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This was a wonderful book It was hard of hard keeping up with who said what at some points, but it didn t take away from the story at all Elves, fairies, unicorns, giant owls, vampires,.everything set up for a grand fantasy book It s open ended so I m really hoping she continues the series and writes. I enjoyed this book immensely Andraste is a fantasy novel like I ve never seen before Whenever I told someone about it, I called it a elf fairy coming of age fantasy novel because that is what I think it is Andraste has to come into her own after her mother, Rhiannon, is killed and Andraste must take her place as the Warrior Queen of Luminous Even Elvin, the Latlan who is now Andraste s ambassador, has some growing up to do As the two main characters, I enjoyed them the most their stories resonated with me the most.The names and places found within this novel are unique to the world Ms Mills created Luminous, Nymphia, Latla, etc I loved them all, the descriptions of the places, people and differing cultures found within Each was very distinctive.Overall, I rounded up to 5 Stars for this novel There were a few misspelled words and some formatting issues that I noticed throughout the most prominent being that one person would speak but another would have an action on the same line All of this, though, was not enough to deter me from the story I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great fantasy read You won t be disappointed Download Ebook ♅ Andraste ⚇ Andraste, The Daughter Of An Elfin Prince And Fairy Queen Is Fate S Beloved, Blessed With An Incredible Prophecy Naming Her As The One Who Can Vanquish The Abatu Empire She Has Spent Her Life Preparing For The Day When She Would Leave Her Homeland And Fulfill Her Destiny That Day Has Come, But There Are A Few Things Andraste Doesn T Know Her Prophecy Is A Carefully Constructed Lie, And Beneath The Beauty And Civilization Of Her Mother S Fairy Country, There Lie Ancient Prejudices And Secrets Traitors Live Within The Castle Walls, But Andraste Can T Help But Wonder Who S Worse The Vampire Empress Conquering The World, Or The Deceitful Fairies She S Fighting To Save It s rare I read a book where the fantasy world created for the story seems so believable I forget that I live on earth With Andraste, the world that the author created was believable and very exciting It was a treat to learn about the different lands, customs, traditions, types of people, their powers and etcetera It was as if I walked side by side the main character while she traveled throughout the pages of the book.The fate of the fairies rest on the shoulders of a young fairy named Andraste whose world is not as it seems This book has several twists and turns that leads Andraste through a life she never dreamed of or expected especially when it comes to fighting the vampire empress who is determined to conquer the world I would highly recommend this book for so many reasons but this is just of the few reasons why.1 The world that Marisa, the author, crafted was fantastic and clever.2 The book is very fast paced and sucks you in from the start.3 The whole cast of characters good and bad strengthen the story s plot I loved learning about each and everyone of them.4 Who doesn t love a good fantasy when there s a mystery to be solved 5 Did I mention it s about fairies I love fairies.Now there is one tiny thing I had an issue with and it s so minor it didn t have too much of an effect on my overall rating.In the beginning I found it slightly difficult to follow along because I was trying to remember who was who, where they came from and were they good or bad But after a very short while I caught on and loved the book Other people may not find this an issue.I m actually going to enjoy reading from this author. Imagine a world sucked into war and now the young adults have to save it At the same time, they are forced to learn that their childhood days are gone They are slow to accept this, as anyone this age would For most of them, it is an adventure, some a shadow to what they have already faced, and others a grim expectation It is then reality hits.The story is full of magic, fae, elves, and creatures of the night in a showdown that brings good and evil face to face The only question is Who is really good Marisa weaves a tale that grabs you from the very first sentence Before you realize it, you have been pulled into an epic story, and then caught by the characters whose lives you are now intertwined with You see the growth of young and old alike, the changing of minds, and the realization of secrets It will be interesting to see what else this author has planned. I started this book for my August challenge but didn t end up finishing it in time I found that the book was good but it wasn t for me I found it slow and not very exciting One of the main reasons that this book wasn t for me was because I found the characters names silly Radiance, Brilliance, Determination and so on and so forth And if they weren t silly like that then they were very had to pronounce or even remember I actually thought about quitting this book only because it wasn t my style, but I kept reading because all the reviews that I saw had been good I thought maybe it would get better, I was wrong I found the ending dull The whole book was this hype about a big giant war, it never really happened.I did enjoy how the author switched the POV through the story I when it was about Clare the best I found her to be the most interesting character Also I liked how it