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Annabelle you broke my heart girl At the start of the book Annabelle arrives at a horse ranch in Spain owned by notorious playboy Stefano, the hero Annabelle is a well known photographer and has earned a reputation of being untouchable, she was left scarred after a horrific beating by her father and has not let anyone close since She rarely stays in one place for long and hides her scars as well as her emotions Stefano sees Annabelle as a challenge and immediately desires her but he gets frustrated by her constant rebuffs In order to be successful at seducing her Stefano begins spending time with her, but as he gets to know her he begins to have other feelings towards her and senses that she is hiding her real self When Annabelle finally succumbs to Stefano s seduction they are both shocked at the level of passion between them Stefano realises that Annabelle means a lot to him than simply a challenge but Annabelle is determined not to let him close and to move on This is a very intense book, since Annabelle s past is very dark you would expect this, and it was done perfectly Annabelle was written with the perfect mix of vulnerability and detachment, I liked how she had managed to drag herself out into the world and make something of herself even though she was still very tortured by what had happened to her This was a little hint of the strength inside her that was just waiting for the right man bring it out Cue Stefano I ll be honest, I hated him at the start, yes hated All he could think about was the challenge of bedding her, so he could brag about it perhaps, that I just wanted to hit him over the head the book However, once he managed to get his head out of the gutter he gradually let his gentle and caring side shine through, sigh All is forgiven Stefano To make you change your mind on a character that much shows how strong the writing is The chemistry between the two is very, er, intense sorry that s apparently my favourite word at the moment Annabelle s back story is explained and written well and right at the perfect moments to add layers of emotion to the story, I really felt that the love story between the two characters was believable As expected from Jennie Lucas the writing is spectacular, the book is fast paced and exciting and the characters are well developed Quite simply, I loved it Originally posted at [Read E-pub] ☳ Forgotten Daughter ⚐ Annabelle Reserved Elegant Scarred Sister To Seven Brothers, Annabelle Should Be Used To Men, But Her Trust Was Shattered The Night Her Father Almost Killed Her Now Annabelle Is An Ice Queen, Whom No Man Has Ever Touched Stefano Cortez Can Tame A Wild Horse Quicker Than Any Man, And This Passion Heats The Blood In His Veins Annabelle May Seem Untouchable, But Beneath The Frost, He Sees The Real Woman I was so disappointed when I discovered that this book lost its seriously wonderful title somewhere along the way and just became Forgotten Daughter All the way through this fairly bland story I was thinking about how the girl that love forgot could maybe go to the land that time forgot and find for me the chocolate down the back of the cupboard that I forgot was there I know about the Wolfes, oh yes, I ve read about them before So I know about Annabelle and that time her father took a whip to her not a spoiler, it s in the blurb , so the fact that she gets a book comes as no surprise The fact that she gets a fairly bland book with a strangely boring sexy hero is.Annabelle takes photos of horses as a job I m glad she has an interesting job, but she does it in linen pant suits and heels, because apparently taking photos of horses is generally done in studio conditions, I guess I mean, the horses come to you and stand under hot lights while you give instructions like think sexy, angle towards the light, and smize In the opening pages of the book she arrives at playboy Stefano s horse ranch in Spain and starts insulting him He s like welcome to my horse ranch, Miss Wolfe, and she s immediately all I m not sleeping with you sleazebag, and your ranch is mucky and your horses are overpriced nags It comes as no surprise that Stefano is delighted He maybe has a bit of a twinge about her badmouthing his horses, but by gum he s going to sleep with Annabelle Wolfe, and it s going to be grand Many men have tried, only one has succeeded, so now it s his turn, etc.That s the plot Stefano wants to sleep with Annabelle, and she wants to sleep with him But she can t because she s got issues And also, she just wants to wear high heels and take pictures of horses and enjoy being bitter about how flabby rich men keep wanting to sleep with her And he wants it to be super hot sex but no big thing Really, there s nothing to complain about here, except I couldn t warm to Annabelle I can see some likeability in a character that is so prickly from previous experiences with men that she upfront tells a guy to get bent It s sadly all too realistic Annabelle has scars from her father s attack and she carries a lot of emotional scarring from its consequences, from her survivor guilt in a childhood of abuse, and she s screwed over by her mentor This should all make her just explode with interesting character hooks Instead, I fixated on the most