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FREE EPUB · The Gambit Files ⚨ Sharpen Your Sword Puzzle King Bill Harvey Presents Violent Positions From Gambit Variations Ranging From The Rare Lisitsin And The Neglected Blumenfeld, To The Popular Milner Barry And The Fashionable Gajewski Where One Side Is Poised To Deliver The Final Blow I m going to be honest I am a very bad chess player I need all the help I can get so I figured if this book, The Gambit Files by Steve O Brien, could help my game then it deserves five stars.Mr Harvey does a wonderful job explaining all of the attacks and moves accompanied by clear and easy to understand diagrams He is a chess teacher after all and I have become a most willing student It is not only for beginners, in fact it is probably so for those who want to perfect their skills with moves from various countries and time periods All in all, if you enjoy chess or just want to give it a try, this book will give you some great pointers.