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In the prologue the year is 1349 and Seraphina is fourteen years old, dancing the night away with a masked stranger She heads outside for some fresh air, where the masked stranger reveals himself to be the alchemist s son, Cyrus He says he has always noticed Seraphina Then out of nowhere, a man and a woman come to rob them The woman stabs Seraphina in the back and she is about to die Cyrus uses his father s immortality elixir to separate the cord of Seraphina s soul from her body and put her soul into the woman who stabbed her s body Seraphina wakes up in the other woman s body and she runs off to spend the rest of eternity with Cyrus.It starts off feeling like it will be a beautiful love story, but fast forward about 650 years to present day and Cyrus is now a psycho The way the immortality elixir works is that the soul has to over take another body about every ten years So over Seraphina s lifetime she has killed about 65 people in order to survive The soul can transfer into a damaged body and it will heal the body but the soul sucks the body dry of energy over the course of ten years Seraphina tries to choose bodies that belong to people that are self destructive and don t want to live but she can t do it any She doesn t want to be responsible for another death Except Cyrus refuses to let her go He has become controlling, manipulative, and heartless Seraphina comes up with a plan to escape Cyrus and allow her current body to wear out and die.When Seraphina does finally escape Cyrus she ends up finding a car accident victim and tries to give her CPR The need to survive overtakes her and she accidentally transfers her soul into the car accident victim s body She ends up taking over her Kailey s life, attending her school, falling for her the boy next door, enjoying her friends and family She normally just gets a new identity but Cyrus never taught her how to do that or how to survive on her own She lucked out with all the technology the world now has to offer because she uses facebook, google, photo albums, and all the clues around the girls room to try to blend into her life But Seraphina is afraid Cyrus will catch up with her He is smart and knows her well and if he finds out about the car accident he might come to take her away from the new life and people she loves.I read the book all in one night and it held my attention well The immortality concept was unique and original The soul having to travel to a new body was an interesting twist It was a bit short and I did want a little development I loved Noah but I was hoping for a little between them It seemed like he had always been into Kailey but when Seraphina took over her body he seemed to all of a sudden really fall for her but I didn t totally feel it I definitely saw why Seraphina would fall for Noah though His character was sweet and considerate I also didn t really fully understand why Cyrus was so obsessed with Seraphina other than he was just a psycho They apparently loved each other at one time but at the beginning of the book they didn t seem like a couple It felt like they were already broken up so I guess he just liked to control her I would think he would just assume she died but he goes to a lot of trouble to try to track her down There was a big cliffhanger so I definitely need to see what happens next Dear Cyrus,I loved you once, with all my heart, and I stayed alive, in one form or another, for centuries because I could not bear to be apart from you But the years have changed us, and not for the better Every death we ve caused has killed our love, bit by bit I cannot kill another human in order to live When my current body is lost, I will be too Until the next life, Seraphina This book is AWESOME That s really all I want to say, short and sweet But because this is a review, and I want the world to read this book, I guess I will go into a bit detail The book starts out with a rockin setting, way back in the 1300 s, where we first meet Sera I love seeing that touch of otherworldly ness It s so different from what we know today.Chapter two fast forwards several hundred years later, to current day It s great to see how much Sera has evolved She s a wonderfully done character, who has no idea what life is going to hold for her still, even though she s lived for so long In many ways, she s still just a young girl trying to figure everything out for the first time.I really enjoyed the way the author did Cyrus character He was creepy and possessive, and everything a killer should be He believed that everything could be explained by science, and that what matters most in the world, like love and living an honsest life, were things that could fall by the wayside as long as he could control it.I loved the plot It was always giving me different twists, and was not predictable in any way Especially the ending I was a bit confused by it, but not in a bad way It left me feeling likewhat Waitwhat I m super excited for book two Can it please come out Now I loved the creepy aspect of the fact that Kailey s family has NO idea that there s a stranger living inside of their daughter s body How cool is that Poor familythey are so lovable, I just want to go into the book and let them know what s really going on.The cover is awesome When you turn it different angles, you see multiple faces It s cool, because it fits the story so well Overall, if you love stories with a little creepy, a little funny, a little drama, and a lot of awesome, then I would totally recommend this one It s a fast read, and different from what I ve read before, so if you want something fast and fun, definitely go pick up a copy when it releases DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♁ The Alchemy of Forever ☥ In The First Novel Of The Incarnation Series, The Immortal Seraphina Grapples With A Wrenching Truth Falling In Love Might Mean Succumbing To DeathPeople Say Love Never Dies But Love Might Be The Death Of Seraphina Seraphina Has Been Alive Since The Middle Ages, When Her Boyfriend, Cyrus, Managed To Perfect A Method Of Alchemy That Lets Them Swap Bodies With Any Human Being Sera Ran Away From Cyrus Years Ago, When She Realized That What They Were Doing Taking The Lives Of Innocent People Was Wrong Yet She Doesn T Want To Die, So She Finds Young People Who Are On The Brink Of Death, And Inhabits Their Bodies Sera Has Just Landed In The Body Of A Girl Named Kailey Who Was About