inconsequential thing her clothing She s wearing heels and business attire to photograph horses in stable buildings and paddocks, and dammit, I can t deal with how this is her job and she won t dress sensible She also drops her camera at least twice and appears to be swanning around taking professional shots without a tripod Or giving me any interesting geek stuff about her equipment.I couldn t warm to Stefano either, because under that sexy playboy exterior, he was a saint All his employees were local teenagers, so clearly he s providing jobs in the community I hope he s paying award rates When, because he thinks her photos of horses lack heart what , Stefano decides Annabelle must take a break from shooting horses and shoot some villagers as all horse photographers must , everyone in town basically genuflects when he walks by I think I m not conditioned to want romance heroes to just have sexy playboy under their exterior, with a dark and spicy tang of dumb that leads him to treat the heroine quite horribly before then grovelling like a grovel champ.From the very beginning, Annabelle is torn between her sexual desire for Stefano, and her assumption that he s a conniving bastard out for that One Thing Unfortunately, each of them make the point at least once that no one s forcing either of them to be here on this ranch Annabelle s working for a magazine and the magazine is paying Stefano for the story about his horses, but there isn t even a proverbial gun against anyone s temple so we re kind of lacking in any urgent need to stay together and ignore the sniping If the lovers are busy succumbing to that urgent, desperate need to be together I want a really juicy trumped up whatever keeping them apart, or less sniping and some other crazy source of conflict. This book was really a lot of fun despite there were some dark issues coming into play It had the perfect balance of light and dark moments, passionate, serious, and humorous moments with a charming alpha male coming to play and loved every single second I was really engrossed in the story and felt time fly as I flipped through the pages My only regret for this book was it wasn t longer Would have liked to spent time with Annabelle Stefano Just I was really invested in the story and captured by both characters I really enjoyed both of them especially him He was so sexy and charming and would do anything to win the girl This book is part of the notorious wolves miniseries with all the siblings in the Wolf family getting their own book This one was about Annabelle Wolf, the only sister in the entire herd of eight kids, and they had an abusive father and had a hard childhood so there follows that their lives were all roses despite their wealth Annabelle was at the brunt of all this turmoil with her father nearly killing her by beating her severely and leaving her with both of motional and physical scars Her brother Jacob pulled her father off of her and her father hit his head on the ground when Jacob punched in the face to protect his sister And it later followed that Jacob was tried for the murder of his father but then later acquitted due to self defense But for that date on the thing was the save and the bull family was severely broken and damaged by the events of that night especially Annabelle and Jacob So the wolf children were severely messed up and had tons of issues to say the least Now i ve only read two of the eight books in the series 3 if you get this one and they definitely had so heartbreak going on And I could tell that it would take somebody special for them to get to trust and love us for another person And my heart broke for Annabelle and I wanted her to get her happily ever after after experiencing oh much pain and loss ed just isolation that she put herself in after she was nearly killed by her father So I was really rooting for her and I hoped that Stefano could really get her out of her shell and get her to love and trust him so she would have a happier life and be in the light than the dark and lonely this that her life was where she shut everyone out and associated closeness with loss and betrayal Stefano had his work cut out for him and you can imagine He refused to give up and was assured that Annabelle would wide up in his bed at some point before she left after finishing her week long job on his ranch But he was determined Oh boy was he determined and he upped his game 100 fold that was pretty cute and charming I loved how he set out to seduce her Now at first he looked at her as a challenge, so would that would be able to bend her with so many others tried and failed He was going to be the one to break her and get her to warm his sheets and he would be victorious and he would be winner That challenge drove him and I thought that a bet might come into play here but didn t though it was of an unspoken one He wanted to melt the ice princess, the nickname she was given by men and the media With his playboy ways he thought he would have no problems and break her down in a day The game was on and it was entertaining to see his seduction technique as well as fun to see the cat and mouse game they played Now before she got on his ranch, she was warned how much of a charming playboy he was and knew that he would try to seduce her And though she