contained so many different creatures from vamps to elves to sirens. Andraste has an overwhelming list of characters Though there are names that are read frequently than others, the list still seems to go on and on.The names were interesting and clever to read One can t help but anticipate how unique the next name will be.The idea of Fates Beloved is original, and it s refreshing to read something new every once in a while, but the execution of the story was drawn out and confusing The complexity of Andraste will push readers to reread the book over just to understand certain concepts,like age Is the novel about teenaged elves or adult elves 20 25.One can certainly appreciate the thought and creativity that writer, Marisa Mills, put into Andraste It s a complex novel, for sure, but it creates a sense of intrigue that lasts down to the very last sentence. I really wanted to enjoy this book, but overall I can t say I did.I really enjoyed the universe though The author goes on with many interesting plots, but never seems to finish them It s also really difficult to follow conversations, and I often had to re read pages to understand who were talking It also seems like the author have developed a lot during writing this book, but unfortunately it don t seems like she has gone back and edited earlier parts of the book before it was published.So in short A great universe, but the book seems unfinished, and unfortunately that ruined the reading experience for me. Unexpected.After reading the summary, I expected to dive into a fairy world close to the one invented by Julie Kagawa in The Iron King Namely, a tender and creative universe full of fairies and fantasy characters with a beautiful love story as a bonus But from the very first pages, this is a road close to the Tolkien s tales that I borrowed.Marisa Mills has imagined a world with many tribes, many breeds with different customs and languages A world quite dark, cruel where conspiracies, betrayals, and wars of power are everywhere.So, I let myself fully embark in this universe complex than expected with a wealth of individuals and stories, also, complicated During the story, the reader encounter humans, unicorns as well as vampires, mages or warriors Many imaginary characters are revealed or described with great beauty or darkness Sometimes I was perplexed by the reactions of certain characters or situations It s for getting answers that I kept turning the pages of this novel, even though I finished it and I still have many questions I loved also the General Adair of Naed I will miss his humor and openness.In her first volume, the author also discusses racism issues by integrating all these different tribes that often settle their differences with swords But it also brings the subject of tolerance and forgiveness Suffering, death and trouble are also mixed with love friendship intrigues.Throughout my reading, as usally, I ve been waiting and anticipating a romance between Andraste and Elvin If I was frustrated by my own suppositions, I was also a bit surprised with the outcome of their relationship Strangely, the way the relationship subtily evolves, it is beautiful and charming They come from such a long way since their first meeting They changed a lot after have been in contact with each other They have achieved self respect and trustquite a progress Of course, I expect to continue to be touched, surprised and by this duo in the next volume.I also expect magic and fantasy to come to soften the struggles, delicate situations and difficult decisions that Andraste will face Nothing is easy in this story Everything is complex and subtle but still very addictive An intriguing epic that makes you want to know.A nice surprise and great encounters.Luciehttp Originally posted at Butterfly o Meter Books on Nov 1 2011 I ve had this on my reading list for a while now, and I m happy I finally managed to get to read it.To begin with, the world is just lovely, imaginative, fantastic I felt it was well built, and it was a pleasure to find myself immersed in such a delightful place The characters were nice, perhaps a bit too nice for my own tastes, but very inspiring, with that note of righteous that you d love your kids to come in contact with, you know I will however add that they felt a bit too good to me, a bit too proper, a bit too polite, a bit too well meaning I didn t connect with either of them, though Andraste was funny and witty and I usually do connect with characters like that.The dialog has a bit of a stiff note, I find, and it made me wonder if the characters really did know one another and had a common past, it felt like they were constantly on their first discussion, when you re a bit too cautious, a bit too proper, a bit too formal I kept waiting for the ice to be broken, so to speak, but I didn t really feel like it happened.I will remind you guys I m the sort of reader that likes villains most of the time, the bada sort of characters, the witty, the boisterous, the wisea , in other words, spicy characters that have a fairly strong charismatic personality I didn t really feel like there was one of those in here, so by large, though there were tense moments, and action scenes and all in the mids of all the adventure, the read felt somewhat monotonous to me.But it is a very safe ya read, middle grade I d say in fact, it s got that fairytale note, with nice, inspiring characters with good intentions and a magical, beautiful world It s sweet, the kind of read that makes you go Awww then Whoa If you re into that sort of thing, I think you ll like this book.