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From my blog Jane Eyre is one of my all time favorite classic reads While I love the classic version, I also enjoy reading modern versions of the story In this version, Bea Stephens is our modern day Jane Alone, but intelligent and independent, Bea makes her way through an elite boarding school and then onto college But, she soon finds herself unable to afford school and must drop out to find a job Hoping to save money and return to school someday, Bea takes a job as a nanny for Ethan Stuart, the wealthy and worldly hotel magnate Though they come from different worlds, they are almost instantly drawn to one another and find themselves falling in love But, when secrets from Ethan s past come to light, Bea runs away and tries to forget about Ethan Will their deep bond and love ever bring them back together This was a great version of the Jane Eyre story The author s writing was so effortless and beautiful Bea was a strong, honest, and likable character The bond between her and Ethan was believable and romantic I don t want to give away the details, but a long lost relative of Bea s shows up later in the storyit s a nice twist. I love the story of Jane Eyre, and this modern retelling did not disappoint me I really enjoyed it, and read it straight through with only a little sleep to interrupt my reading pleasure The main character is smart and strong, taking her success into her own hands The main male character is sweet, and kind and good, all hiding behind his blunt, sardonic exterior This retelling follows the book very well, but adds in enough of the modern world and changes to remain interesting. Rated a 4.5 I almost forgot how much I loved Jane Eyre, and reading this re telling reminded me why I loved her and her story so much I think I have to say that Jane Eyre is probably my all time favorite romantic story I ve ever read I adore this story This retelling of Jane Eyre is exactly what it says it is a modern retelling Not at all straying from the book, it rather just modernizes things for us with the kind of language we use today That s basically it Of course nothing can beat the real thing I think the thing that I missed the most was the original beautiful language that made me melt and wish I was part of Jane s world But I really did enjoy this retelling of one the classics Great read for on the get go or you ve got a Jane Eyre craving and left your hard copy at home. I m not one for long drawn out reviews so I ll just say I SO ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT I ve loved Jane s story since I was a child and I even loved it in this form Bea s story was just different enough not to mock Jane s but just familiar enough to feel like home All the settings in the book were very vivid and detailed without the descriptions being multiple paragraphs long. I just loved the ambiance of it I wished it was a cold rainy November spent reading this book by the fire instead of a hot August afternoon in Texas This is one of those special books that makes you feel warm and cozy enough to lose yourself in the story.I highly recommend this book and am definitely looking forward tofrom this author Faithful re telling.I am giving 3 stars because, while this is a faithful contemporary re telling with a little Tom Wolfe thrown in for color, I personally found the Christian overlay intrusive and unnecessary. Modern Jane Eyre.While the author credibly transitioned much of the story into the modern times, some of Jane Eyre s original passion was lost While the original novel is one of my favorite love stories, with lines and scenes I can read over and over, I felt very little investment in Bea and Ethan s tale I felt the philosophical discussions came off as pretentious rather than Jane s honest and unique personality I also felt the religious trope was laid on pretty thick, with quotes from the bible I simply skimmed. |DOWNLOAD ♶ An American Heir ♞ An American Heir A Modern Retelling Of Jane Eyre Lifts Charlotte Bront S Classic From Nineteenth Century England And Plants It Firmly On Twenty First Century American Soil Bea Stephens Is The Modern Counterpoint To Jane A Smart And Independent Woman Whose Intelligence Far Surpasses Her Means Hoping To Earn Some Money So She Can Finish College, Bea Takes A Job As A Nanny For Ethan Stuart, A Mercurial Hotel Magnate While Bea And Ethan Come From Different Backgrounds Practically Different Worlds The Distance Between Them Is Ultimately Bridged By Their Love For One Another Read An American Heir, And Meet A Modern Jane Look, I love Jane Eyre and I m trying to read as many retellings as possible This one was good BUTit s got SUPER God towards the end I KNOW, I KNOW, so does the original, but I started to question if I was reading a religious retelling.Either way, this was still pretty okay. I wanted to like this book so much because a friend, whose opinion I value, recommended it to me Unfortunately, I did not enjoy it I did not see much chemistry between Bea and Ethan I didn t believe that, in the 20th 21st century, Ethan would be able to realistically hide a wife In the same way, when Bea left Ethan I didn t think there would be much conflict because I assumed he would find her quickly and easily When he didn t I was disappointed I did, however, enjoy watching Bea interact with the Adele counterpart That relationship was developed in a lovely way I love the story of Jane Eyre and I think, done correctly, it could be interestingly interpreted for modern times I just don t think Ms Keffer was successful. I ve seen and read a few attempts to translate Jane Eyre into modern times and it always falls short If you re reading this, I will assume you have read the original novel so spoiler warning I do not see any way to make the insane wife locked in the attic time hop to modern times Not to mention the inability to remove the wife by legal means if necessary That is usually my biggest beef In Victorian Times, Jane s character is virtuous and strong whereas in modern times it comes across as a little arrogant I love the original novel and have read it at least 15 times but I really think the story needs to stay where it began in the 1800s