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I do not normally read YA but I very much enjoyed reading this story of teens discovering not only their own strengths but appreciating and ultimately empowering those of others who would not normally be within their friendship circles The tension built through development of the good vs evil plot made it a page turner, and the growing romance between Makenna and Lucas was deftly drawn Well done, Jane, for creating such a solid first novel I hope there will be another. A Season of TransformationBy Jayne FordhamISBN 9781447548Published March 31, 2011Available Format Paperback, ebookMy Rating In Jayne Fordham s new novel, A Season of Transformation, five teenagers from diverse circumstances and social circles are brought together to save their town from a paranormal menace In response to this threat and with the help of their clever ancestors, each of the five begins to develop their own supernatural abilities In addition, each of the teens is struggling with personal issues Ben, the nerd, and Adam, the clown, are trying to break free from their labels and express who they truly are as individuals Lucas masks his pain with a bitter and repelling attitude but soon finds he might be pushing away the very person he is falling in love with Bonnie works hard to hide her father s battle with alcohol behind her gothic exterior and introverted demeanor Makenna, the rich kid, deals with a bit of an arrogant and judgmental mother and best friend as she develops a bond with each of the misfits of their group This seemingly incompatible crew must overcome their differences and learn to trust each other, or their beloved town may be doomed.I received a copy of this book from the author for review.What I loved the most about A Season of Transformation was that the transformation was not just focused on the supernatural abilities the teens develop It also encompassed the transformations that were taking place in their lives Makenna learned to truly humble herself and encouraged her mother and friends to do the same Lucas was able to allow himself to fully trust and love and let others into his lonely life Bonnie confided in her new friends and was able to get help for her father and truly open her bruised heart to love Each character is forced out of his or her comfort zone, where they begin to reexamine themselves and make important changes in different areas of their lives I think that is the essence of this book, and I believe that is the most important message the reader can gain There were a couple times in the book that I had to stop and re read and ask myself who exactly was talking I think Jayne switched the POV then, and it just threw me off for a minute If she were to change anything about the book, I think I would work on syncing up all the points of view and making everything flow smoothly in that regard I also felt these shifts in POV and the changes in scene should have been separated within the text For instance, we might be alone with Makenna in her bedroom one minute, and then right away in the next paragraph we are suddenly walking the high school halls chatting with Aliysha If there was just an extra space or something there to highlight the change, it would have made it easier to follow I was reading this on my Kindle, so formatting issues could also be attributed to the type of file Aside from these minor technical, easily fixed issues, I cannot criticize anything else about this read I have been truly honored to be allowed to read, review, and feature this novel Coming from a psychology background, I feel that Jayne can relate to the human feelings and interactions of the group better than most authors could I think it is a wonderful way to help teens realize that they can all too often be self centered and judgmental of others through their own struggles and insecurities In that way I think the message of this book is if we can open ourselves up and accept others for what they truly are, rather than what they appear to be, we can overcome anything and work together to make the world a better place A Season of Transformation was featured on Gathering Leaves in June 2011. #FREE Â A Season of Transformation ⚪ A Season Of Transformation Is A Young Adult Fantasy Romance Novel Set In The Contemporary World It Is The Story Of Five Young People Drawn Together To Complete A Quest, To Protect Their Town From Destruction In Order To Defeat The Story S Villain, Maxvale, The Five Virtual Strangers Must Come Together And Not Only Forge A Bond Of Trust But Become Proficient With The Abilities Temporarily Bestowed Upon Them In The Midst Of The Lead Up To The Battle Each Of The Young People Has Their Own Personal Struggles They Are Trying To Deal With Lucas, An Adopted And Bitter Teenager Struggles To Become The Person He Wants To Be Whilst Developing Feelings For Makenna, A Rich Kid Who Doesn T Like His Attitude Bonnie Is A Gothic That Is Dealing With An Alcoholic Father, Ben The School Nerd And Adam The Class Clown Are Trying To Break Free From Their High School Stereotypes Can These Five Teens Put Their Differences Aside To Defeat Maxvale And Save Their Town Originally posted to Bookish Blog A Season of Transformation by Jayne Fordham is definitely one of my favorite reads this summer It s a magical story, full of super likable characters, great action and sweet romance This book is too charming and entertaining to miss out on This great new young adult fantasy romance novel tells a story of five teenagers from Catherine Vale, Australia They re all classmates at the local high school, but that s about all they have in common In fact, having never really spoken to one another, they neither know anything about each other nor do they wish to Makeena is beautiful, smart, rich and very popular Bonnie is a shy gothic chick who doesn t like to stand out Lucas, abandoned by his biological parents, is the troublesome adopted kid you should stay away from Ben is the school nerd, the smart kid who always knows the answers to teacher s questions And finally, there s also Adam, the class clown, who turns everything into a joke So what, you may ask, could possibly bring those five