was worried about his reputation she was determined she would resist him because she didn t anyone physically or emotionally close to her because of her past Plus she didn t want others to see her scars which thought made her a monster But once she met him all logic went out the window as she felt this deep consuming passion and attraction to him Every time he came close to her she felt the sizzle of attracted which made it very hard to resist him But for awhile she did but it was only a matter of time until she succumbed to him Stefano was determined to have and though at fist he thought of it as a challenge and that he could have a bit of fun with her, his tune changed and he began to feel the same consuming attraction and passion that Annabelle did Now it was that he wanted her not just the pleasure of carnal delights He wanted to get close to her in every way imaginable especially when he noticed that she had mental scars that kept her hidden away from the world He wanted to help and get her out of her shell and not be afraid to live or fear passion And he used his charm to coax her, but he did it in a really beautiful way where I could tell his emotions were involved And it was also cute to see how hot and out of control he was with her I just loved seeing all of his sides from charming to caring to vulnerable Just he was a great hero and I loved him The passion between them was smoking from the minute they met and didn t stop Steam was coming off the pages that s for sure It was great There was just this overwhelming attraction and I just loved seeing it played out What I also thought was great was the out of control attraction felt natural and real and not the bit contrived I felt it right along with them My pulse raced with theirs My heart beat in tune with them I could feel the passion coming off the pages and it felt completely right Plus it felt they needed each other especially her and helping her heal past wounds Wounds that were embedded deep in her psyche It just seemed like a natural progression of where there were headed and I loved that And when their passion was finally released it was an explosion It was so hot and sexy and with all that anticipation built up I was ready for them to finally consummate their relationship They were both ready for it and needed And even though it was hot and sexy, it was also sweet and tender especially when he was gently kissing her scars and showing her that she wasn t a monster and that he was still very much attracted to her and wanted her It was a beautiful moment between them and this was where Annabelle finally let her guard down and let him in Just the whole scene was beautifully written Now even though it was sweet and tender I could feel how hot and uncontrollable their passion was for another and loved So good And it didn t hurt he was absolutely delicious Yummy Also what I loved about this book was the relationship development though there was some hot sexual tension going on and kept in building throughout the book, there was also emotions building as well and I loved seeing that as they got to know one another I loved she didn t give into him to easy or that the lovemaking scene didn t happen until near the middle I liked seeing the growth going on and how important their relationship was coming to mean to both of them It was really nice to see that progression and not have them hop into bed too early Annabelle needed time to get used to him before jumping into that type of relationship with him Needed to learn to open up and trust him That was another thing I liked about this book was the fact that their relationship made them better people as well as grow as people with love being that healing force that they both needed in order to have happy lives as well as love Especially in Annabelle case This relationship was the best thing for her and for him as well but for her especially It taught her to open up and live again I love when romance do that where love heals and the main characters grow as people which was the case here I just loving seeing meaningful relationships played out where it makes people stronger I highly recommend this book because I loved every moment of it I dare you to read it and not fall in love with the characters or the story It had a really nice balance of light and dark elements At times it was heartbreaking especially for Annabelle who needed to have some light at the end of the tunnel That light happened to be Stefano and what a light to have She was a lucky girl And lucky to have had this sweet, charming, and caring man by her side who wanted to protect and help her so she would get out of life than she was getting The scorching passion between them didn t hurt either Just everything was right with this book The right amount of feels, passion, and credibility that felt natural and never contrived It was just the perfect blend and everything a good romance should be So I applaud you Jennie Lucas for creating another emotional and passionate read with some very likable and root able characters So good job You know how to get to the heart of the matter as well as create a powerful love story And thank you for creating the character of Stefano Who I completely love by the way He was just utterly perfect and very sexy never