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!READ PDF ⚖ Ukiyo-e ⚒ The Art Of Japanese Woodblock Printing, Known As Ukiyo E Pictures Of The Floating World , Reflects The Rich History And Way Of Life In Japan Hundreds Of Years Ago Ukiyo E The Art Of The Japanese Print Takes A Thematic Approach To This Iconic Japanese Art Form, Considering Prints By Subject Matter Geisha And Courtesans, Kabuki Actors, Sumo Wrestlers, Erotica, Nature, Historical Subjects And Even Images Of Foreigners In JapanAn Artist Himself, Author Frederick Harris A Well Known American Collector Who Lived In Japan For Years Pays Special Attention To The Methods And Materials Employed In Japanese Printmaking The Book Traces The Evolution Of Ukiyo E From Its Origins In Metropolitan Edo Tokyo Art Culture As Black And White Illustrations, To Delicate Two Color Prints And Multicolored Designs Advice To Admirers On How To Collect, Care For, View And Buy Japanese Ukiyo E Woodblock Prints Rounds Out This Book Of Charming, Carefully Selected Prints Chock full of information Great images with detailed explanations, by someone who has studied the technique in Japan. In Ukiyo e, author and artist Frederick Harris offers a stunning survey of the art of the Japanese woodblock print Approaching these prints of The Floating World by their subject matter, Harris conveniently divides the book into different chapters on landscapes, flowers, actors, beautiful women, etc This book is an excellent overview of the Japanese print, and provides a firm introduction to this lovely art form To further illuminate the many colorful and exquisite prints included, Harris adds an informative description for each one, lending not only his artist s eye to unraveling the meaning and aesthetics, but also a historical perspective This helps the reader to appreciate the Ukiyo e even for their artistic merit, and also to understand certain details of Japanese culture and history that they might not otherwise have known Rounding out the book is a helpful discussion on the art form itself, that is, the very involved and unique manner in which these prints were produced I would highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys Ukiyo e, and especially for those who want to learn about the history and artistry behind the Japanese woodblock print. Only one word is needed of the artwork of the Floating World gorgeous This new publication details deeply into the process of printmaking in Japan when they cloistered themselves from the rest of the world during the Tokugawa Era The result was an apex in printmaking history Immortal and exquisite in every definition. Excellent survey, with a great variety of illustrations and clear text. Sangat mengesankan Buku pertama tentang ukiyoe yang indah Sangat indah.