kids together How about an evil spirit of eighteenth century murderer, seeking revenge on the community of Catherine Vale Yup That could work Makeena, Bonnie, Lucas, Ben and Adam are suddenly drawn to each other A mysterious power seems to be guiding them, and they discover an antique box buried in the ground From the message in the box they learn about the dark history of their town and how their ancestors fought and defeated the cold blooded murderer, Brian Maxvale They also learn that he vowed to come back every hundred years to haunt and slaughter the members of the small community How can a group of teenagers stop a vile and blood thirsty spirit Well, they re not just any teenagers The five of them have innate abilities and strength that have now been activated due to the pending threat Can they learn to control their powers and work together as a team before the evil spirit of Maxvale returns I liked this book a lot It was a fast and enjoyable read Although it s a supernatural adventure, its main focus was on the developing friendship and romance between the five protagonists and I really liked that about it Thanks to Jayne s flawless storytelling, the book reads smoothly and before you know it, you ll hit the virtual back cover Although there was some awesome action here, this wasn t an action packed novel, which is good, because there s plenty of room for that in the following installments Bringing the characters to life through vivid and detailed descriptions was, in my opinion, a brilliant move on Jayne s part She made them seem so real I quickly got very attached to them and wanted to know even about them I just love stories like that, when you don t feel that you re just a passive observer, but you actually get engaged in their stories and feel what they re feeling Another great thing about this book is its solid plot and character development I really enjoyed seeing the five seemingly unrelated people come together on a quest to save their town I liked how they were slowly getting to know each other, forming a bond that was growing stronger with every day The way Jayne tells it is not only believable but also quite lovely and exciting The romance part was fantastic Makeena is such a cool chick, and I just loved seeing her fall for Lucas They re like the most adorable book couple ever Most importantly the ending was phenomenal Jayne Fordham skillfully tied up all the loose ends, delivering a satisfying conclusion to a deliciously captivating story I was amazed at how perfectly balanced the whole thing was, how good it felt to get to know the characters and how fun it was to follow their stories Hands down, it s a really great read This book definitely tickled my inner geek I am huge on stories involving supernatural powers, quests to save the world, cool actions, evil villains, revenge, etc A Season of Transformation reminds me in part of Heroes TV Show and in part of X Men cartoon, movies It also reminds me of my childhood days when I used to watch Sailor Moon over and over again It s cool like that Bewitching, sweet and often touching, this book was pure fun I am looking forward to the release of the second book in this series I received this book through a First Reads giveaway.Let me start by saying that I was drawn to this book initially by the gorgeous cover I love the Autumn leaves and I want those clothes is my wardrobe I was surprised in a good way that this a book about teens with super powers I always love movies TV shows books involving super powers Also, there s a bad boy good girl romance which gets another big tick from me.However, I did have a few problems with the writing mostly grammatical errors For example Your right should be You re right and on occasion there would be gaps in a sentence like this I suppose the author fell asleep on the space bar.It does lack professionalism and could have been edited to flow better I realize this is a self published book so I won t be too critical I appreciate that the author has put a lot of time and effort into it.So, I d like to finish with something positive to say The relationship between Makenna and Lucas was refreshing in that it developed slowly with them getting to know each other first I don t think I ve ever been so happy for two characters to finally hold hands.Thank you to Jayne Fordham a.k.a Lauren Murphy a.k.a Lauren My Real Last Name Is A Secret for sending me your book. I received this free book for review from author, Jayne Fordham, in exchange of honest review The story grabbed me in from the very beginning The idea of the story was original, which enticed me Finding out what their abilities were, made the story that much interesting and fun I would love to have their powers I was interested to see how the characters were going to use their powers to kill Maxvale To me, the story lacked action it would have been good to read about them during their practice sessions It would have given an insight to how they were feeling about their mission, because I did not quite feel frightened for the characters Although the characters encountered some problems in trying to kill Maxvale, it seemed easy and the mission was over too soon The aspects that I really enjoyed reading about was the romance and the family dramas I loved that each of the characters had different family problems and the characters also had dissimilar problems, which relate to their family issues This shows just how much of an effect family issues can have on people lives I agree with another reviewer that it would have been good to read about Ben and Adam.A few other areas that I don t feel positively towards are the way it was written and the villain Reading the book did not flow in some areas as I encountered some grammatical errors Also, some areas would have been good to be separated The villain in the story was not much of a villain however, this may just be due to the fact that I read lots of books about people killing others, rather than an animal In addition, it would have been good if there was at least one killing by Maxvale.Nevertheless, the book was a pretty fantastic read and a great first novel Thank you Jayne I was lucky enough to receive this as a