coming off as sleezy despite his playboy ways Even though he was a bi arrogant in the beginning, I found him entertaining So go out and read this book guys totally worth it Also Jacob makes a brief appearance in this book and learning a little bit about him has me seriously intrigued and makes me want to read his book next despite the fact that is the last book in the series and I haven t yet read about the other brothers story yet that has come before his Though I read this one and this is the 2nd to last book in series before reading the others so it s not a big deal Thank goodness you don t have to read them in order if you don t want to So Jacob might be the next Wolf I read about. This is Anabelle s story 20 years ago her father almost killed her, he didn t but he killed her innocence and joy in life and her mentor in college through his lies completed the job She is a world renowned photographer who hides behind the camera and her make up The world calls her the ice queen She goes for a photo assignment to our heroes Stefano s place Stefan came from a poor family but made it big He is a womanizer and tries to seduce Anabelle s just for the hell of it but gradually gets to know her and helps her find joy in life again The story is well done. A good read.A little off putting with Stefano s cold blooded plan to seduce Annabelle before he even meets her just to see if he can Kind of gross, but then we knew there really are people out in the world like this It is a credit to the author that she actually makes him likable He realizes the error of his ways and decides to change for the better He is charmed by Annabelle and his White Knight ego comes to the rescue.In the end they both find love and save each other Nice read. I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful love story that pulled me in from the start and held me in rapt attention throughout Annabelle is really pure in heart despite her hard childhood abusive father and despite the mask she is wearing to keep people away She is beautiful and courageous and I was happy when finally Stefano took a chance and found a love unlike anything he d ever known I even shed a few tears The epilogue was sweet beyond words Oh My Goodness This book was totally 100% implausible As I read it I saw it as an old fashioned melodrama where all the actors loudly declaimed every line and threw their hands around wildly for emphasis Every action of the heroine was exaggerated and over the top She ran off from him into the forest several times Every action of the hero was unbelievable and hokey The whole undying love affair took place over a week I could give examples but really, either trust me or read it yourself. I ll be the first to tell you I can t stand womanizers So I had to get past that off putting aspect of Stefano s character, and the fact that he set out to cold bloodedly seduce Annabelle just because she was a new woman , one who he hadn t slept with Ick I think the execution was well done here, but the message that because Stefano was so good at knowing what women wanted sexually, he was the one who could open Annabelle s heart I don t think this is necessarily the case A man who met her emotional needs what was Annabelle needed It wasn t about sex, as he finds out Yes, they have explosive chemistry between them, but being good in bed would never be enough for a woman like Annabelle She had deeper emotional needs that she was starved for fundamentally I think that Stefano learned along the way that while he had believed that Annabelle was the fearful one, he was too in a different way He was happy to spend a night with a woman but walk away, but no deeper emotional or intellectual engagement than that I like the fact that Annabelle challenged him to be about in his interaction with her Even as he challenged her to truly live and connect with the world, not just behind the lens of one of her cameras She wasn t just another conquest She was the one Of course, he had to almost lose her to find that out.A huge strength of this book was the view of life on a Spanish horse breeding farm This made Stefano a likable hero to me His deep love and knowledge of horses, and his desire to help others and give of himself generously to make their lives better It was almost incongruous with his callous attitude towards women, in fact His reasons for being that way with women so didn t necessarily ring true, but the fact that he felt Annabelle was the real coward when he was just as much definitely created a sense of irony in this book.Annabelle was one of my favorite Wolfes from the beginning, so it was great to see a book solely focused on her After reading her book, she is still one of my favorites She was in a state of suspended animation due to her very traumatic past I loved seeing her grow as a person, come out of her shell, and realize that she was capable of loving and being loved The only regret I have is that I didn t get to see her interact with her brothers, other than a quick phone call with Jacob I am hoping that in Jacob s book we will finally see all the siblings together, bonding, since that is one of the reasons I love this series.I m kind of sad that I only have one book left in this series, but excited that Jacob s long awaited book is up next Stay tuned