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Mildly entertaining humorous story about time travel between alternative Earth realities Lots of talk about guns, and gunshot wounds, a little too much for my taste. @DOWNLOAD KINDLE Ê The Nagasaki Vector Ø The God That FailedTo His Bosses At The Ochskahrt Memorial Academy He Was Captain Bernard M Gruenblum, Temporal Division Just Another Time Traveler But To The Aliens From Yamaguchi He Was, Literally, God So, If Bernie Was Going To Medieval Japan, They Were Too Well, Three Of ThemIt Was Supposed To Be A Routine Historical Survey, But Things Livened Up When A Mutiny Knocked Bernie Off Course With Disillusioned Aliens For A Crew And A Brig Full Of Murderers, Bernie Knew Getting Home Would Be Tough And That Was Before The Time Machine Disappeared 1985 grade Cseries book A3 A sci fi adventure tale featuring a libertarian utopia full of gun toting monkeys, aliens that look like little bowls of Jell O, and a time machine A favorite of mine when I was a teen I reread it a few years ago, and I realize why I liked it so much As a teen. This is the fourth book in L Neil Smith s North American Confederacy series of libertarian science fiction and alternate history that began with The Probability Broach. That book could only be described as libertarian porn a book that s one enormous in joke for those immersed in the movement, but would probably be a big huh or wtf or both to those on the outside I think The Nagasaki Vector is less of an insider book, but also less fun than the outrageous and outrageously imaginative Probability Broach. Captain Bernie Gruenblum, skipper of a timeship, is a fairly likeable smart aleck, and I did enjoy his alien sidekicks The book reads as very Heinleinesque at times, and I did enjoy that aspect.But brother, at times Look, I consider myself a libertarian, but not only do I find this book preachy at times, you have to understand Smith is the kind of guy capable of describing a character as a MarxoFriedmanite Neo Revisionist of the Old School That s Milton Friedman, an economist most would describe as free market, but to Smith s ilk, not pure enough and thus near kin to Karl Marx So, an injoke few not libertarians would likely get, while at the same time a slap at those libertarians not of Smith s flavor I also admit that I find Smith s adoration of guns outright creepy at times hell, I think most lifetime NRA members would.I rated this novel as high as I did because once I got somewhat into it, I did overall enjoy it, but I don t think it s a keeper If you haven t already and you re inclined to try Smith, I d recommend The Probability Broach, and only if you love that one to go on to read the other North American Confederacy novels If you re not a libertarian and find that book decidedly not your cuppa, you might actually enjoy Smith s The Crystal Empire or Henry Martyn. The first is an imaginative alternate history dealing with a powerful Sino Aztec empire and the other a swashbuckling space opera Both books are less polemical than his wont.