giveaway from Goodreads I read this in one sitting because I just couldn t put it down Jayne Fordham has written an exciting teen novel with believable characters Teen fantasy books have always been popular but it hasn t been until the last several years until they have become the most popular genre in YA fiction A Season for Transformation is a fantasy story with romance thrown into the mix and it is a breath of fresh air in the YA fantasy genre Although I am not a big fan of fantasy or romance novels I really did enjoy this book The book is about five different teenagers from Catherine Vale, they are thrown together with abilities they have just developed and are mentored by five teenagers who lived two hundred years ago The five kids have to defeat Maxvale, a man who was executed two hundred years ago and vowed to come back every one hundred years to kill the people of Catherine Vale As I read this book I felt it was like a fantasy version of The Breakfast Club. A good first novel that caters to a market too often passed by, the Australian YA While this book and the characters and story can be enjoyed anywhere in the world, it really rings true for the Australian audience The tone and voice is natural to the Aussie ear yet not too colloquial to alienate the rest of the English speaking world The reason for this is that the conflicts faced by the characters and the audience are very similar across the globe Within the text there is a second narrative that resonates with Gen Y that can t be taught or edited in or out of the story It is the writer s own input and while technically this could benefit from those commas mentioned by another reviewer, the soul of the story is all there A great read Her next book will no doubt be even better. A Season of Transformation is a debut paranormal young adult title for Australian author, Jayne Fordham Five teenagers are inexplicably drawn together and discover a box, hidden a century before It is revealed that a murderous spirit once terrorised their small country town and the high school students have inherited powers designed to vanquish him Makenna, Lucas, Ben, Adam and Bonnie must learn to work together and master their abilities before his resurrection on the last day of autumn.Makenna, takes a leadership role among the five teens who barely know each other The diverse group reminds me a little of the movie The Breakfast Club an eighties classic where high schoolers from different social sets find themselves in a situation that requires them to associate with one another Makenna is a fairly typical seventeen year old with some of life s advantages, Lucas is the wild boy abandoned by his drug addicted parents and raised in foster care, Ben is the nerd, Bonnie is described as a shy goth chick and Adam is considered a class clown The abilities each develop vaguely relate to their personalities though Fordham tries to show how the characters are than the stereotypes they portray.Much of the story is told in the first person by Makenna though Fordham switches to a third person viewpoint briefly to fully develop the other characters I felt the author captured the youthful voice of her protagonists well, including some subtle use of slang that ground the story in contemporary Australia However the writing didn t quite have the polish of a professionally edited piece with some structural and style issues While the narrative is realistic, I thought it lacked nuance I would have liked a bit room to make assumptions and see the story unfold rather than be told what to expect A Season of Transformation is very much a character driven story, focusing on the personal issues of the teens and their developing relationships with each other in the lead up to the confrontation Fordham demonstrates an solid understanding of her characters and their motivations and this aspect is a clearly the strength of the novel Personally, I would have preferred balance between character and plot, as the potential was there to include action or adventure throughout The final battle scene wasn t quite the climatic moment I had hoped for, however Fordham brought the story to a neat conclusion.Perhaps best suited to a teenage audience, who are likely to relate well to the protagonists and the straightforward plot, A Season of Transformation is a pleasant and quick read that I enjoyed. Makenna, Lucas, Bonnie, Adam and Ben Five students at Catherine Vale high school on the outskirts of Sydney They have absolutely nothing in common, don t really know each other other than to comment that Lucas is hot but he s also a jerk Makenna and her best friend, Aliysha have been close since Makenna moved to Catherine Vale with her Mum after her parents divorced, and her Dad moved overseas She hasn t seen him since she was 13, and she is now 17Suddenly one day at school, weird things begin to happen For some reason, Makenna is drawn to go over to Bonnie, who is with her goth friends, and talk to her Bonnie is similarly struck and is feeling extremely uncertain, but sure they need to talk They haven t talked before ever When the same thing happens with the other three during the course of the day, the five are bewildered, a little scared even Makenna had a dream the night before, and it seems to be linking with what s happening to them allKeeping her strange feelings from Aliysha, plus the contact she is having with the other four, prove difficult, and her friend gets upset with her But fortunately Aliysha has a new boyfriend, and her thoughts are on him, so Makenna feels a little less guilty During the course of the next three months, over Autumn, the five, who slowly become friends, find themselves together, all with different abilities, training and practising, as well as studying their excuse to their families for spending so much time together An event is coming up, which no one else must know about, and their town, plus their lives, will be in terrible danger.Can the five friends prevent disaster on the 31st May, without themselves or anyone else getting hurt Will Lucas remain a jerk What will be the outcome I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and would recommend Aussie author Jayne Fordham to everyone