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A surprising murder mysteryA series of actions which appear to have no connection begin this Finnish murder mystery The reader is led on and kept in suspense until he realises the tenuous connections have a focus and you want to read on A bit of an indictment on today s media though A very good read. This is the third book I ve read by Wagner, after Ice Moon and Silence, and it s just as brooding and grief haunted as the first two an aspect which perfectly suits Wagner s wounded detective Kimmo Joentaa Wagner has been called the anti writer of pop literature I m not sure what that means, but it s true that his crime novels are eccentric even by Scandinavian standards Maybe it s because Wagner is German and his novels are set in Finland Whatever the reason, I enjoy the offbeat abstract quality that makes them meditations than mysteries The Winter of the Lions features a charming talk show host and a confused, stricken woman bent on metaphysical revenge There s also a willowy gay puppeteer, who of course is suicidal The plot doesn t actually make a lot of sense, but somehow the writing comes close to redeeming everything Even though the morose, damaged Scandinavian detective is by now as much a clich as Hercule Poirot and his curled mustache, this book won t disappoint readers who prefer their characters disappointed. @READ KINDLE ⚡ Im Winter der Löwen ⚣ Every Year Since The Tragic Death Of His Wife, Detective Kimmo Joentaa Has Prepared For The Isolation Of Christmas With A Glass Of Milk And A Bottle Of Vodka To Arm Himself Against The Harsh Finnish Winter However, This Year Events Take An Unexpected Turn When A Young Woman Turns Up On His DoorstepNot Long Afterwards Two Men Are Found Murdered, One Of Whom Is Joentaa S Colleague, A Forensic Pathologist When It Becomes Clear That Both Victims Had Recently Been Guests On Finland S Most Famous Talk Show, Kimmo Is Called Upon To Use All His Powers Of Intuition And Instinct To Solve The Case Meanwhile The Killer Is Lying In Wait, Ready To Strike AgainIn Kimmo Joentaa, Prizewinning Author Jan Costin Wagner Has Created A Lonely Hero In The Philip Marlowe Mould, Who Uses His Unusual Gifts For Psychological Insight To Delve Deep Inside The Minds Of The Criminals He Pursues I cannot believe, firstly that I ve left the last two books in this series unread for so long, and secondly I d be daft enough to read the third, THE WINTER OF THE LIONS out of order Not that it made a lot of difference to the experience It s hard to use the word enjoyable when you re referring to any of the books by Jan Costin Wagner as they are so steeped in grief and brooding, although, there was just a glimmer that Kimmo Joentaa might be ready to move on a little Even though the death of his wife is still the defining thing in his life, he is forced to look outside himself, despite it being Christmas, the time of year he most dreads.Set in Finland, Wagner is a German writer with a unique sense of the culture and the country His writing is pared down, emotional and dark The plotting of the book is slow, often impenetrable, yet for this reader, it simply didn t matter The storytelling really is astoundingly affecting and involving Joentaa is magnificently morose, but without a feeling of overwhelming self pity The first book in the series, ICE MOON, was a revelation when I first read it and I waited impatiently for the next to be translated Then for reasons best known to my idiot self, I bought and then never picked up the next book in the series SILENCE There really are times when I could kick myself, or at least put the book immediately on the bedside table. As usual the mood is somber However, there is a change in Kimmo s life The mystery is told from the perspective of Kimmo and the perpetrator 2 people are murdered, and one almost murdered All 3 were on a TV talk show shortly before the incidents What is the connection Kimmo works in his usual strange fashion to begin to put together the pieces A very interesting novel I loved this book, I loved the writer I didn t know it s another volume in a Kimmo Joentaa series this doesn t diminish it s worth one bit It s not a procedural police story and nothing wrong footing the reader will be revealed in the end The pleasure one gets from this book comes from the crude and honest portrayal of the characters crude in that descriptive words barely make their presence which fits nicely on the winter atmosphere of Finland Honest in that the ideas that take shape in someone s head are rarely linearly connected nor does their formulation into words makes them meaningful I didn t mention the plot in my review because it doesn t matter Which is why I will buy another book from this writer his rendering of the conscience of the characters is what interests me. G nial My first try with this author and it wasn t bad Basically a Scandinavian noir cosy if there is such a thing , Detective Kimmo Joentaa and his Finnish colleagues work the case when two people who appeared on the same crime re creation show are murdered Some very short chapters, which I usually don t like, but they certainly worked here to propel the slow, but well paced story about loss, grief and starting over. This author just appeals to me in the story line of his protagonist who is in perpetual mourning for his wife, investigating crimes in Finland It has the right amount of darkness about the story, yet it is not trite or depressing He is up there in my book with others like Nesbo and p d james as an author whose books I happily anticipate. The author s careful use of language and his ability to create nuanced characters made for an intriguing read The short chapters helped make this a well paced book though it didn t always have the dramatic tension required to really keep the story taut and moving One difficulty I had with this story is that sometimes a character was referred to by his or her first name and sometimes by his or her second This became a bit confusing There again, this may have been because the names are in a language very different from my own Perhaps best described as a psychological thriller, this book is well worth reading.