To Die In A Car Accident For The First Time, Sera Falls In Love With The Life Of The Person She S Inhabiting Sera Also Falls For The Boy Next Door, Noah And Soon It S Clear The Feelings Are Returned But She Can Never Kiss Noah, Because For Her To Touch Lips With A Human Would Mean The Human S Death And She Has Even To Worry About Cyrus Is Chasing Her If She Stays In One Place For Long, She Puts Herself And The People She S Grown To Care For In Great Danger Will Sera Have To Give Up The One Thing That S Eluded Her For Centuries True Love I really do not know what is going on in the YA universe lately, but the quality of writing from debut authors is dropping drastically This book was just ridiculous It was completely unbelievable in every way, and the underdeveloped characters were all idiots I should have known not to read this book when it said for fans of the Immortals series, but noooooo I wanted to give a new author a chance Yea Big mistake Let s start with the characters Seraphina is supposed to be this unselfish, caring person, but she s not She s been killing people for SIX HUNDRED YEARS so that she could stay alive, and she just now started feeling bad enough about it to, oh I don t know, STOP Yea, she s real caring Sure, she waits the full ten years before she switches bodies, but seriously, that s over 60,000 murders she s committed I just couldn t buy into her being a kind character The rest of the characters are so under developed, it s laughable I didn t feel like I knew the characters any better at the end of the book than I did at the beginning I kept reading, hoping for some big explosion of character development, but none came Now, let s talk about the plot My consensus of this is W.T.F It made no sense, unless Sera is a big freaking liar, which she probably is The prologue indicates that one must suck the life force out of another human before inhabiting the body Okay, cool, I ll go with it right Well, she just kisses the first woman to inhabit her body Unless I ve been doing it wrong all these years, you don t suck on someone s face like they re a straw when you re kissing them Just sayin THEN, Sera accidentally kills Kailey in an effort to save her Riiiiight She was giving her mouth to mouth, and then she just accidentally SUCKED the life force out of Kailey instead of BLOWING AIR into her lungs Sure, that s believable But still, I kept reading I hoped it d start to be logical, but it got even worse Then Sera makes about 2349872398 stupid mistakes, constantly blaming Cyrus because he made it to where she had to always depend on him Well, maybe he realized that she was too stupid to live and kept her on a tight leash And, of course, no one bothers to question why Kailey s entire personality has changed Sure, they ask if she s okay, but past that, even her parents don t mention it They know she had a concussion, yet they ignore the fact that she s acting weird That s totally believable AND her parents kept telling her things like, We always allowed you to do what you want um hello Who would do that If that is your child, she was there for her entire life, so she KNOWS what you did and didn t do The telling her stuff like that was just too convenient And another thing, why on earth did no one question why Kailey s blood was all over the pavement after the accident, but she had no injuries minus a concussion when she got to the hospital She totaled a car and would have probably been dead Looking at the car, one would assume there would be injuries than just a concussion Which leads me to yet ANOTHER plot hole how did she keep the accident a secret from everyone in school Her brother told one person, yet no one else ever found out I mean did Williams even GO to high school People would have known, and people would have talked about it A lot The ending was a terrible cliffhanger that was about as illogical as the rest of the book Needless to say, I won t be continuing this series The writing itself wasn t horrible, but the overly convenient events in the ill conceived plot with the under developed characters made me want to gouge my eyes out Do yourself a favor and avoid this one. Providing readers with a thoroughly interesting and unique perspective on incarnation, Avery Williams has great promise to offer with her Incarnation series, a good portion of which is executed in The Alchemy of Forever Williams take on the thought provoking concept of incarnation is certainly a refreshing and alluring one, touching less on religion and life after death, as I had initially expected, and on science, which I found to be exceptionally original and fascinating The characters in The Alchemy of Forever, however, I feel were not met with that same interesting and fascinating quality as the plot While the characters that were supposed to be likable are entirely likable, and the characters that aren t supposed to be likable are deliciously sinister, whether a character in The Alchemy of Forever was likable or not was some of the most insight we got into the characters, in my opinion When I m reading a novel, I try to connect to the characters as much as possible, but if I feel I don t know much about any of the characters, I find that pretty difficult to do While I was entirely connected to the plot and what was occurring throughout the novel, with the exception of a rough patch in pacing around the halfway mark, I wasn t emotionally connected to most if any of the characters, and due to that, many of the events in The Alchemy of Forever didn t bear the amount of impact I m sure Avery Williams had expected them to I do like the characters in this novel I really like Sera, although I would have liked to see depth and growth from her character, and I really like Noah, the love interest But these characters are met with little development when separated from each other, that, while I care about what happens in their relationship, I can t muster up the same amount of attachment when concerning each of the characters when they re on their own With a highly original concept, a strong writing style that reads briskly, and an even stronger central villain that is as nefarious as he is utterly captivating to read about, The Alchemy of Forever had a lot going for it, but the incredibly short page count got in the way of providing the protagonists with depth, and that is undoubtedly this novel s biggest downfall Hopefully there will be character development and villain appearances in the next addition in the Incarnation trilogy, which I look forward to reading. 