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!DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♥ The Faithful Lover ♥ Fiction Translated From The Italian By Estelle Gilson THE FAITHFUL LOVER Is A Sumptuously Imagined Short Story Collection By Renowned Writer Massimo Bontempelli, The Father Of Magical Realism From A Young Boy S Memorable Encounter With A Pair Of Ghostly Lovers, To An Elderly Woman S Unsettling Final Bequest, These Powerful Stories Illuminate Bontempelli S Belief That The Wonders Of The World Can Be Found All Around Us, Dwelling Within The Realm Of The Everyday The Faithful Lover 1953 is a collection of short stories by Italian writer Massimo Bontempelli, the father of realismo magico magical realism This genre works as an evolved form of traditional French surrealism Bontempelli has commented on the writing style by saying, the real norm of the art of narration is to describe the dream as if it were reality, and the reality as if it were a dream The stories begin with ordinary people and feel normal enough Yet as the stories continue, Bontempelli starts twisting the screws until cracks appear in mechanism of reality He uses this technique with varying degrees At times the effect is full blown while in other stories it bubbles under the surface Real life becomes infected with dream qualities, the results are strange and beautiful For L mante Fedele The Faithful Lover , Bontempelli was awarded the Strega Prize, Italy s highest recognition for literature.The book has a wonderfully mysterious tone Some stories are cloaked in darkness while other will stand in broad daylight No matter what setting Bontempelli chooses, his stories never become murky or lose their intended effect The book itself is short, and thus the stories come at you in quick bursts like flying embers Immediately the reader is ushered into the story By the first paragraph, Bontempelli has drawn you into his imagination All the while, one never gets the feeling of being rushed Things happen in a plausible manner and so we go along without question The magic of his writing permeates the mind like a fast acting drug whose affects are wonderful.Readers that are fans of the magical realism genre are most likely attracted to works by Haruki Murakami and Toni Morrison Writers such as these present magical realism in very modern way Bontempelli s style by comparison does read with a noticeably older prose I personally tend to avoid works that sound outdated The Faithful Lover reads a little old school but the literary devices at work are surprisingly cutting edge This hybrid style of old and new is diatomic as King Arthur s knights lost on Mars The sense of tragic humor helps to keep things light.The Faithful Lover is a book that had attained great prestige, yet, as years gone by, has become unknown to a new generation of readers It is a work that is worthy of rediscovery I enjoyed every story in The Faithful Lover There wasn t a single one I can point to and say it was lacking Give this book a try, tear through the mundane, and experience another world that runs parallel to our own. E poich , almeno per ora, un solo sentiero conduce a parecchie luci, non c niente di strano a credere, anzi debbo credere senz altro come cosa certissima, che parecchi viandanti stiano com io camminando proprio qui in questo mio stesso sentiero altro che essere unico Pi indietro pi avanti o persino al mio fianco e non li vedo e non mi vedono Sebbene non vi siano ostacoli tutto quanto sta ora intorno a me estremamente semplificato, il sentiero chiaro e rettilineo, la pianura vuota Solamente, qua e l , questo importante e m era sfuggito, corrono certi labili effetti d ombra lungo i margini del sentiero, alcuni lo traversano e scompaiono, altri lo seguono, pi o meno lenti son brevi e fluidi, non hanno forma, non sono che guizzi pi grigi sul bruno del suolo l ho detto, effetti d ombra Eppure non hai nuvole in cielo, il chiaro delle stelle tranquillo, nulla passa o si muove nell aria da dove possono dunque nascere quegli inquieti chiaroscuri In questo momento non ne vedo pi Ora uno ancora ne arriva, rapidissimo s allontana Un altro sopraggiunge e indugia Oh forse sono loro, le persone che come me viaggiano verso il coro delle luci pallide Ma allora anch io sono per essi un effetto d ombra M invest un onda di commozione amorosa verso lo spazio che m abbracciava e che sentivo ricco di presenze, uno struggimento di manifestarmi a loro e di conoscerle Perch , compagni in questa suprema avventura, non troviamo il modo di comunicare As my first introduction to Bontempelli, I can say I m thoroughly touched and impressed In this collection of short stories written much later in his life, I feel like there is a very sincere reconciliation with what could have been youthful fantasies about so many important things love, friendship, hatred In other words, The Faithful Lover presents shows the human condition in a way that reflects with wisdom, experience, and tact His style alternates between terse, short phrases and long sentences with numerous subordinate clauses The variability lends it charm in my opinion I can say while there were some short stories I didn t love outright, I can concede that for me personally, they were all marvelous stories He calls our attention as readers to mundane things that all carry deeper and touching messages than their surfaces would suggest I suppose this is why many see him as a precursor figure, maybe even the father of what would become Magic Realism.June 15, 2017 Edizione Incontri Editrice, introduzione di Patricia Gaborik, 2016 Quanto mi piaciuto leggere quest opera in Italiano Lo stilo di Bontempelli proprio il suo leggero, pesante con significanza, e molto dolce Le cose di s ancora sono d accordo con, per inoltre trovavo molte cose differente Gilson ha fatto bene con la traduzione, davvero Ma ci manca qualcosa fra inglese e italiano Ci sono certe parole, idee vergogna, stelle, tipi di alberi, l a, rivoltella di cui non si rende conto in inglese Vale a dire che la ripetizione d agli racconti fascino Oh, e ho travato due racconti di pi La Bella Addormentata, Il Segreto che non ho mai visto in inglese Per favore, lasciati il piacere di leggere le storie dentro questo libro. Pretty fine ornate writing, pre post modernist magic realism. Bontempelli s strength was his short game the stories in this book are better than most of what s in his novels Review forthcoming in RCF. Forse anderemo oramai per sempre cos Forse, come io, nessuno dei miei compagni sa dove andiamo e perch Chi sa se qualcun altro di questi ha lasciato, partendo, un lume acceso nella sua camera E forse gi cessata in tutti loro, come in me, ogni curiosit Credo che una prima curiosit li abbia spinti cessata quella, andiamo avanti perch non troviamo una ragione di tornare indietro o fermarci allora al nostro andare ognuno in cuor suo pu dare il nome di fatalit E non sapremo mai se il nostro cammino sia pellegrinaggio o vagabondaggio.