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!FREE EPUB ☫ Huntress (Grace Murphy, #1) ⚉ Fate Is An Ugly Bitch Who Will Screw With Your Life Every Single Chance She Gets Grace Murphy, A Newly Single Mother Finds This Out As She S Trying To Figure Out How To Lead A Perfectly Normal Life The Big Question Becomes, What Do You Do When You Find Out That Your Mother Is Diana, The Goddess Of The Hunt And She Expects You To Take Up The Family Business You Can Try Hiding, But Escaping When You Have An Ex Husband To Deal With, A Kid To Raise And An Unknown Being Who S Trying To Kill You Is Tricky At Best Now The Woman Who Couldn T Put A Bookshelf Together Without Getting Sweaty And Perplexed Must Learn How To Roarwithout Getting Herself And Everyone She Loves KilledSaving The World Not A Problem Getting Home In Time For Chocolate Chip Pancakes Might Be A Whole Other Matter, Though Something was wrong with the narrative of this book I m not sure what it felt a little colloquial, it felt like it was missing some commas, it spent too much time explaining things that didn t seem to matter to the plot.As to the plot, we saw a prologue scene indicating it was eventually going to be One Woman s Battle Against Dimensional Invaders While Trying To Lead A Normal Life, but for the first three chapters it was just One Woman Bumbling About Trying To Find The Plot.Based on the Kindle preview I decided not to buy it. Ohhhh I m so happy, sooo very very happy I have found a funny funny witty sarcastic kick ass female heroine and single parent to boot gasp catching my breath I Loved Every Moment Grace and her sons relationship is so fricking funny and adorable Every character was brilliant.read it read it read it I LOVE FUNNY. First of all, I need to say that I got a review copy of this book for free from BookRooster.com I m glad I did, for positive as well as negative reasons, all of which I ll get to Huntress is the introduction to Grace Murphy, a romance writer who, on the day her divorce is final, meets her biological mother, the goddess Diana Grace is the snarky mother of an 11 year old boy, with whom she seems to have a very loving, trusting relationship She shares custody of her son with her husband, who has Dylan on some weekends and holidays.Now, on to the reasons why I m glad I got this book for free First, it introduced me to this very fun and interesting character Grace is irreverent, self deprecating, and can t seem to keep her mouth shut I like the universe this author has created, with her take on Greek mythology There are also some interesting supporting characters, such as Drew, Rose, and Zachary However, I found my enjoyment of the book dampened quite a bit by editing problems There were some serious punctuation issues, such as a blatant misuse of semi colons continuity issues when, exactly, did the ex husband first encounter Drew and the confusion of words physics and psychics getting mixed up she meant to use the former In addition to the editing problems, I think that Grace s voice, while fun and, as I said before, irreverent, may be off putting to some She is definitely not a narrator who will last the ages Her language is very 2010.I hope that the editing issues are taken care of in the next book in the series Oh, yes, this is the first book in a series And that particular point is not a topic to be discussed here Just know that, if you choose to read this book, you won t be getting what I would consider a professional product Enjoy the story, try to ignore the mistakes. I read Huntress on the recommendation of a friend I spent the 2.99 to download Huntress by Nicole Hamlett on.com and upon completing the book, complained to my friend that her tastes in literature had taken a nosedive When I stated to her that Huntress by Nicole Hamlett was not a terribly good read, my friend laughed at me on the phone for about five minutes and then said I was supposed to read Huntress by Malindo Lo, which she swears is a very good book.I did not read Huntress by Malinda Lo, unfortunately I read and bought Huntress by Nicole Hamlett, and that is the book I am left to review.I will say at the outset that I suffer from a condition where if I pay for a book or a movie, I feel compelled to finish it, no matter how bad it is That is why I didn t walk out of Jack and Jill with Adam Sandler That is why I finished Transformers 2 And it is why I read to the end of Huntress A Grace Murphy Novel Had I received the book for free, I could have followed my instincts and discarded it a few pages in But instead, I felt like I had to somehow squeeze 2.99 in value from the book I was unable to do so.The book is off putting from the start The protagonist narrates in a highly annoying and grating first person voice While she is a recent divorcee in her mid to late thirties, her manner of expressing herself comes across as a cheap imitation of the teenage heroine from Easy A Except with less wisdom and maturity, despite what should be than twice the life experience It really reads like a 14 year old doing an impersonation of a grown woman.Despite the novel opening in mid fight against a manticore, I was bored off the top And it went downhill from there In addition to the annoying narration, it seemed like the author was being paid by the cliche.After the manticore fight, the whole first chapter is little than a point form laundry list of bad events that have happened to the protagonist Grace Murphy, in an attempt to elicit sympathy The events aren t relived or vividly described They re just listed right off the