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Great quick read with tons of little snapshots of Chicago and Chicago residents Full of entertaining story snippets based on the author s own experience of driving a cab in Chicago in the mid 2000 s Samarov is a really gifted writer as an added bonus Some of his phrasing and descriptions are just incredible If you have ever lived in Chicago, definitely check this one out. An excellent read Gritty, real Samarov sketches his experiences driving a cab both in words and with his own drawings I ve lived in Chicago 25 years, and I ve never seen this side of it close up, but the details ring true. [Read Epub] ♍ Hack ♝ Cabdrivers And Their Yellow Taxis Are As Much A Part Of The Cityscape As The High Rise Buildings And The Subway We Hail Them Without Thought After A Wearying Day At The Office Or An Exuberant Night On The Town And, Undoubtedly, Taxi Drivers Have Stories To Tell Of Farcical Local Politics, Of Colorful Passengers, Of Changing Neighborhoods And Clandestine Shortcuts No One Knows A City S Streets And Thus Its Heart Better Than Its Cabdrivers And From Behind The Wheel Of His Taxi, Dmitry Samarov Has Seen Of Chicago Than Most Chicagoans Will Hope To Experience In A LifetimeAn Artist And Painter Trained At The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago, Samarov Began Driving A Cab In To Make Ends Meet, And He S Been Working As A Taxi Driver Ever Since In Hack Stories From A Chicago Cab, He Recounts Tales That Will Delight, Surprise, And Sometimes Shock The Most Seasoned Urbanite We Follow Samarov Through The Rhythms Of A Typical Week, As He Waits Hours At The Garage To Pick Up A Shift, Ferries Comically Drunken Passengers Between Bars, Delivers Prostitutes To Their Johns, And Inadvertently Observes Drug Deals There Are Long Waits With Other Cabbies At O Hare, Vivid Portraits Of Street Corners And Their Regular Denizens, Amorous Cubs Fans Celebrating After A Game At Wrigley Field, And Customers Who Are Pleasantly Surprised That Samarov Is White And Tell Him So Throughout, Samarov S Own Drawings Of His Fares, Of The Taxi Garage, And Of A Variety Of Chicago Street Scenes Accompany His Stories In The Grand Tradition Of Nelson Algren, Saul Bellow, Mike Royko, And Studs Terkel, Dmitry Samarov Has Rendered An Entertaining, Poignant, And Unforgettable Vision Of Chicago And Its People Each new cab passenger characterized in quick, sharp vignettes illustrated with super little sketches Best line about a White Castle drive thru passenger She went to the castle but didn t come home with a prince. What a fantastic book for people watchers 125 pages of anecdotes from the author s time driving a cab in the city of Chicago It s not a hard read, by any means, but a good one Devoured it in a day The colorful prose is accompanied in black and white by the author s own watercolor, ink, and oil renderings of the sights he describes A perfect read for a day spent wandering around the above mentioned city Recommended My only complaint It s too short. I received an autographed copy of this unexpected gem for Christmas 2011 from my best friend Noyoucmon, a Chicagoan who is himself an acquaintance of the author Unexpected because I had never previously expressed an interest in taxicabs, in Chicago or otherwise, other than to take the occasional trip in one What a wonderful gift it turned out to be, an evocative look at the Second City through the tutored eye of one of her many hackney carriage drivers The grayscale watercolors filling the book remind the reader of the author s primary vocation as a painter, and he is as adept with prose as he is with the painbrush his short accounts paint vivid pictures of life behind the wheel, from the routine hassles involved in the weekly ritual of leasing a cab to the varied characters picked up and dropped off on the expressways and backstreets of the Windy City. I work or a company that lends to taxi drivers so I think this book is a must read for me Sounds interesting I hope I win Not a great read, but certainly enjoyable Samarov s writing oscillates between being absurdly overwrought and drily brilliant, causing me to switch between rolling my eyes and shaking my head in amazement at the genius at some of his one liners approximately once every other page He has this kind of kind of detached, above it all, so totally over everything kind of attitude toward his work and what seems like towards life in general it s a good thing the book is only 120 pages long, because that tone was already starting to grind on me somewhere after hitting the halfway point, and I definitely couldn t have put up with another 120 or so pages.All that said, the book is incredibly entertaining and really does have some shining moments I m glad I picked it up. Easy read and fairly interesting, but I was disappointed Having lived in Chicago for six years, I think I may have had higher expectations for this book than the average reader It wasn t as witty or entertaining as I thought it would be Props though to the author for including some of his original artwork to illustrate various vignettes throughout the book.the best part of the book It was also cool to read about certain streets and neighborhoods and know exactly where he s talking about.