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The Alchemy of Forever I don t have much to say on the subject It was one of those books that you absolutely have no opinion on, because you couldn t care less Yes, this was a good book, yes, I would read the next one, and yes, I have nothing to say The plot was good, interesting, but could have been better The idea behind it was good and the twists and turns kept me reading I liked how not everything went the way it was supposed to be.Some characters were completly useless and a waste of words, and almost none of them went through any development They stayed almost identical to the time that I met them The heroin had some blond moments no offence to blonds and acted very stupid I was like, Come on, you know better than that Yup, those moments I wished out heroin had a better developed brain.Absolute plus in this book was that Seraphina was running away from the abusive relatonship The down side was that her heart still stoped when she saw him Ahhh, that never changes The writing had way too many metaphors for my liking I started skipping the parts where the stars were compared to a grassy field, or something like that All those discriptions were completly un nessesary It didn t help with the imagry.All in all, it wasn t my favorite but I am interested in finding out whats next.I guess it was okay. Reincarnation has always been an iffy subject for me I m not easily interested or impressed with it I can happily say that the Alchemy of Forever is by far the best reincarnation story I have ever read though I haven t read that many but still it was awesome In The Alchemy of Forever, when Seraphina dies next to Cyrus, the man who was to take her hand, he gives her a drop of Alchemy potion he s discovered, that allows Seraphina to attach her soul to another body She can now live forever jumping from body to body How cool is that What would you do if one day, you were suddenly in someone else s body Living someone else s life Someone you have never met, with a family and friends, classes and hobbies Well fake it til you make it And that s exactly what Sera did This premise, to me, is extremely fascinating We ve all wondered what it would be like to live someone else s life at one point or another It was very interesting, and often amusing, to watch Sera go through this The girl has never even gone to school And now she s supposed to act like a normal 16 year old It was great I was completely engrossed in it from the very first page Sera is a fabulous protagonist who is extremely brave I loved everything about her her personality, her voice, even her name Seraphina it s so chic, isn t it Trying to get Seraphina back, Cyrus will go to great lengths He s the ultimate villain with the ultimate weapon immortality How can you escape someone who can not only live forever, but can LOOK like ANYONE He can take any body he chooses And he s the type who will do anything to get what he wants He kills mercilessly, and forgives no one No wonder Sera escaped him But, as you can surely guess, she sees him again.The writing is excellent, the pacing is perfect, the romance is wonderful, and the end is heartbreaking There is nothing I disliked about this book Even the killer cliffhanger is extremely interesting and what s funny is I sort of expected it, but it still shocked me With most books you can often guess where the story is going to go after a cliffhanger, but this time I have absolutely no clue what Avery is planning for us I m positive that it will be gripping and surely full of emotions However, I may not get to read it, because I may die waiting For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads The scariest thing about Incarnates is that we look just like everyone else. Another YA with a brilliant premise that doesn t quite deliver, The Alchemy of Forever is bad when it could have easily been epic Sera is an immortal or Incarnate, like they re called in this one who has to steal other people s souls to take over their bodies as her s dies after about every 10 years Cyrus is the one who turned her and her love for him died out a long time ago Sera s decided that her current body will be her last, and she d rather die than steal another soul When the time to die comes though, her resolve weakens and she ends up in the body of Kailey Morgan.All that makes this out to be the next great book since Angelfall or something Unfortunately, all the awesomeness is simply hinted at, rather than being analyzed and explained I had a number of issues with this book, made all the irritating because of how effortlessly they could have been amended, had the author chosen to make this just a slightly longer book Even after reading The Alchemy of Forever, I still don t know anything about Sera s character that I didn t gather from the synopsis This book is so annoyingly brief and abrupt, we don t get the chance to look atanythingextensively Not at the true origin of the Incarnates, not at Cyrus, not at Sera, and certainly not at Noah and Kailey.Basically, we never get the chance to truly get to know the characters Ergo, I didn t feel a thing for any of them, so even when The Shocking Thing at the end occurred, I was only mildly curious about what would happen next Sure, I d like to know what really went down that night, but I won t have any nightmares if I never find out If only the author had taken a few chapters to get us better acquainted with Sera and who she is by herself, when she s not imitating the life she s taken, the book would have been a million times better and I wouldn t be so indifferent to her fate Williams also skimmed over scenes I would have really liked to read The readers s simply told they happened and we re left to fill in the blanks How does the relationship between Noah and Sera, Leyla and Sera, everyone and Sera develop They don t notice anything odd in her behavior Do they like Sera or is it just Kailey they re seeing in her Sera goes from being suicidal to lively and from being ready to flee to loving her new life in seconds, and the sudden development isn t portrayed or conveyed that well at all Overall, The Alchemy of Forever represents an interesting and new concept, but that potential is never truly explored I look forward to finding out what happens next, but this one most definitely did not leave an impact For reviews, visit my blog.