing a grandfather clock This is definitely a very small matter, nonetheless, it got under my skin and made me see the protagonist as a little brainless That was the first annoyance I stumbled upon The second came by when they idiotically decide to walk into the enemy headquarters Why I have no clue It made no sense for them to do so other than to create plot excitement Obviously, it went about as well as you can imagine Seeing as they had no reasoning behind this decision, I got irritated by the stupid factor of it and hoped they got what they deserved.These issues aside, I did quite enjoy the book, especially the scientific notions involved I love the idea of genetic modifications, humans with abilities or powers, and Altered is fascinating on that front I wanted to know , though Why it all started the point behind everything I ll assume those details are forthcoming In this first installment, we re focusing on the boys and learning the ropes along with them The characters are a fun bunch of charismatic guys Some charming, some not I enjoyed the diversity in their personalities, which made for a great group dynamic They re all as close as brothers they re all they ve ever known, after all There is also romance involved, which becomes the source of some controversy between the boys I thought Rush blended this aspect well with the overall pacing of the book it will satisfy those who need romance in their books, but it doesn t distract from the intensity of the plot Personally, I never felt a true connection between Anna and Sam, though It was missing that spark This could be due to characterization issues With so much happening, being on the run for most of the book, character building is not the book s first priority This is fine for the type of story it s trying to be, but the authenticity is lacking in the romantic element Altered is not without its flaws, still, the story is engaging with enough excitement to make these flaws a little less consequential Having seen this novel being tagged as dystopian post apocalyptic, I must warn you that I never got a dystopian feel from this whatsoever It s an action novel dealing with genetics, abilities, and a messed up government behind it all Read it when you re in the mood for a fast paced sci fi thriller, not a science y dystopian in which case I d recommend Partials An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads 4.5 StarsFour years ago, Anna discovered a secret her father was keeping in their basement Boys.Four of them.Every teenage girl s dream, right Except these boys are different Genetically Altered and suffering from apparent amnesia They re all part of a puzzle Anna s only been given small pieces to.Dad wouldn t tell me what the program tested for, despite my repeated questioning When I d first found the lab, it was all I could think about What were four boys doing in our basement Where were their parents How long had they been down there Dad knew exactly how much information to give to feed my curiosity and keep me quiet I knew about the Branch, of course But even though I knew who ran the program, I still didn t know why.In the four years that ve passed since she discovered the lab below her house, Anna s come to know each of these boys pretty well There s Cas, whose sharp wit and love of all things food is always good for a laugh Then there s Trev, who has a myriad of memorized quotes in his head and is always willing to share He s also probably her closest friend There s also Nick, who, out of all the boys is the one Anna doesn t quite feel comfortable with And lastly, there s Sam Pardon me while I sigh heavily Quiet, intense, sweet Sam who Anna s harboring a little major crush on.And I really couldn t blame her Throughout the entire book, I found myself wondering what is he thinking right along with her Especially when all hell breaks loose and suddenly, these boys aren t in her basement any.They re on the run with her at their side At her father s request Anna Listen to me Dad pulled himself up straighter Stay with Sam Don t come back here Ever Do you understand me From pretty much the very beginning, this book was filled with non stop guessing and action and OH MY GOD moments There are twists and turns and guns and murders and secrets and a young girl discovering her inner badass Seriously, there s JUST SO MUCH I could not put it down until I d devoured every page And then I was left wanting book two and kicking myself for breaking my own promise not to start any trilogies before they re complete But I don t even care now, because it was so worth it Especially since I ve been in such a slump this past year and it s been really hard to find anything I could get into Altered was exactly what I needed to renew my faith in the idea that there are still good YA books out there left to be discovered So don t wait Dive in and meet Anna and the boys, and enjoy the action, the humor and even the sadness Oh, and did I mention the swoons Because the UST level in this book was off the CHARTS.I ll leave you with a little taste He pressed into me as if he couldn t get close enough, and I pressed back Because I wasn t close enough Because I d spent the last several years of my life wishing I could be closer.