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Follow on to The Little World of Don Camillo my review here , a continuation of of the same If you liked the first, you will probably like the second The sense of looking at a lost time and place some aspects of which are very much better staying lost is strong and interesting also of looking at a time and place undergoing change both in its recent past and its unsuspected future, the latter of which angle would not have been available to its original 1950s readers, and which occasionally supplies a slightly creepy frisson Communism, gender relations, etc Ta, L. Not sure why I found this a bit disappointing, but it felt a bit flat after having watched throughout my childhood the Don Camillo and Peppone film with the magnificent Fernandel Also made the mistake of reading the foreword, which explained all about how the stories were sort of meant to be a parody of the Cold War Until then they were just hilarious Italian stories with quite a lot of wisdom thrown in, even if often it is Jesus himself who makes you or Don Camillo see it. Not as good as the first book, but still charming in its kindly and humorous look at a rural Italian community in the immediate post war period as cold war tensions raged. . Reading stories of Don Camillo is to travel to the Valley of the River Po, Italy s widest and most fertile plain, with its unique atmosphere, culture and natural history And to do so in the incomparable company of a cast of characters who testify to the exquisite humor and humanity of their creator.Giovanni Guareschi, himself a native of the Lower Plain, first drew breath in Fontanelle di Roccabianca on May Day, 1908, returning to buy a house there in Roncole Verdi in 1952, after a decade of getting himself arrested, variously by Mussolini s Fascists, Hitler s Nazis, and Italy s President, Luigi Einaudi.The Einaudi arrest occurred after Giovanni s satirical magazine, Candido, which had helped engineer the defeat of the Fronte Popolare the Communists in 48, depicted Einaudi at the Quirinal Palace, surrounded by a presidential guard of giant bottles of Nebbiolo wine, suggesting perhaps that his love for the wine he produced on his farm near Dogliani might have eclipsed his commitment to the people.The cartoon was judged a lese majesty an offence against the dignity of a reigning sovereign or State Giovanni received a suspended prison sentence, later imposed after a further bust up with the authorities, when Prime Minister Acide De Gasperi sued him for libel Conflict marked Giovanni s life The combination of a humorously provocative nature and the creative talents of a cartoonist and writer was always bound to get him noticed, and quite possibly into trouble That he survived his detractors and became not only bed time reading for Pope Benedict XVI but also a household name across the world, was down to something else.The Don Camillo stories reflect Giovanni s life of conflict, but also his search for enlightenment In episode after episode, the hot headed Catholic priest, Don Camillo, and the equally pugnacious Communist mayor, Peppone, confront one another, sometimes in a serious and violent manner But the clever bit is the way Giovanni not only engineers a resolution to this, but transforms the situation to the great benefit of the local community, so that the two men put their political convictions aside and, however begrudgingly, develop respect for each other.To enable this, Giovanni created a third main character, his finest creation and the most surprising Il Cristo presides over proceedings from a crucifix above the altar of the town church and counsels Don Camillo, exposing and undermining the stubborn priest s personal polities and prejudices and, with fascinating insights and gentle humor, suggests paths of action which, with the benefit of hindsight, we come to see make things right.Giovanni claimed that the voice from the crucifix was merely the voice of his own conscience, but in the stories, it is a living reality which enables solutions so simple that they are beyond the reach of political minds clouded with ideology and the need to win.Victory, as such, is never sought the wry wisdom of il Cristo seeks not supremacy but equanimity within the Little World, which is achieved through an understanding and acceptance of what being human means Giovanni s message is that what works at the micro level of the Little World can be made to work universally, the world over.Another aspect of the appeal is that the Little World is inspired by the spirit of a real place and its people The Lower Plain is a region where often the passion for polities is so intense that it becomes worrying as Giovanni once said But its people are pleasant and hospitable and generous, and have a high sense of humor Creating his fictional world was second nature to him, because he himself was imbued with the spirit of it. What can I say Don Camillo is always excellent I first read of him many years ago and am now enjoying a reread with this new edition, along with some never before translated stories. .FREE PDF ☯ Don Camillo e il suo gregge ♵ Don Camillo E Peppone, Una Delle Coppie Pi Celebri Della Letteratura Italiana Contemporanea, Ci Propongono Altri Capitoli Delle Loro Imprese Tutto Lecito Per Raggiungere Il Loro Scopo Salvo Dimenticare L Amicizia, Il Buon Senso, La Profonda Umanit Che Li Anima Il Grande Fiume Che Scorre Pacifico, Il Piacere Di Incontrarsi Di Nuovo Con Due Personaggi Ormai A Tutti NotiNel Vecchio Paese Della Bassa, Peppone E Don Camillo Continuano, Negli Anni Dell Immediato Dopoguerra, La Loro Guerra Privata Conducendo Una Strategia Di Opposti Estremismi, In Un Susseguirsi Di Avventure, Vendette, Scherzi Ma, Come Si Sa, A Volte Gli Estremi Si Toccano Pu Cos Capitare Che I Due Uomini Escano Dalle Cabine Elettorali E Non Si Sappia Chi Ha Fatto La Croce Sul Pci E Chi Ha Consegnato La Scheda Bianca, Oppure Addirittura Che Nascondano Insieme Un Carro Armato, Ingombrante Ricordo Della Guerra Da Poco Finita Don Camillo E Peppone, Al Di L Di Ogni Divergenza Politica, Sono Fatti Della Stessa Pasta Si Capiscono Senza Parlare, Sono Intrisi Della Stessa Umanit 29 1387 .