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`Read Epub õ Who Is Lou Sciortino? » Ottavio Cappellani S Wildly Entertaining Mafia Comedy Takes Us Into The Unhinged World Of A Family That Makes The Sopranos Look Like The Waltons As Blood Red As A Good Bottle Of Sicilian Wine, Who Is Lou Sciortino Is An Exhilarating Debut From One Of Italy S Brightest Young TalentsGrowing Up On The Streets Of New York, Young Lou Sciortino Learned Many Lessons From His Grandfather, Don Lou That Whiners Are Fools That In Order To Get Respect From Other People, You Sometimes Have To Whack A Guy And That The Movie Business Is A Perfect Place To Make Dirty Money Clean So When Young Lou Is Set Up As The Head Of Starship Pictures, Everybody S Happy That Is, Until The Day A Rival Mafia Family Plants A Bomb In Their Offices Nobody S Happy After That, Especially Not Don Lou, Who Decides To Send His Grandson To Sicily To Stay Out Of Danger After All, A Really Nice, Decent Person Like Lou Just Doesn T Take Part In Mafia WarfareNot Long After Young Lou Goes To Work For Uncle Sal Scali A Hapless Mafia Boss From Catania Who Can T Even Keep The Peace In His Own Neighborhood A Cop Is Killed During A Routine Robbery And Young Lou Is Chosen To Bring The Situation Under Control But There S Someone Else Sal Has To Reckon With Lou S Grandfather Don Lou Doesn T Like The Way Things Are Shaping Up In Sicily, And Decides It S Time He Paid One Last Visit To The Old Country That S When The Bullets Really Start To Fly I m not sure where I picked this book up, but I m sure the appeal was that it was written by an Italian The copy I have was an uncorrected proof so I don t know what changes might have been made in a final copy, but I had to force myself to finish reading it Maybe it was the translation, but I had a hard time keeping track of characters and even what country the characters were in at any point in time The parts that took place in Sicily didn t even feel like Sicily When I read books that take place in Italy, I expect them to transport me to a country that I ve lived in and spent a lot of time in This one just left me cold. Great It can t be better Ottavio Cappellani seems to me like a rich Italian fils papa who spends his time going to clubs, playing the guitar in a rockband and hanging out with flattery friends on some terrace And one day, he got the idea Hey, maybe I could also write a novel Being Sicilian, he doesn t take any chances and chooses the topic that is most likely to sell, being the mafia.The style is awfully ugly, the plot is so nonexistently chaotic that I won t even try to summarize it And like all very poor writers, the book consistsof dialogue than descriptions Someone should really go out and tell those authors that you also have something called a play , and that it would probably fit their meagre talents better Further, Capellani cannot repress the urge to show that he knows some English words and tries to use one at least every two sentences.Ploughing through this book is really a masochistic enterprise, so I wouldn t advise it to anyone unless you really, really want to suffer