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Maybe it was somewhat good timing to read this, as my entire country seems to be in a blustery, bone chilling, unending deep freeze The snowy bits of the story were positively relatable Minus the hypothermia None of my bits have frozen off, thankfully.I give this book high marks for good writing, as this author is quite talented, and I will continue to read her work However something about the pacing of this story threw me off The beginning was intense, raw, disturbing, and the amount of horrible abuse the women suffered was nauseating Then the middle hospital part seemed to drag on, which required some skimming A lot of medical stuff happens, and doctor Kate becomes nursemaid Kate with no actual doctoring in sight A bit of interesting drama with an ex happens, but it s short lived Though it is enough to make me angry that not once did Sam stand up for herself and utter the oh so eloquent words view spoiler WE ARE NOT GETTING BACK TOGETHER BECAUSE DO YOU SOMEHOW FORGET THAT WE WERE TOGETHER 3 YEARS AND YOU CHEATED ON ME, ASSHOLE hide spoiler An absolutely enthralling and thrilling story Kate offers her help, even though she is very scared She ll do everything in her power to keep them safe It s a race against time and exhaustion The danger to be killed is hanging over their heads and Kate must do something Both are fighting to stay alive The brutal conditions brings them closer together and Kate never expected to lose her heart in the process The tension keeps building from the start and all the action kept me on the edge of my seat The descriptions of the medical side and challenges of treatment is spot on and without overloading A gripping book of riveting action, kidnapping, abuse and an amazing love story I highly recommend this book. Read Ebook ♁ Snowbound ♼ The Policewoman Got Shot And She S Bleeding Everywhere Get Someone Here In One Hour Or I M Going To Put Her Out Of Her Misery An Ultimatum That Forever Changes The Lives Of Police Officer Sam Lucas And Dr Kate MylesWhen Heavy Snowfall Isolates The Small English Village Of Birchenlow, A Violent Robbery Shatters The Community Taken As A Hostage And Stranded With The Increasingly Desperate Criminals, Sam Is Seriously Injured During An Ill Fated Escape Attempt Already Struggling To Save The Lives Of The Villagers Caught Up In The Raid, Kate Volunteers To Walk Straight Into The Lion S Den Cut Off From Help, With Only Each Other To Rely On, Sam And Kate Must Find A Way To Fight The Odds And Stay Alive If The Growing Attraction Between Them Is To Survive I just read this book again Loved it as much as the first time Very good fast paced medical thriller with strong characters I liked both of them, Sam because she was so honest and open and vulnerable at the right times and Kate because she was so brave, strong and warm hearted and very honest with herself and her feelings Kate was also very good in communicating with the people that she loved and were her friends One of my favourite books Second round again 5 stars. Can t believe I ve never read a Cari Hunter book before now Stunning read cant wait to read another one 5 stars.. AH I feel like Hunter s books are written specifically for me, hahah They re always everything I want, and she writes the best characters I m so sad I only have one of her books left to read D Police officer Sam Lucas is held hostage after an armed robbery goes wrong Seriously injured, her captors ask for medical assistance Dr Kate Myles volunteers to help and both women will have to work together in order to survive Their experience will change their lives forever and will make their bond strong with the possibility of developing into something deeper.I ve read this book years ago and now decided to listen to the audiobook My first thought after listening is how impressive this book is considering that this is Cari Hunter s debut Even though I appreciate Ms Hunter s growth as an author through the years, Snowbound is by no means a minor work All the distinctive elements of her style are present here the British feel through the use of language, the permanent gloominess of the weather and the northern English habits Ms Hunter s sense of humour and wit and the well conceived plot Her obvious talent is already at display in her debut novel.For me personally, it is a bonus that this is not a gruesome work like, for example, Ms Hunter s Dark Peak series Snowbound isn t free from violence but it keeps a balance between the spine chilling moments and a heartwarming romance So, if you are a romance fan and don t mind a bit of violence and suspense, this book is worth it as the love story has page space compared to other books by Hunter As usual, all the characters are well written, distinctive and multilayered, even the villains Thanks to the author s experience as a paramedic, the medical scenes are credible and realistic So, if you are new to the author and want to read her novels chronologically you won t be disappointed, and if you have read most of her recent work, Snowbound won t let you down either Ms Hunter s high quality consistency is rare in lesfic.This was the first audiobook I ve listened to by this narrator I m a bit on the fence regarding Ms Parkin s performance On one hand, she is very good with the different accents and generally giving a British feel to the narration On the other hand, I cannot explain why but the tone of the narration didn t work for me, it seemed too overdramatised in the modulation of her voice which took me a long time to get used to I have to say that this is my personal experience perhaps due to the fact that I m too used to listening to other narrators, so just take it with an extra grain of salt In any case, because of the quality of the writing and the appeal of the story, this audiobook is worth your while Unfortunately, it s not available on Audible Escape or Scribd but at than 9 hours length, it s good value for money.Overall, a very good lesbian debut audiobook 5 stars for the story, 4 stars for the narration Average, 4.5 stars.See all my reviews at First let me admit that I had been avoiding this book I ve read the book description a couple of times and it s never really grabbed me Then I hit period where the books I ve been attempting to read just haven t been keeping my attention so I took a break, but the online book group I am a member of selected this as the May book Yet, I still wasn t thrilled Let me openly apologize to the author now Dear Cari,Snowbound was an excellent debut book I downloaded the book Sunday night, couldn t put it down and finished it Monday Morning before I had to go to work I m fairly certain I can give you credit for getting me out of my reading slump Thank you, especially since watching TV in German is not really an option.Sincerely,CAB a new fan There were even times when I found myself laughing out loud at some of the dialog between Sam and Kate Apparently fighting to stay alive can result in some witty repartee between characters Well, that or I just find certain strange situations amusing Regardless I really enjoyed the book and I m hoping to see what comes next for this author. It seems I am reading Car Hunter in reverse I started with her latest Alias, was intrigued and went on the The Dark Peak series That got me addicted and now I ve tackled her debut novel Snowbound.It was an impressive read in the hurt comfort romance genre and boy, do our heroines get kicked around some I saw some similarities with the Dark peak series and this one For starters, both are set in the same area of Britain s Peak District Sam Lucas is a cop so is Sanne Jensen and Kate Myles is a doctor as is Meg Fielding Both couples get into a bad situation with violent thugs and both couples suffer severe bodily harm.I thought that Hunter did a superb job this being her first but I can see she s grown into an even better writer now The medical part is prominent due to the fact that Sam gets taken hostage whilst on the job early on in the story and so there s not a lot of policing to do for her All medical scenes are super realistic and it s obvious the writer has great knowledge here being a paramedic herself Bring a strong stomach though.The romance is very slow burn Sam and Kate go through a terrible ordeal together and it forms a strong bond that slowly turns into something But then you always have that ex that was bad news for you popping up, trying to put a spanner in the works Luckily the romantic angst was kept to a minimum just enough to create some tension for the plot as there was plenty of other trauma to deal with.f f triggers for physical abuseThemes another page turner, Egads But do they have some harsh winters up there, graphic crime scenes, lots of hot cuppas, bad hospital food, I saw that little plot twist in the second part coming, I loved the story but think as a couple Sanne and Meg have soul.5 stars Oh I liked this one Hunter s debut novel has the first responder, medical and action themes with romance I mean, why has no one told me about this book I m surprised at how well the romance came through given the circumstances they were in The main characters bond through a traumatic event but I m not sure how the connection did not seem forced or the romance a leap Would definitely recommend.