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Just starting to read this Looks like some of the stuff is pretty basic, but it s difficult to draw a clear line between what any individual reader would or would not be interested in So far, looks like it ll be helpful for getting me back into C. Pdf ☧ Professional C++ ☹ Essential Reading For Experienced Developers Who Are Determined To Master The Latest Release Of C Although C Is Often The Language Of Choice From Game Programming To Major Commercial Software Applications, It Is Also One Of The Most Difficult To Master With This No Nonsense Book, You Will Learn To Conquer The Latest Release Of C The Author Deciphers Little Known Features Of C , Shares Detailed Code Examples That You Can Then Plug Into Your Own Code, And Reveals The Significant Changes To C That Accompany The Latest Release You Ll Discover How To Design And Build Applications That Solve Real World Problems And Then Implement The Solution Using The Full Capabilities Of The LanguageAppeals To Experienced Developers Who Are Looking For A Higher Level Of LearningDrills Down The Extensive Changes To The Latest C Standard, C , Including Enhancements Made To Run Time Performance, Standard Library, Language Usability, And Core Language Zeroes In On Explaining The Poorly Understood Elements Of The C Feature Set And Addresses Common Pitfalls To Avoid Includes Case Studies That Feature Extensive, Working Code That Has Been Tested On Windows And Linux Platforms Intertwines Text With Useful Tips, Tricks, And Workarounds Packed With Best Practices For Programming, Testing, And Debugging Applications, This Book Is Vital For Taking Your C Skills To The Next Level People have billed C 11 as a completely new language If it is, then this book made it seem like it was the same old language that I knew way back in the day, with some extra sauce.Incidentally, it made C C seem a whole heck of a lot easier than I remember it being.I wouldn t recommend anyone to read it cover to cover like I did but it works well as a reference for basic, intermediate and advanced concepts. Fairly useful up until the 2 3 mark after that it is basically reference which is useful in its own way Very good as a second book in C Not suitable for absolute beginners, but will be so useful if you are ready know the language basics and you wanna get a grasp of intermediate level program design using C features, covers C 11 as so well. For me, this book, is one of the best books written for C It has designed for intermediate programmers and contains a lot of information about how to write a code and some useful tips about it I think that author should have described some examples, but it s not a problem It s a valuable book Very comprehensive discussion of C in all of its amazing majesty and awesome detail Excellent coverage, mostly well written.