top, like an athlete who lists injuries to make excuses for his poor performance and then says, No excuses, just saying For a few pages, we are informed by Grace Murphy herself that Grace Murphy was adopted, beaten, getting divorced, and so on No anecdotes Point form complaints No excuses Just saying.By page ten I expected Grace Murphy to state before the story actually begins that she was born with a clubbed foot, and a harelip, survived Auschwitz, and is lactose intolerant Just saying.And it goes on and on After being beaten to a pulp by cliches in the early going, I actually thought to myself, at least the protagonist isn t a struggling novelist Literally two paragraphs later, BLAMMO Grace Murphy starts talking about her agent and her deadlines In a book where the protagonist could have been given any job in the world without compromising the storyline, the author couldn t even muster the imagination to give the main character a profession other than her own.I won t divulge anything past the first 5% of the book or so in order not to spoil any of the plot Which is a bit of a waste, because that is about the point in the book where I started making notes to bring up with my friend who I thought had recommended this title I will just say Percy Jackson and the Olympians transcribed unreliably from memory by a teenager, with Percy Jackson screeching in your ear the whole time And Percy is a middle aged woman.It s like the author took Percy Jackson, which is already largely geared toward kids and teens, then dumbed down the writing style to appeal to an even younger age group, but then made the main character a thirtysomething divorcee complaining about her ex husband and other adult issuesso I guess it is geared toward adults despite the tweenish writing style Truly, Grace Murphy is one of the least likable protagonists I ve come across in quite some time She vents internally about the state of her life but really seems to have little or nothing to offer the people in it The dialogue is also sometimes jarringly unnatural, particularly Grace s.One review in here states that the action and story pick up after Chapter 5 or so Well, technically that is true The later portion of the book is better than the first five chapters, but not by any great margin It is kind of like saying that Fran Drescher has a nicer voice than Gilbert Gottfried.The end result is that a fairly short book billed at 200 pages feels quite a bit longer, and in order to finish it, I had to do it a couple pages at a time And with growing annoyance both at the book and at myself for refusing to just quit.There seem to be a number of positive reviews for this book I am truly baffled by this.This particular work would surely stand out as above average in a high school English class, maybe even first year college, but this is a work of fiction being sold as a professional product For actual money I feel compelled to criticize it by that standard.This author may produce a good novel at some point, but given that this book seems to be a pretty recent effort, I would say that any passable novels are at least a few years down the road. I am loving this book so muchOne of my favorite books so far this year It was a free book from and loved the cover and took a chance and just loved it now buying the second book So, I bought this book for pretty cheap thinking that I could start it and just read when I took breaks here and there over the weekend Andyeah Nobody bothered to tell me that I wouldn t be able to put it down, that I would keep the hubs awake with my laughing or that I would have serious bags under my eyes from reading too much and not snoozing enough This is one of the best books I ve ever read I m sure you get the gist of it from all the other reviews so I won t bore you with the same details but I would say this if you like a book filled with mythical creatures, Olympian gods, a kid who will make you jealous because you don t have him, a gollum closely resembling a dog and a heroine who will tell you she ll kick your ass, then follow through you NEED to read this book I am very impressed with the author and I ll be waiting anxiously for any new books from her. I got this as a Kindle freebie and it is fantastic It s one of those books that your Significant Other can t wait for you to finish just so you stop reading passages to them The book description gives the plot a good summary, but no where near indicates the level of humour For instance, how can you have thoughts about someone when they can read minds And how do you tell your son that you are actually some sort of superhuman One minor problem I think I m going to have to look for the next in the series I love Grace Finally there is a heroine that I can relate too Graces flaws make her totally believable screw the rest of them with their flimsy capes, fur or fangs this is the type of hero I want to read about.Huntress is a thoroughly entertaining read, fast paced and with some wonderful plot twists The banter between Grace and other characters especially Dylan often made me laugh out loud I will admit that when I first realised that this story contained ancient mythological characters I was slightly concerned since my knowledge of Diana, Zeus etc could be written on a postage stamp but I truly needn t have worried anything that I needed to know was right there in the book.I can t wait to start the next in the series and find out just how these wonderful characters develop. Pure crap Seemed like someone s creative writing class project I couldn t finish it.