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A day in the life of a dog and cat comes full circle as they begin a sleepy morning, have adventures, and end the day just as sleepy and comfortable as they started. Their adventures are differentHondo goes to the beach to meet another dog friend while Fabian puts up with small children (getting some toiletpaper rolling in the meantime)but they each return to their favorite spots in the evening.

The illustrations are soft and gentle in neutral browns and tans. Although I don't usually care for such fuzzy illustrations, they suit the book, and the depiction of the animals is true to the character of each. Per my second graders: It was really good and I liked it a lot. The pictures were beautiful. It was really cool how he did the pictures. I loved the writing because it was really good with the pictures. DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☣ Hondo & Fabian ♚ Hondo, L Homme Du Dsert WikipdiaHondo Srie TVAlloCin Retrouvez Toutes Les News Et Les Vidos De La Srie TV Hondo Hondo, L Homme Du Dsert FilmAlloCin Synopsis Et Dtails Eclaireur Pour L Arme, Hondo Lane Sillonne L Ouest Pour Prvenir Les Conflits Entre Le Gouvernement Amricain Et Les Apaches Il Croise Sur Sa Route Angie Lowe, Une Courageuse Hondo The Complete Series DVD Blu RayHondo Est Un Ancien Officier De La Cavalerie Confdre, Engag Comme Claireur Dans La Cavalerie Des Etats Unis Aprs La Guerre Civile Refusant De Se Dfaire De Son Chapeau De Confdr Qui Provoque Bien Des Bagarres Il Est Affect Dans Un Fort En Territoire Apache, En Raison De Sa Connaissance De Ce Peuple Et Des Affinits Qui Le Lie Au Chef Victorio Hondo A T MariHondo, L Homme Du Dsert De John Farrow, SynopsisSous Un Soleil De Plomb, Hondo Lane, Un Aventurier Solitaire Qui Travaille De Temps Autre Comme Claireur Pour L Arme Amricaine, Arrive Pied Dans Un Ranch Isol En Territoire Apache Celui Ci HondoIMDb Army Scout Hondo Lane Played By John Wayne Stumbles Across An Isolated Homestead In The Middle Of Apache Territory The Inhabitants A Woman And Her Son Believe They Are Safe, As There Is A Treaty With The Apaches Lane Knows Better Though, As The Army Has Just Broken The Treaty, Causing The Apache To Seek Revenge On Settlers Hondo Ohnaka Star Wars Wiki Fandom Hondo Ohnaka Tait Un Roi Pirate Weequay La Tte D Un Gang De Pirates Installs Sur Florrum Durant La Guerre Des Clones Ces Brigands Vivaient De Pillages, De Ranons Et De Jeux D Argents Hondo Tait Toujours Accompagn De Son Fidle Singe Lzard Kowakien, Pikk Mukmuk Hondo Film Wikipedia Hondo Is AWarnercolor D Western Film Directed By John Farrow And Starring John Wayne And Geraldine Page The Screenplay Is Based On The July ,Collier S Short Story The Gift Of Cochise By Louis L Amour The Book Hondo Was A Novelization Of The Film Also Written By L Amour, And Published By Gold Medal Books In With simple text and luminous artwork, children's author/illustrator Peter McCarty explores one day in the life of the eponymous Hondo and Fabian, a dog and cat duo who live together and are good friends. While Hondo heads to the seashore, to spend the day romping with his fellow canine, Fred, the feline Fabian remains at home with the baby, having his own form of fun. But at the end of the day, the two are together again, enjoying their evening meal, and their favorite napping places.

Awarded a Caldecott Honor in 2003, Hondo and Fabian has a gentleness to it that is very appealing, with a simple text of no more than a sentence per page"Two happy dogs dive in the waves. / Fabian dives for the door."and gorgeous artwork that just seems to glow on the page. My first book by Peter McCarty was Henry in Love , which I appreciated for the artwork, but found rather uninspired, textually speaking. Here, however, the words and images work together flawlessly, resulting in one of those quietly impressive books, whose appeal can take the reader by surprise. Recommended for very young cat and dog loversMcCarty clearly understands his felines and canines!and for anyone looking for lovely, comforting bedtime fare for younger, preschoolage children. I myself will definitely be tracking down the sequel, to see what happens when Fabian Escapes . It is very apparent that Hondo and Fabian are a real dog and cat. Peter McCarty has captured the essence of "dog" and "cat" perfectly using very few words and very nice illustrations. Dog goes on an adventure. Cat stays home. Dog runs into the ocean waves. Cat runs from baby. My favorite picture is of the cat having fun in the bathroom unrolling the toilet paper. I recommend this for parents to share with very young children and all dog and cat lovers. This simple, understated story with illustrations in muted browns, blues and reds contrasts and parallels Fabian the cat's day with Hondo the dog's day. The illustrations have a hazy, fuzzy, sweet look. While Hondo is romping with his friend at the beach, Fabian has to create his own fun in the house. But when Hondo comes home, he and Fabian eat dinner side by side, and then sleep in their accustomed spots of Fabian on the windowsill and Hondo on the floor. The story is deceptively simple, but very effective, and the illustrations are a perfect match. With the illustration equivalent of morning light sifting through a curtain, Peter McCarty's Hondo and Fabian makes for a cute, easy read about a pet dog and cat.  The two certainly have different ideas of fun, though their days have a similar structure.  The narrative is overall explanatory and the McCarty seems to take great delight in showing the specifics in his illustrations.  Fabian has fun too, says the textbut the illustration shows him clawing the toilet paper rolls.  Overall, a fun read that's great for a cozy night or early morning read.

Review crosslisted here! A dog and cat spend their days in much the same way. Every other page focuses on either the dog or the cat and in one sentence explains how they are spending their day. Each part of their stories is presented in a two page spread where the sentence describing the action appears on its own page and a full color illustration appears on the other. The pictures are soft and muted and look like what I think a memory would resemble if it were illustrated. The positions the dog and cat assume and the facial expressions they make are very lifelike and it is obvious these animals are inspired by creatures near and dear to the author because drawings this accurate only come from hours of careful, loving observation. Great read aloud. A lovely story about a dog and a cat, their relationship and a day in their lives. Lovely soft, fuzzy pencil illustrations and a subtle sense of humour.

Read on open library. The paintings are gorgeous and unusual, and fun. I particularly like the one where the cat is playing in the bathroom.

This is a very spare and simple story with few words that is suitable for the youngest child. There isn’t that much to the story but it rings so true and it’s charming.

There are 4 characters: Hondo the dog, Fabian the cat, Fred the dog who’s Hondo’s friend, and a toddler/baby.

This authorillustrator obviously knows dogs and cats because he captured them so perfectly.

I think very young children will really enjoy this book, and anyone who loves dogs and/or cats will get a kick out of it too.

3 ¾ stars